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About Me

Hello you all,

i am a big Sanderson fan since i picked up The Way of Kings in 2016.
Back than i didn't know about the Cosmere or any other books of Brandon. But WoK quickly became one one of my favorite books of all time.
I then lost track of the books mostly because i assumed it would take a long time for the next books to release (Yes, i am looking at you Rothfuss).
When i came back to Stormlight i realised that there are two more books for me to read! (Keep in mind that in Germany (where i live) the original books are often split into two when released in german).
Soon after that i found the coppermind wiki (and therefore this forum) and got a first glimpes into the cosmere... And boy, i was hooked.
I (of course) had to read all cosmere books that were out there.

With this forum and the Shardcasts i became part of the fandom (but more like an quiete bystander).
And then the kickstarter campaign launched and i realised that i want to take a more active part in it.