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  1. I didn’t mean literally resistant to being cut. I just meant how like Kaladin heals himself after being attacked by Szeth as if he’d never been cut. Depending on if spiritual healing is less investiture intensive (my gut says no but I don’t think its been addressed) than physical healing if you have the ability a shardblade is actually less effective than conventional weaponry. Maybe get some Midnight Essence like creature to act like Hounds of Tindalos. Duralumin was just an example since I don’t know off the top of my head other aluminum alloys but yeah the fact AoL apparently mentions it (thanks) is what I was getting at.
  2. Not super efficient and I’m not certain it works given how Hemalurgy is supposedly limited but he could reuse spike from members of the Set etc he’s killed.
  3. Technically he changes from “only” to “first” at the end of the WOB but now we are going in circles.
  4. Unless they have and those guys are actually skybreakers
  5. Hmm well duralumin is like 90% aluminum. I wonder if there is a specific threshold. And alloys aren’t quite the same a new chemical compounds.
  6. Well it seems like according to you the Ghostbloods have all they need to get people with surges off Roshar.
  7. Can shardblades cut polestones? A lot of them are beryl or corundum which have aluminum as part of their chemical formula.
  8. You seem to be making arguments for why it would be easy to leave Roshar and maintain powers.
  9. I was specifically focusing on parrying Shardblade only. Shardplate you don’t need something specific beyond a big hammer. I meant does shardblade cut duralumin like it would steel or like it would aluminum?
  10. How do you still have your powers if you stored your connection to your spren to get off planet?
  11. Functionally the same so long as you have the Investiture (which is of course the catch) Y’all act like aluminum only comes as foil. It’s one of the more durable metals and if forged in large quantities around a stronger metal I think it could really do some damage. Also do we know how Shardblades would react coming into contact with duralumin? That could definitely open some options up.
  12. Unfortunately don’t have the book infront of me at the moment. Store connection, investiture, and possibly even identity. Bounce from Roshar. Powers might not be maintained until you tap them all again.
  13. Anyone with enough stormlight and possibly other investiture is basically immune as the sword won’t damage them physically and the Investiture will heal them spiritually. Type IV BioChromatic Entities seem immune, Honorblades, aluminum wrapped around steel, unless it act like terken a stream of mastered sand probably hard to cut, Dalinar’s stormwagon, etc. Corner based magic system when? .
  14. Could the wavelength of the light be the reason? I was thinking that maybe it’s too big to normally infuse the gems but that once it is in that’s why it lasts so much longer. But voidlight it like ultraviolet so theoretically it should be smaller wavelength. The fact that is last longer inside gems though points to a permeability issue though either inside or outside the gems.