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  1. This is a game I've played in real life, and I thought it would work well here. (Sorry if this was some forum game that had already been made, and I just didn't see it.) Basically, the goal is to have a conversation where every sentence is a question. It's more difficult to play in real life, because here on the Shard, you can't accidentally answer a question with a statement unless you want to. Which would mean you would lose. A few rules: Try to avoid using one word questions, like "what?" or "why?" too much. You can use them, just be careful not to let the thread become boring. This is a Question CONVERSATION, after all, not a Let's-Throw-Words-With-Question-Marks-At-The-End-At-Each-Other. Also, don't just type a normal sentence and then put a question mark at the end instead of a period. That's not a question. Try to avoid rhetoric. So, we'll see how this goes. It will probably end up fading in a few days, especially if the mechanics of it don't work out the way that I thought they would. If I find any new things I need to add to the rules, I'll do so. So, to start: Shall we play the Question Conversation Game? (Edit: A weird pdf appeared in my post for some reason, and I have no idea why. Sorry if you saw that.)
  2. Okay, I thought we were done with the PFP madness, but now everyone switching to a cat.

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    2. Cinnamon



      he's no longer renarin it appears

      Yeah, the one of Kelsier and Vin was my original pfp and I like it so I’ll keep coming back to it and Ben if I change it for a while :) 

    3. Cinnamon


      and Ben??? I meant “even” :P

    4. Being of Cacophony

      Being of Cacophony

      oh, so that's what it is. I couldn't figure it out!

  3. I will join as Jerald.
  4. Bookwyrm smiled. "It's good to have you back." Bookwyrm started towards the Library.
  5. "Me?" Avi said, looking at Kaeni with confusion. "I...what? Why me?"
  6. That's the one I meant, I just wondered if it had a specific attribute or title attached to it.
  7. I missed some stuff. @xinoehp512, which plotblade would be the one Rym got access to? The one Avatar has an Echo of?
  8. We did it! WE RELEASED THE WORLD EATERS FROM THEIR PRISON!!! Nope. Wait, hold on....*disappears for two years* *comes back holding a squirrel* This was all I could find.
  9. I've had kind of a rough day today. I was placed in a stressful situation because of a stupid mistake on my part. Essentially I thought something had been taken care of and it turned out that it hadn't. I had a panic attack, which was, of course, not fun. Luckily I was able to take care of what needed doing, and no harm was done on that side. But one of my friends had an important performance today, an accumulation of a year of hard and stressful work. I was looking forward to seeing that and supporting that friend. The friend had been going through some hard things that day anyway. But because of my stupid mistake, I missed that. And I feel like I've let a friend down, even though I've been assured that it's not that big a deal. I could just use a little support.
  10. Go to Wikipedia.

    Click "Random Article."

    Find the first little blue link in the article.

    Click it.

    Continue doing that for each new article.

    Almost all of the time, you will end up on the article "Science."

    Or perhaps the eternal loop between "Existence" and "Entity."

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    2. Ati16


      I got stuck in the Philosophy of logic loop:

      Philosophy of logic- Philosophy- Greek language- Modern Greek- Help:IPA/Greek- International Phonetic Alphabet- Alphabet- Grapheme- Linguistics- Language- Communication- Information- Abstraction- Rule of inference- Philosophy of logic

    3. ExoticAlmond


      yay I did it correctly and got stuck in the existence entity loop

    4. Being of Cacophony

      Being of Cacophony

      you're not supposed to do the stuff in italics i believe, only the stuff that is normal text.

  11. HAHA YES I HAVE FRIENDS IN THE WORLD THIS IS MY FAVORITE AND THE BEST MOVIE OF ALL Ahem... Nope. Next week, though. TPBM is both intrigued and frustrated by stories with ambiguous up-for-interpretation endings.
  12. I just re-read Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card. Now I'm re-reading Xenocide, and after that, Children of the Mind.
  13. We've had these for a while. We're also still putting bread in the cups in the water tray even though the pandemic is basically over...
  14. Guys...

    There are planets out there. Like, a lot of them. Like, so many that our mind cannot begin to understand how many there are.

    You could walk on them. Some have water. Some have air. You could feel their grass and soil beneath your feet and smell the scents of their flowers and feel their breezes on your face and feel and see the light of their suns raining down on you. You could feel the water that flows on their surface cool your hands and run down your face as it falls from the sky. You could marvel at the life that they harbor, so familiar and yet so alien and yet beautiful in a way you never knew was possible. You could look up at night and see the light that they catch from unimaginably distant stars and see the reflected light of their suns in the details of their moons. You could find the distant speck of space where the world you came from lived and marvel on how vast and how wonderful and how beautiful the universe is and how precious the worlds that dot it are.

    They exist.

    We can't reach them right now. Perhaps we never will.

    But they exist.

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    2. Witless of Shinovar

      Witless of Shinovar

      Space is just one of those things that routinely breaks science

    3. The Aspiring Archivist

      The Aspiring Archivist


      A few things:

      Constant Inflation (More universes)

      The possibility that we're wrong about the Big Bang Theory (Unlikely but possible)

      The possibility that the universe is infinite even with the Big Bang (I don't know how this would work)

      I think you're talking about eternal inflation, which is a hypothetical theory.

      And the thing about our limited observable universe is still true.

      I'm not saying there can't be life like ours or that it's necessarily unlikely, I'm saying we just don't know how likely it is.

    4. Lord Gregorio

      Lord Gregorio

      I'm pretty sure they discovered recently that universes are a lot bigger than they thought they could be. I don't remember exactly what it was, but my dad told me about it the other day. And I trust him on that kinda stuff cuz he does his research. 

  15. I'm also an oldest sibling, so I've often felt a form of comfort in knowing I really do have an older brother who cares about me more than I can imagine. I'm glad you were able to feel that too. I'd encourage you to keep praying! And, when you feel you're ready, try to reach out and find out more about our church. Sometimes prayer just provides that simple feeling of peace and calmness. I know I've felt it before. And I know it's not just me. So it's not just you; I can assure you of that, and I'm glad you were able to feel it. It's not that bad. You were fine.
  16. Happy Birthday!

    I was worried I had missed it but I didn't!

  17. Courtesy of @TheGreatSnail: "I'm up for that" and "I'm down for that" mean the same thing.
  18. The Clinic: Lobby Bookwyrm sighed. "Earth it is, I guess. I'll worry about the details later." He memorized the dimensional coordinates of the location in Greenland Nameless had chosen. I'll worry about which version of Earth this is later. Bookwyrm reached out with his mind, searching for large groups of survivors. He noticed a group in the cafeteria, which Nameless and Rue were already going towards. The location of the second group brought and urgent fact to his attention. They were in the Library. Filled with so much knowledge, it might as well be an Archive itself. And the Clinic was collapsing. If it fell, the Library would fall with it. Bookwyrm turned to Insa. "We're going to the Library. Stay close and cover me." @InfiniteInsanity
  19. Bookwyrm will switch to the third person future tense and ask: "What does the restaurant serve?"
  20. "No, I know how to get there...It's just...It's Earth. A generally non-magic world that has way too many dimensional versions of it. I didn't even realize it was connected to the Clinic's multiverse....Which version of Earth is this, anyway?" Earth...It's been a long time...
  21. Okay, this is an insane theory that popped into my head just now and I need to get it out so everyone can tell me that I'm crazy. Spoilers for Tress of the Emerald Sea. In Chapter 23, Fort mentions a legendary supposed thirteenth spore, the "bone spore," which people supposedly can't decide whether it's white or black. I think it's supposed to be assumed that these spores are aethers. They activate when exposed to water, which fits what we see in The Lost Metal. Each has a different effect. This interested me earlier in the book, because it's similar to the White Sand, which takes water from the Sand Master as it uses its energy. Then it struck me. I'm proposing that this supposed thirteenth spore either is, or grows on, the white sand of Taldain, and that Sand Mastery is a form of Aether magic. I know very little about how aethers actually work and don't know how the theory will actually hold up. I've only read up to the point where this thirteenth spore is mentioned, then came here to post the theory. I don't know if it fits with anything else, or how a "spore" would make it to Taldain. But this is something that I think is worth discussion. And if it isn't, please tell me, so I can stop following a crazy theory.
  22. "Wait, Earth?! That's...what...I mean - Earth?!"
  23. Speaker for the Dead is an amazing book, and you should read it.

    That is all.

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    2. CalanoCorvus


      im a sucker for sap.

      bad romance is great romance for me :P

    3. Aes Sedai

      Aes Sedai

      I loved the Shadow saga because I had the biggest crush on Bean for like 5 years, I don’t even know why, and then once I started to understand the political stuff slightly more I still enjoyed it.

      Bookwyrm, you’re my new favorite person on the shard. :D

    4. Morningtide


      That series is so good! absolutely one if my favorite series of all time. 

  24. Bookwyrm was horrified to learn that agents of MPI had infiltrated most of NASA. So, hiding under the radar, he gathered the few people who wanted to save worlds and got them out of the country. As they boarded a special plane, Bookwyrm sighed a sigh of relief. "This had better work." @Cash67