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  1. Okay, I left for too long and I'm lost. @Amanuensis, did you want me to scan Mat?
  2. "It was a rare ability to start with, isolated to a few small families with the right ancestry...But now, it's because most of the people with the potential to access the ability are dead."
  3. Island on a Distant World "You don't," the Commander replied. "But I don't know if I can trust you, either. If that's a point we want to get at, we'll have to work for it. We'll start with names. I am Revli Iridis, Commander of the Vanguard unit of the Lightbringers." "We do," Revli said. "When our soldiers are wounded by simple Kaos infections, a simple dose of Light is enough to purge them. But in cases of deeper corruption, like this one-" she pointed at Bookwyrm-"you need a far more primal source. A pool." She grew solemn. "Of which there is only one left available to us in our small pocket. The Origin. "But I digress. We'll take you to our homeworld at some point. For now, who are you, and what are you doing here?" "My name is Bookwyrm," Bookwyrm started. "I was led to this dimension by information from the Sixth Archive, and am searching for...some way to cure Kaos corruption. And some way to combat Kaos itself." "The Sixth Archive, huh...?" Revli said, thinking. She took a closer look at Bookwyrm. "You're a Worldseer. One of the ones from beyond this multiverse. And definitely not the of ones my people had conflict with in the past." "Conflict?" "The Worldbreakers. You know of them?" Bookwyrm nodded tentatively. "But I thought they were called the Worldshapers." "That was the name they gave themselves at the beginning. But we all know them as the Worldbreakers. Their actions warranted such a name...But Kaos is our objective now. No one here has seen a Worldbreaker in centuries; the only remnants of them are the Archives. There's one on our homeworld, with the Origin. I suspect you'll find the information there...beneficial." Bookwyrm nodded, and continued to summarize for Revli the details of their conflict, and with news from the outside dimensions. Their society had been imprisoned in the enclosed universes for centuries, fighting a constant war against agents of Kaos. So information from beyond was helpful for them.
  4. Rym ran at the strange figure and swung his sword in a precise slash at it's torso.
  5. Nope. If it turns out I am, multiple people have some explaining to do.
  6. Avi blinked, slightly stunned by the compliment. "It's a rare form of magic," she said. "There aren't that many descendants of the Starmother able to access the magic." I wouldn't be surprised if I was the only one in Figeri who still has access to this magic...
  7. Rym ran towards the source of the scream, drawing his Mordite sword as he did so.
  8. ....I beg to differ. I am insulted and affronted. These words to not apply to me. Nor you, nor really anyone else. Prone to making stupid decisions sometimes? Yes. But not incredibly so, and never, ever, disposable. That's a powerful experience. I've heard similar stories myself from family and friends, but it's always good to have a reminder that there's always something more, someone watching.
  9. Island on a Distant World Bookwyrm held up his arms to show his hands were empty. "I don't mean any harm." "So you say," the leader of the group said. "But one with Kaos in his mind cannot be trusted." "I'm not corrupted," Bookwyrm replied. "Yes, there are tendrils of darkness in my mind. But Kaos has no control over me." The leader grunted, obvious scepticism apparent on her face. She motioned for one of the soldiers to step forward. "Scan him." The soldier's rifle vanished in a flash of light, and a strange handheld device appeared in his hand instead. He stepped forward and scanned Bookwyrm with the device. "He's telling the truth, Commander," the soldier said. "Deep seated tendrils, but no full corruption." "Deep seated?" the Commander asked. "Yeah," the soldier replied. "He'll have to go to the Origin if he wants to get purged. Our Light here isn't enough." The soldier glanced back at the device. "He has a lot of his own light, though. No need to worry." "Hm," the Commander said after a moment. Then she raised her hand again in another gesture. Each of the soldiers dismissed their weapons. "You can tell your companions to come out, now," the Commander told Bookwyrm. Then she turned to another woman who was probably her second-in-command. "Are you still getting the other reading?" "Yes. Want us to scope it out?" "Yeah," the Commander replied. The second-in-command saluted, then called two other soldiers. The three of them dashed off into the jungle. "Okay," the Commander said. "We know you aren't working for Kaos, but we don't know if we can trust you. So. Tell me about yourself." It's safe, Bookwyrm sent to Platypus and Lark. We don't need to fight. Come out; these people are probably our allies. We just haven't realized it yet. @Being of Cacophony @UnfortunatelyNamed
  10. Avi hesitated. It was a secret she had tried to keep for...well, ever since her home was destroyed. But...she was safe, here. And even those who would hunt her for her ancestry would have trouble attacking a reaper. "Yes," Avi said after a moment. "I'm descended from a powerful Star Goddess that has invested a significant amount of her power in this system. No one is sure of her true name, or the details of her identity...but some of her blood runs in my veins. She's known simply as the Starmother." Memories churned beneath the surface of her mind as she spoke.
  11. Rym scanned the town again, wondering if there was another survivor, or if the perpetrator was still there.
  12. "I see..." Rym gazed across the sandy horizon around him. He called upon another tiny bit of Narration power... Ahem... Rym figured out where the monster had gone; it had taken the Sand Master to the south. Rym pulled a pack of supplies and equipment out of the air and handed them to the man. "Use these," Rym said. "There should be far more than enough for you and any survivors you find. Stay safe. I'm going to go find this monster." Then he set off.
  13. Sand master? Rym thought. Is this Taldain? Or a version of it...? "There's more to me than meets the eye," Rym reassured the worried man. "Can you direct me to where the monster went?"
  14. Island on a Distant World "Pays to be cautious on an alien world," Bookwyrm said. He ducked into the foliage and summoned his rifle, which materialized into his hands. He sighted the strange aircraft through the scope as it neared the island. It slowed, eventually coming to hover over the lagoon before moving over the beach. Sand and water sprayed everywhere, pushed by the propellers' wind, and the steady sound of the spinning blades filled the normally quiet air. Suddenly, a ramp on the bottom of the craft opened, and a squad of eight or so soldiers jumped out onto the beach. But instead of missing them like Bookwyrm had hoped, the soldiers immediately surrounded them, despite their hiding places in the foliage. They wore advanced white combat armor with helmets that obscured their faces. Each of them held an advanced-looking rifle, which were trained directly at Bookwyrm, Lark, and Platypus. One of them had a uniform that marked them as the leader. They reached up and pressed a button on the side of their helmet, and it vanished in a flash of light, revealing the leader to be a woman with dark tan skin, short black hair, and striking yellow eyes. She had a strange cylindrical container on her back, one that glowed with a powerful white light from a few openings. "I know you're there," she said, looking directly at Bookwyrm. "You have Kaos in you." Bookwyrm dismissed his rifle and sent a mental message to Lark and Platypus. Don't engage. Then he stepped out of the jungle and into the spotlight of the hovercraft, right in the center of the mysterious soldiers.