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  1. *Sigh* Silho Ash I've found some reasons to lean Silho village instead of evil. So I'll return the pressure to Ash.
  2. Get some sleep when you can! How do you know what my reason for looking at Ash is? Besides just wanting to look at him.
  3. Yeah, but you just sheeped me for no reason at all. So now I'm looking at you Still looking at Ash. ED1T: You certain that isn't in 12 hours? Since the day just started
  4. ? Ash Shining
  5. Alright Orlok til the paranoia strikes back. For now I'd like to pressure Ash.
  6. I can fly by myself!
  7. Clinic: Lobby "Hello there Calano. Take my hand, join with me. Please Calano, I miss you and if you don't I'll be forced to kill you." Tears spring to Emma's eyes as she feels the urge from the Kaos to kill him. He'd never understood, she'd never wanted to kill him, never. And she sent those feelings along the link. A desire to serve the Kaos to serve it with Calano and their sister, Insa. @CalanoCorvus @Telrao
  8. I also had the thought, but didn't follow through. Always, an exception, there is.
  9. We have confirmation from Striker that dead villagers don't count towards parity so I think dead elims don't either. Welcome Drake! Who was nearly spelled as Darth! @Kasimir do any dead people regardless of allignment still count to parity after death? Bro, the kill was already claimed on TKN by Drake There very well could be, but it's partially a tangent. I will bring to everyone's attention that Araris targetted TKN N1, meaning that he didn't put in the kill the first night. Most likely that he didn't, I could have been trolled, but I believe that their attention was on Bookwrym so Orlok ED1T: @The last Fae in the Woods did you scan someone yesterday and did you learn anything from it that you'd like to share? ED2T: Something has been bothering me. Why did the bots kill Xino? TKN makes more sense for a kill from them, but Drake claims to have killed him.
  10. Ah the cursed cat video. I have a feeling we all are going to see it one way or another. @The Bookwyrm, did you learn anything enlightening from last night? ED1T: It means he didn't submit the kill N1! Just realized that Because TKN just died, he didn't die during N1. Which was the night that I got information for.
  11. That would have worked, if such a thing happened. Yeah the math doesn't add up. It could be a friendly villager that can protect a person from all roleblocks? And if an elim roleblocked you, why didn't the kill go on Bookwyrm. Yeah, immunity seems to be a possible explanation.
  12. I knew there was a roleblock hiding somewhere! It would require a bit for Aman to be evil. Firstly Striker would have to be and Bookwyrm, the other lynch candiate D1 would have had to be trolled. Not very likely since there were no PMs D1 and few roleclaims except his odd role one. You as the NK more than Xino, I think. No...though I think Ada looks like a gladiator at times
  13. What? All I know is that Araris targetted TKN D1. Not certain what to do with that, doesn't help either way. I don't think I was trolled though, so probably true information. Any other PM spider can just relay information through their PMs and have their PM buddy claim if they want to remain anonymous.
  14. Stick or other vigilantte who did you kill?