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  1. My brother turned me on to mistborn when I was going through a really tough time and I really needed a good long series to get lost in. I fell in love with his story telling and I've been hooked ever since. I took my brother to Dragonsteel as a thank you for all his help with my kids and for being so supportive, and that's when I started my book collection.... I'm working my way through WOT this year. Next year I plan on finishing most of the rest of his works. Super looking forward to the secret project boxes! That was the best surprise ever....I was so afraid that he was sick or was going through a tough patch.
  2. I just lost an ebay bid for Shadows for silence in the forests of hell, and I'm so so sad. It was the first cover and I love it so much. Anyone know where I can find one of these?
  3. Thanks!! I'm so so excited about it!!! I spoke to the seller quite a bit too and I really like them.
  4. O.o it was um.... $1500...... pretty much my whole book budget for the year. Will that stop me from buying more? Realistically probably not but it was a sickening amount of money. I'm not rich... That being said it went to a good cause. An avid book collector in Utah was supporting this little book store through the pandemic and then they ran on some hard times so the book store was selling their books for them without charging commission. Made me feel less sick about spending that kind of money.
  5. Pete confirmed on Reddit that it's legit! I'm so stoked!!
  6. It does seem like an early permutation of his current signature...and it definitely looks like his handwriting.and something he would say.
  7. That's what I thought
  8. I already paid for it but the seller wants me to be sure. What do you guys think? It was ridiculously expensive but I want it for my collection 0.0
  9. Welcome! @AMysteryYetToBeSolved ! I'm new too!
  10. Hmmm isn't there a joke about Brandon Mull and Brandon Sanderson?
  11. Wow! You've read EVERY book he wrote? Or the whole cosmere? I'm impressed either way...great to meet you!
  12. I LOVE your username
  13. Great choice! Nice to meet you!
  14. Yes! Must have ALL the leatherbounds lol. Just waiting for them to put more in the store.... checking daily even though I know they'll probably tell us before they put them up.
  15. Lol touché. Yes I did, but I probably should have paced myself a little better. Actually, I did white sands in February so not the whole cosmere.