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  1. I believed you about Swan and Flamingo. XD And thank you Devo for the explosive dearh!
  2. Did you ask what happens when you die
  3. You survived, how did you do this? You died in purple, do you convert people? Hmm interesting that you get one vote. You can help stop a hammer at parity! I get why you want no votes on the three people on you. Curious to see who it lands on.
  4. Yes one person will get a PM
  5. Why bookwyrm over Wallin?
  6. I'm curious too. Hence why my vote is still on him. I'm content to leave it a tie.
  7. And unlikely by the fact that I believe Aman's claim
  8. If Ada is the Troll I'd lean toward him lying about being neutral and peg TKN about being his possible teammate. It's that he's been lurking without saying anything. Honestly the Devo vote retraction post seemed quite suspicious to me.
  9. I can act on even nights. Let me help with that Wallin @The BookwyrmI see you lurking. Do you have any thoughts on any of this?
  10. I can only create PMs on odd nights, never said I couldn't do anything on even nights.
  11. Me being mobbed by PM requests
  12. Honestly I've been getting more positive vibes from stick recently.
  13. PM Spider is the exact name of my role.
  14. Nah, I just was looking for you first game and trying to see if you actually only had one evil game If you include this game, I think it's 11.