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  1. Hey everyone, after i finished reading the Lost Metall i was more curious than ever to get some new information about the ghostbloods. Although we got something about their motives, we didn't get much about how they were founded. So i am looking forward to (maybe) a Secret History 2... Or, let's say, a Secret History for every Era of Mistborn. To see what Kelsier is doing behind the curtains. One Question to get things a little bit more clear: The Timeline in the cosmere is still a little bit obscure. Does anybody know if Stormlight and Mistborn Era 2 are taking place at the same time? After reading The Lost Metall i have the feeling that this has to be right.
  2. Hi everyone, i have this on my mind for a long time. And now that i am rereading the Stromlight Archive i noticed it again. I am german and therefore most of the books i own are in german, but the more i got in to the cosmere as a whole, i started to notice that the translation is inconsistend. Here are a few examples: The name of the shards Preservation would directly translate to "Erhaltung" or "Bewahrung" but instead translates to "Bewahr" Honor would directly translate to "Ehre" but instead it's translated to "Ehr" Cultivation would translate to "Kultivierung" but it instead translated to "Die Bebauerin" For all the members of the community that aren't speaking german: The names of the shards in german aren't nouns. That bothers me a bit, because i don't know why they changed these when there are direct translations. Preservation in Bands of Mourning Here Preservation is translated to "Retter" which means "saviour" in english. In the Well of Ascension and Hero of Ages it is translated with "Bewahr" as mentioned above. This translation is far more fitting, but it isn't a noun (!). Names in Era 2 of Mistborn In Era 1, most of the names are translated to match their german equivalent. For example Breeze is called "Weher" which is somewhat the correct translation. But in Era 2, all of a sudden, they are using the original english names. That threw me off a bit until i realized what was going on here. The Sibling in Oathbringer This one is little bit tricky because we don't use this word for a single person in germany. If you adress a single person you would say "This is my brother/sister". Only if you adress multiple people you can say "This are my siblings" (aka "Das sind meine Geschwister"). So there are to epigraphs in Oathbringer (i think on two consecutive chapters) where on one it is translated to "Der Geschwisterteil" and on the other with "Der Geschwister". I think neither of them is a real word. In Rythm of War it is then translated to "Der Zwilling" which means "The Twin" in english. Shards and Splinters So this one is tricky too. As far as i know there are no separate words for this in german. I would translate both as "Splitter". I saw Shard as "Splitter" and Splinter as "Flicken" in Oathbringer, but that isn't consistend through the books. Breath at the end of Rythm of War I am talking about the chapter with Hoid as a PoV-character. Here Breath translated to "Atem" whereas in Warbreaker it is translated to "Hauch". Both are correct, and i think there are no different words for this in english. It's just inconsistend. One more thing: I think the german titles are good for the most part. For example: The Lost Metal will be called "Metall der Götter" in german, which means "Metal of Gods". I think thats pretty fitting. So these are some things i noticed while reading in german. For my own sanity i think i will read the books in english from now on. Are there things you noticed when reading the books in a different language?
  3. mistborn

    Correct me if i am wrong, but i think the 16% rule was only to get new allomancers for Preservations final plan to defeat Ruin. The part where people get sick in the mists. I guess there is no evidence that before that 16% of the population are Allomancers. On the other Hand, now that i think about it, there is a part (in Secret History i think) where Preservation is like: "16 is the number i choose to tell people that i am involved". So maybe thats a hint that before the End of Ashes there were really 16% Allomancers on Scadrial. But for me it feels just a little bit to random if someone becomes an Allomancer or not.
  4. Every new book is Sazed getting a new shard and getting more indecisive And he is like: "Guys, please stop" (Maybe) Cosmere Spoiler:
  5. I totally think you are right about that. I would like to add that Ruin is the stronger one of the two shards. So when we come to the point where Harmony transforms into Discord, the Intend to destroy will be stronger then the Intend to preserve. Therefore making Discord potentially the Villian of Era 3. I think Kelsier kind of hinted to that in the epilog.
  6. Hello everyone, i was just wondering: is there a limit to how much Investiture Nightblood can absorbe? Since RoW we know there is kind of a limit, at least Nightblood was fed up after consuming part of Odiums Investiture. But is this the hard limit of how Invested Nightblood can become or can it still wield more Investiture? Secondly we know that Nightblood leaks Investiture in form of black smoke, so there is definitely a loss there. Just imagine the possibility of Nightblood storing a very big amount of Investiture. In that case it may function as a Perpendicularity, so you might be able to travel the Realms freely just by holding Nightblood. There might also be the possibility for Nightblood to mix different types of Investitures. I imagine that, after consuming Stormlight and Voidlight, the black smoke it leaks may have similarities to Warlight. I hope we see something like this in later books, as it would enhance our understanding of the cosmere significantly. So let me know your thoughts on this. Maybe there is somthing in the books i missed or maybe there are WoBs I don't know about. Cheers and have a wonderful day.
  7. I am not sure either, maybe someone can confirm the following: Shallan was at least at the 3rd ideal with Testament, because she had access to her shardblade back than. Then she told the truth about killing her father. That would be her 4th ideal. And somewhere after that she told the truth about killing her mother. At least till someone corrects me, I think she is at the 5th ideal.
  8. So i'm re-reading Stormlight an stumbled across this beautiful scene: This joke flew right over my head the first time. Last week I was reading that scene during my break at work and that one got me off guard. I literally start laughing and then had to explain to my coworkers what was so funny in my book. I just didn't remember that Pattern is the centre of such good jokes. On the other hand, it has been a while since i last read these books. Just wanted to share this memorable moment with you. That said, i hope you all have a nice day
  9. I think your point about Intend is very interesting, so here are my thoughts on it: Allomancy is a form of using Investiture that requires very little Intend. I am thinking about Vin at the beginning of "The Final Empire" where she used Allomancy without knowing what she was doing. Secondly: I guess creating an allomantic grenade still requires Intend. Although it's only necessary in the creation process, using it may require no Intend at all. Or maybe (just speculating here) throwing the grenade requires you to know that you have a grenade in your hand, otherwise it won't work. I don't remember the part where they use the allomantic grenade. Did they know what kind of device they had there?
  10. Elend - His wife killed his fiancé, his brother and his father. Still he loves her.
  11. Hello Sharders, i have a question about Healing in the Cosmere, especially about Dabbid. In RoW, the Sibling tells Dubbid that he will heal from his mental illness once he bounds a spren. In my understanding, a person can only heal from wounds that they don't see as a part of themselves, because Healing typically heals the Physical version by matching it to their ideal Spiritual version. So the Sibling cannot know whether bounding a Spren will heal Dabbit or not. It depends on how much Dabbid accepts his condition as part of himself in his subconsciousness. Do you guys know if these statement is correct or have i missed the point here? Ps.: Let me know if this toppic has already been on the forums before. I am new in the community i don't have the overview yet. Thanks
  12. Hello you all, i am a big Sanderson fan since i picked up The Way of Kings 6 years ago. Back than i didn't know about the Cosmere or any other books of Brandon. But WoK quickly became one one of my favorite books of all time. I then lost track of the books mostly because i assumed it would take a long time for the next books to release (Yes, i am looking at you Rothfuss). When i came back to Stormlight i realised that there are two more books for me to read! (Keep in mind that in Germany (where i live) the original books are often split into two when released in german). Soon after that i found the coppermind wiki (and therefore this forum) and got a first glimpes into the cosmere... And boy, i was hooked. I (of course) had to read all cosmere books that were out there. With this forum and the Shardcasts i became part of the fandom (but more like an quiete bystander). And then the kickstarter campaign launched and i realised that i want to take a more active part in it. And so there we are. Me signing up on this website. I am looking forward to a lot of discussions about Brandons books. (Not just the cosmere ones, i am currently enjoying my time with Reckoners, Skyward and Legion) Until than, don't let the airsick lowlanders question your food! - Nasax
  13. It's always a pleassure to meet a fellow Rysn-Fan So what's your favorite cosmere novel then?
  14. I guess Rhytm of War is one of my favorites. (Even if Elantris and The Hero of Ages are not far behind). Explaining why that ist would turn into a discussion with lot of spoilers, so i just leave that statement as it is. For my favorite character i would pick Rysn or Szeth (depends on my mood ). But in my opinion you can't list your favorite Cosmere characters without mantioning Jasnah. It's just so easy to root for her.