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  1. Bookwyrm, realizing that he didn't have to participate in the games anymore, vanished out of the arena, leaving Abomination alone amongst the black flames.
  2. The javelin disappeared instantly, of course. Bookwyrm resummoned it as a spear and waited for Abomination to attack again. "I really don't want to fight you," he said. Bookwyrm glared at Nameless. "What'd you to that for? I thought we were finally done."
  3. This left Bookwyrm confused.
  4. Bookwyrm used his Pyrokinesis to manipulate the flames, creating a gap that he could fly through. He dismissed his Narrationblade and his Shardshield, the resummoned the Shardblade as a javelin that he hurled at Abomination.
  5. Bookwyrm had collected several types of precognition magic throughout his travels. Three separate warnings came to him, and he spun in midair to dodge the attack.
  6. Bookwyrm was confused because people kept dying and coming back to life. I mean, this is TLT, he thought to himself. He Lashed himself upward half a Lashing, hovering in the air. Time to see if Abomination can fly.
  7. Bookwyrm took this opportunity to jump, flaring Pewter. This, coupled with the slight upward lashing, launched him very high into the sky. He dodged the mordite sword easily. He then summoned a stream of a deep blue fire that raced toward Abomination.
  8. Bookwyrm waited. He wasn't going to attack until someone attacked him first.
  9. "I can't make any promises. If you don't want me to bleed, maybe don't stab me." Bookwyrm Lashed himself upward slightly, lessening his weight, ready to leap out of the way if Abomination lunged.
  10. Suddenly the real Abomination walked in, making it a three way duel.
  11. "Oh, storms. I really don't want to do this." Bookwyrm summoned his Narrationblade, and his living Shardblade as a shield. He swallowed a vial of metals and sucked in a few spheres worth of stormlight. He kept a few magical incantations in the back of his mind, ready to use if needed. But, all in all, he was mostly on the defense.
  12. Suddenly, Bookwyrm was thrown, quite violently and against his will, into the arena.
  13. Ever since I became invested in the Cosmere (yes, the pun was intended), I have toyed with the idea of writing my own connected universe akin to Brandon Sanderson's. As a writer, I am very good at worldbuilding, and can usually come up with interesting ideas for stories and the places that those stories would happen on. But I am no good at actually writing a coherent plot with interesting characters. I usually just write a few chapters of a story and then abandon it because I can't think of what to write next. Anyway, over time I've had many ideas for stories, and some of these ideas became ideas that I could fit into a connected universe. I have always liked the idea of a story based around dragons, because I like dragons, but dragons that have capabilities for interstellar travel. When I combined this idea with some of the other ones that I'd had, I was able to make a very rough outline for some kind of connected universe, akin to the Cosmere. Here is the rough overview of this Connected Universe. (Note that this is basically just copied and pasted from a google doc that has all my notes.) Overview And here are the summaries of some stories that would take place in this connected universe. Northern Seas Drifter Earth Story Andromeda's Descendants That's basically it. What do you think? Comments, questions, suggestions? They're all welcome.
  14. Bookwyrm, who had also gotten taken into the arena, was trying to figure out how to sabotage it and blow the whole thing up without hurting any of the narrators. He was helped in his current plan by a friendly Selffalfrednahg and Found the Kitten. Unfortunately, he kept having to fight battles, so he wasn't able to get much work done on his plan.