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  1. No non mammals have mammary glands or breasts
  2. But does it work the other way? Are there any non-mammals in nature that have mammary glands? I can’t think of any. And also, humans are the only mammal that has permanent breasts which would make Singers pretty darn close to humans.
  3. My theory is that when a Herald returns their investiture enters a chrysalis and their new body gestates for about a year. I think this likely happens at the same place for all of them or they would have to spend years travelling to find each other.
  4. We may learn more when Moash bonds the Nightwatcher
  5. Moash Did show regret from his actions in WoR and OB before being Vyre. I’d pull up the quotes but I’m lazy. They are all in Moash POV chapters and like most POVs they are personality-appropriate to the owner of the POV. In other words, his regret is made in simple statements as Moash isn’t the most thoughtful or emotional character. But I’ll stop commenting here. Those who are dead set on hating Moash won’t change their opinion. Either you believe Moash showed regret pre-Vyre or you don’t. To be honest I’m not even sure why we’re debating this, Moash didn’t even kill anyone in WoR. The only thing he would reasonably regret is betraying Kaladin. And when you look at it, Kaladin Agreed to the plan and changed his mind at the last minute so in a way He betrayed Moash. Moash still clearly regretted “betraying” Kaladin pre-Vyre. /shrug
  6. Let’s take the debate to the next level… If he does keep following a similar character arc… I think Moash will be the third Bondsmith. “He must pick it up, the fallen title! The tower, the crown, and the spear!" The fallen title could refer to Vyre or the title could just be “Bondsmith” in which case you would get the tower (Navani), the crown (Dalinar), and the spear (Moash). But that’s just a possibility.. I never said that Moash will definitely have a redemption arc, just that it’s still possible. As you correctly pointed out, it would also be sound writing for Dalinar and Moash to follow the same arc but then show a divergence or inflection point where one character’s actions led to glory and the other to despair. But the whole point of this thread is whether people hate Moash and I don’t. He made bad choices and ended up in a situation (by his own doing sure) where he had no support system. Dalinar would have likely fallen deeper into despair if he didn’t have a family to support him. The real inflection point here is when Jasnah reads him WoK. Before that, there is no hint that he was trying to be a better man. If Moash had had this “ah ha” moment things could have turned out differently for him.
  7. Dalinar didn’t “feel guilt and try to change”. He drank himself into a stupor (numbing his emotions) so saying he didn’t want numbness is just wrong. Then he has his memories wiped, then had 5ish years to grow without the burden of his guilt. Who knows what kind of man he would have become or what other atrocities he may have committed without Cultivation’s pruning? It’s the same arc, we are just presented Dalinar’s in reverse so we see him as a good man from the start. If Gavilar hadn’t died and Jasnah hadn’t read him WoK you would see a very different Dalinar, one that could easily be seduced by Odium. As for Moash thinking he’s never wrong, this is also false. He expresses several times that he made the wrong choice in WoR and OB. Does he ultimately make another wrong choice of embracing Odium? Yep. But again it’s the same arc, both men asked for help from a higher power, but Moash makes the wrong choice.
  8. I didn’t say Moash wasn’t Responsible for his actions. My point was that his motivations are always clear and make sense in the context of his character. Is it cowardly to avoid guilt by intentionally having your emotions stripped away? Yep. Could Moash eventually take responsibility? Sure. Everyone uses Dalinar as an example of good vs the evil Moash. Everyone seems to be forgetting that Dalinar followed the exact same character arc as Moash. Dalinar Had His Memories Stripped Away to avoid the guilt and responsibility associated with his actions for YEARS before growing into the man who could say the words above. So why couldn’t Moash follow the same arc as Dalinar? Does horrible things, avoids responsibility, eventually becomes a better man. And don’t quote that one line in RoW and state that it’s proof that Moash feels no guilt. There is plenty of evidence before he becomes Vyre that he feels guilt for his actions even if he doesn’t scream it from the mountaintops like some characters would.
  9. Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you You’ll finally get answers But only a few!
  10. I have to admit, I was bummed out when Rlain became a corrupted Truthwatcher like Renarin. It seems like such a lame power set at first glance. After I thought about a bit though I wondered whether Renarin and Rlain can refine their “visions” to be used in combat. With the right training / refinement couldn’t the “visions” function in the same way Atium does in combat in the Mistborn series? A fighter who knows what’s coming and can Also heal faster than any of his opponents? Godly (pun intended).
  11. It’s not so much Morals as it is that each order has their own set of Ideals which correspond to the character of their Spren. Windrunners are bonded to Honorspren so their actions / ideals need to be honorable. Pattern on the other hand would likely buzz excitedly if Shallan told a lie to someone while plotting a murder with another.
  12. Riah is an Honorspen and friend of Lewshi as per RoW It’s most likely that Riah died during the Recreance as we know that no active Honorspren survived. So she likely has a shardblade that corresponds to her deadeye form. Have we seen this blade? If so, which one do you think it is? Could Lewshi find it and pull an Adolin?
  13. A little off topic but I think that Kaladin’s next ideal will involve him realizing that he has to protect himself (body And mind) before he can be of any use protecting others.
  14. I agree with your breakdown Elder. The difference between OB Moash and RoW Moash (Vyre) is Odium’s influence / stripping of emotion. So I have no problem with Moash’s activities or motivations pre-RoW and his actions in RoW aren’t entirely his own.