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  1. "Ah good old Thaidakar then?"
  2. Wizard brings back Aoife and Scathach. "You to did well but narrators are too powerful for you now." Wizard sends the twins off on a quest to become stronger.
  3. "Perhaps it's Spook," asks Wizard as he appears.
  4. "No this is," Aoife explodes.
  5. "Well you forgot to look behind you," replied Aoife as she avenges her sisters death.
  6. Schatach pulls her sword up through Nameless. "You gave me a good fight, old man."
  7. Heaven won't let the sparrows go hungry - Chinese proverb
  8. That most people have extra homework around finals time
  9. "You let yours down too, old man" replied Scathach as Nameless feels the sword through the gut.
  10. "I created it myself and in a different world than this one and it spread throught the shadowrealms." Replied Scathach, "also you sword is too low," commented Scathach as she disarmed Nameless and she holds her sword at his throat.
  11. "I was born in an age of legends and I created all the modern martial arts and my style is that I have no style." Refuted Scathach as she starts hitting even harder than Nameless.
  12. "There is a good chance that the one who taught you learned from me, as all have learned from me or my sister at one point." Replied Scathach.
  13. the fellowship of the thing

    "The ley gate will not activate for two cycles of the sun. We do not need to travel far as we are all standing or sitting on it right now."
  14. Granted. You now live on Roshar when it wakes up and gets hungry I wish for abomination to die.
  15. We ride for Gondor on- What is that? Tigers