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  1. You. Are. SO CLOSE. To two of the best scenes In the book. Well, at least from a Jasnahoid shipper’s perspective. I KNOW! NAVANI IS WONDERING IF THEY’RE TOGETHER-
  2. Yech, couldn't say it better myself. okay, maybe I should say something related to the topic title. Ah yes. I've been to many dances. I have not danced. I mean, i've danced with friends, but... not anyone else. We don't talk about my track record with crushes. Are you supposed to confess to your crush if they're your friend? Or do you stand in terror of ruining your relationship? Heads up, I chose no. Not sure if that was the right decision. The worst thing (or one of) that's happened to me in my life is confessing to my crush, having them say they also liked me, and then a bit later, coming back and saying not in that way. Okay. Maybe not the worst thing. But it still hurt. A lot.
  3. I've had friends talk about me behind my back. In front of another friend of mine. And then expect them to also make fun of me. Why, though? I've always been nice...
  4. Why do people say, by the way? Just... By. The. Way. What is the way? It makes me think of Star Wars. Also, when people say, What's up, the most common response is nothing. But that's impossible, isn't it? Not only is the sky and other things up, even if you are referring to emotion-wise, there's not way nothing is going on. How's it going? How does one know what the it is referring to? If this isn't where I can ask these questions... Well, I don't know where else i'd ask questions.
  5. Ah, but you see. *wins*
  6. I support all of these. I looked up Tom Hiddleston and my thought process was: Wait. That’s Loki. How is this not Wit already?
  7. Nice to meet you! Welcome to the Shard! Ive been a fan but only after a while of reading Sanderson have I finally made this account. It’s definitely worth it!
  8. Clanda walked off the boat, behind the siblings. She wasn’t really sure where she was supposed to go, so she just followed the older, mature one, since she seemed to know where she was going. She walked a bit faster and caught up. “Hey, my name’s Clanda. I saw you and your sister on the barge. What’s your name? Where are you from?” She supposed it was awfully forward of her to just run up and introduce herself to someone, but if one wanted to meet knew people, that’s what one must do.
  9. The SA (well, it’s not three years but after a book is published it takes about three years for the next to come out).
  10. Upvoted. It happens too often where if there just so happens to be two protagonists of opposite sex, they fall in love 97% of the time in fantasy books. It gets really annoying, especially when the main character (usually a girl) thinks about how she’s so ugly and how she has a crush on someone and even though he hugs and has interesting moments with her, there’s just no way he could like her back. It makes me want to pull my hair out. It’s so cliche and happens in so many books. Why is it so impossible for a main character to be single? To be fair, I might not be the best to talk about on this topic, because my solution is make two main characters fall in love, have one of them betray then other (they were evil the whole time), and to have the other fall into deep depression as the other laughs evilly at them and insults their sensibilities. I think I’ve taken this conversation a bit off topic. Sorry
  11. I hated Vivenna at the beginning—I thought she was somehow jealous of Siri for going and being the God King’s bride. Then as the story progressed, I liked her more and more as she became less... ignorant. Overall it was a really good book. Up to my very high standards of a Branderson book. That was a lot of spoilers.
  12. @Amira What’s your opinion on Shallan?
  13. Clanda gripped the railing of the barge, leaning over as far as she could to see the bright blue water surrounding her. The light danced on top of it, laughing and tinkling. She smiled. Finally, she broke away from the trance and looked around. There were a couple other passengers. A pair of which looked to be siblings stood out to her the most. Should I go over and introduce myself? Ah well, I can do that later. We’re arriving. She’d Always wanted to see Center City, with its bustling people. And now she was here. Taking a deep breath, she reached into her tiny pouch and pulled out her pen. She twirled it in her fingers. It had always helped release stress; a weird habit of hers. Why am I nervous? I shouldn’t be nervous. I’m sure everyone there is... nice. She shook her head and let out a small laugh. Who am I kidding, in big cities no one is ever nice. But I can deal with it. She stared up at the sky, eyes focusing on the sun. For some reason she was never blinded when she saw the bright star. Guide me, she beckoned. Taking another breath, she smiled. It’s time.
  14. When you wear too-small shoes that push your toes together. *shivers* Also, When you start reading a book series and realize the next book isn’t out and will only be out after three years. *cough cough cough*