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  1. What effects would a Mistborn gain if they burned the other God metals such as Raysium or say Honor's metal. If they were to say gain a connection and gain these metals, what effect would they gain?
  2. Yeah, but I do think he will clarify this sometime soon
  3. I honestly think it will have effects relating to the shard. So say Honor's metal might give an almost adhesion like power, I think they will do something relating to the shard they originated from
  4. I think that's a mistery for a potential future novel or maybe even an Q&A
  5. Interesting
  6. Now that's going to be cool, I'm excited for when that's going to happen
  7. Well let's both just hope that gets answered in the future, cause that would be interesting to find out
  8. If a bonded Knight radiant bonded to an Honorblade, say a Windrunner bonded to the Dustbringer Honorblade, would they gain their own Gravitation and Adhesion and the Division and Abrasion of the Honorblade? If a Knights Radiant bonds to an Honorblade, do they gain the surges of the Honorblade with their own surges?
  9. Oh. Well that helps
  10. Perfect, thanks for the answer
  11. What abilities would each order of the Knights Radiant gain with an enlightened spren, so what power would each order gain if their spren were to be enlightened?
  12. That would be interesting to find out in future installments of the Stormlight Archives
  13. Another reason for this question is Renarin's ability to see the future is classified a "voidish" surge, being partially of odium, so it makes me wonder what other surges would do if they were to be "voidish"
  14. I understand that, but it also makes me wonder what the other order's surges would be affected, I already know that Adhesion wouldn't be affected because it's purely of Honor, but other surges would be curious to see how they're affected
  15. Yes, what kind of abilities would each radiant order gain if their spren was "enlightened" or in other terms corrupted by Sja-Anat, cause we think that Renarin's illumination surge creates his visions, and that brought up this question
  16. What spren is a Skybreaker's Shardplate made of?