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  1. I am good at distroying party moods (by talking earnest with people).
  2. 126. Short people have a bigger brain to flesh ratio as tall people, which makes their intelligence density higher and therefore more genius (and not denser!).
  3. That book was really interesting! I loved the Snape-like character of Nalizar. Joel suspects him the entire time, so I thought that he is for sure innocent. But then, twist! He is even more dangerous than I thought! The interaction of Melody and Joel are so interesting, too. Melody is such a colorful and emotion-driven person, while Joel is the more steady and logical person, though he is kind of gray. In my head they are headed straight towards a romatic relationship, but I see that other people are interpreting things differently (which is a valid view too). Their unofficial date was indicating to me that when other poeple see them as a cuple and none of them is activly denying this being a date, they have already moved on from platonic friendship. But of course this is just a try-out phase and they could go back to platonic friendship or move to romatic relationship from here. One weaknes of the book, that I imediatly noticed was: Rythmatists have ankle-length cloaks. That would be super inconveniant when kneeling on the floor and thrying not to smear your circle of warding, while drawing chalklings and lines of vigor. I think, instead they should have official knee pads. Especially the older Rythmatists. All in all, another Brandon-style genius book with lots of suspens, interesting characters and plot twists. Absolutly loved it.
  4. Hi dear Brandon-Fans I'm a 27 year old student in Switzerland. Since my girlfriend, who is an early Brandon-Fan and owns every of his books, introduced me to Mistborn, I'm hooked. I read all the cosmere books execpt for Stormlight 4 and right now I'm reading Skyward 1. My favorite series is Mistborn, my favorite character is Lopen. I also liked the emperor's soul in particular. I'm looking foward to exploring worldbuilding mechanics with you. Farewell