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  1. Well, based on the end of RoW, it seems that the path he was on is no longer an option. Being blind, he can't really serve Odium like he used to. Though I could be wrong about that, maybe Odium with give him something that lets him see. (Steelsight?) As for Voidbinding, I have zero proof. We just don't know enough about it. I like the idea of a kind of reverse Ideal to the Radiants, partially because we could have a really cool term like the Tarnished or the Diminished or something. It just depends on if the Fused, Enlightened Radiants, or something different is using Voidbinding.
  2. Oh my Shards, I love your username. XD

    1. Casual Ati Enjoyer

      Casual Ati Enjoyer

      lol thanks. I sorta have a thing for redheads. And breaking things. 

  3. I always kind of thought this was referring to Moash, or maybe some Voidbinding weirdness. Tht theory is interesting, though.
  4. This further proves my theory that if I could just get a hug from Syl, the entire world would be better. (i'm totally not a simp)
  5. I would be Whimsy and have wayyy too much fun with it. Poor people on my planet have ponies in tutus bouncing past them some days and eldritch shadow monsters trying to eat them others.
  6. I don't think Wax is Harmony's Sword. I think that was what he was intended to be, but with all the stuff with his wife, I can't see him agreeing to be Harmony's worldhopping secret agent. Plus, what part of Wax embodies Preservation? I can only think of him saving Wayne, which is small for the amount of balance it requires to be like Harmony. TenSoon agrees. He said that he is Harmony's Preservation, while Wax is his Ruin. Not saying I buy the "Kaladin as sword" thing, though it is interesting.
  7. I always thought it was weird that the Heralds know Hoid by what seems to be his birth name: Midius. It would make sense if they know more about him from shared torture experience.
  8. So it's Hamilton with magic
  9. yeah nvm then WAIT. Jasnah and Hoid get married and adopt her, then the three of them pioneer the noodle revolution
  10. hm. Obvious answer is Navani adopts her. BUT that's boring. WHAT IF SHE MARRIES GAVINOR (actually what's the age gap there?)
  11. The Kholin family has almost grown to contain every single POV... Adolin, Dalinar, Navani, and Renarin obviously, but Shallan married Adolin, Brandon says Kaladin is related to Aesudan, and now Wit. Now we just have to find out that Rlain is related to Venli and Eshonai, then marry Renarin. Then we'll have to change the name of the series to the Kholin Archive.
  12. I barely got the tickets, they were sold out in about an hour. It's cool to know how many of us wanted to buy tickets.
  13. Thanks! I'm glad I don't need to stress too much. Looking forward to it
  14. So I bought tickets to Dragonsteel Con this week, but I'm not really sure what I'm going to. I've never actually been to a con before, despite my previous nerdiness, and I have some questions for you smart people who went last year. Is it safe to go with my 10 and 14 year old sisters? Is a Wax and Wayne costume required, or can I choose to wear something unrelated? Am I required to wear a costume, or can I go in regular clothes? Will Brandon be wandering around in the crowd with us, or will he have a schedule we can look at so we know where he's going to be? Thanks a bunch. I'm nervous, but I've never been so excited. *burns pewter to avoid throwing up*
  15. For the cultured people of this group: What would you think of Krissnah? (this was my OTP before Jasnahoid)