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  1. I said spren in more a rosharin way. In the cosmer spren are known in roshar, seon are related to spren in a way or at least made by related processes
  2. Should be noted that shards can purposefully splinter themselves to create spren. And sense it’s more controlled it’s not as dangerous. Also welcome! Just a piece of advice, be thorough with any theories, @Frustration is known to shoot down theories with WoBs left and right
  3. That would be interesting, especially what would Renarins squires be? Or would squires be made if someone bonded with an unmade.
  4. I think that it was more like an arms race that escalated per desolation. Immortal heralds? Immortal fused. radiants? Fused have surges now. squires? Voidspren to make regals.
  5. Idk I seem to alternate between elsecaller, skybreaker or Windrunner. Just depends on my mood really
  6. I think they don’t have speed issues but that’s of no consequence. But when have we seen sentient spren move in the air without surges? I’m basing my thoughts on what we have seen. Also spren have a physical presence. Why didn’t syl go through the stone covering the well? I’m sure a stoneward spren could because that’s part of their surges.
  7. So I’m unsure if this is a theory or an observation, but let’s talk about spren, and how they travel through the physical realm. Obviously we see syl fly around and stick things together, using the surges her bond grants. wyndle seems to use progression (super fast) to talk and move around. Ua’pam is able to merge with the stones similar to the deepest ones who share the ability so I guess it’s just connecting the vary close dots, but I think this shows that the spren (who we know have small bits of physical substance) have to interact with the world within the bounds of their surges. And perhaps the body essences have something to do with it as gyls hides in Renarins body. what’s yalls thoughts, anything I missed or anything you would like to point out? edit: I forgot why I originally wanted to post this. anyways BONDSMITHS. Who are the three bondsmiths? Stormfather, sibling, and…… that’s right the nightwatcher, who has what ability? The old magic. Think about that for a moment, we have been asking what a bondsmith can do? We have been seeing hints of it sense the beginning. And that’s only casually, imagine what bondsmiths can do when properly used.
  8. I like it. It also brings more sense to nale killing radiants perhaps to protect the oathpact
  9. Do truthwatchers have the ability to see the future? I would say that it definitely wasn’t part of the knights of old. Otherwise as nameless said it wouldnt be in such a bad light. (Then again, truthwatchers are known to be the most secretive order, to the irritation of others) also future sight isn’t necessarily bad, just “bad” on roshar. Illumination seems to be connected slightly to the SR so perhaps, Truthwatchers regrowth pulls “images” or “ideals” from there and uses that to restitch the body. what effects does “corrupted” or “enlightened” spren have on the abilities. if we believe what Renarin is doing is indeed voidbinding, is the abilities heightening what a truthwatcher would naturally be inclined to? so what I’m trying to say, is perhaps truthwatchers on their own don’t have “good future sight” but infused with odium they become somewhat “acceptable” with it.
  10. Speculation but it might be possible to some degree with voidbinding, or at the vary least liken to extreme emotional allomancy. the biggest clues we have of voidbinding is the unmade and they seem to dominate the minds of those they effect
  11. If this could happen the tukari would be a much Meaner force to face
  12. Something more, generic perhaps. Like immersion spren?
  13. H is a substitute for a letter, so Honor would be symmetrical. also humans think that people named with perfect symmetry is being too proud, or more Divine then their station
  14. I like this being kaladin ascending into honor. Especially the part of him holding back the storms the only time we have seen anything like this is when odium rode the storm and mentions of honor riding storms. Not even Dalinar was able to make the storms stop, just move his “sight” to go further within it.
  15. “What’s the most important words a man can say? I will do better.” “ What’s the most important step a man can take? It’s the next one. Always the next one.” “Sometimes a hypocrite is just a man in the process of changing” Dalinar has some of the best moments. Can’t wait for book 5 where he’ll be more central