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  1. He does make life easy sometimes doesn’t he. We could have had to wait years for that otherwise.
  2. I didn’t notice major differences, you could make swords and power armour depending on your strength. Also once they disconnected from the Amberite it crumbled, all seems very similar. The addition of requiring water is new. I think so, makes it more interesting. I don’t know what else he could add. Will be interesting to see. I’m looking forward to an Aether book. I liked a lot of Aether of Night, just needed some tweaking.
  3. I think the whole system will be rewritten. Water wasn’t a requirement before, and Rosite has changed name from Amberite (but it was still rose coloured so made no sense). All aethers also had links to what was presumably Preservation and Ruin under different names. So that has all changed.
  4. The opposite of that one (Beastarin) was Ferrous which is connecting to machines, even becoming machines. But you couldn’t come back from becoming a machine from what I remember. You couldn’t become a terminator then turn back. Beastarin also required losing a body part to gain the animal part. Bear claw, owl eye etc. As you can see the system needed some work, there was some similarities with the groupings but not diametrical opposites.
  5. The vine one, Verdant. Shooting vines out of yourself to swing or tie people up seemed to be the main uses.
  6. There were two that could teleport, the Night aether could teleport the person who held it. The opposite “light” aether (can’t remember the name) teleported anyone except the person who held it. The aether holder touched the teleportee and off they went For reference there were 6 aethers, 3 pairs of opposites. Although they weren’t that clear an opposite, you can see why he wanted to play with the magic system.
  7. There seems to be something going on, but if they are human fused / heavenly ones using gravitation then they are not Skybreakers so do not need to worry about legality. Perhaps Stormlight 5 will alter how light works? Not a terrifying thought at all.
  8. The Heralds were born on Ashyn, if Raboniel is a similar age she would have seen them migrate. Even if she is younger some of the fused could be the Heralds age, and therefore know about Ashyn’s disease based magic system.
  9. Lerasium makes you an allomancer, if you were not one already the Lerasium would have already have to have taken effect and presumably been used up before you could burn the Duralumin. If you were already an allomancer it may be different but Proletariat’s point above stands regarding that.
  10. Hoid’s long term presence on Scadrial looking very likely that Odium wins, or at least gains power. Hoid could be in hiding, gaining power, gaining allies , biding his time or possibly all of them at once. I suppose Hoid could always be on Scadrial because Odium was defeated and there is nothing to worry about anymore, but that seems too easy; and leaves the question of who is the big bad on Roshar in the back five.
  11. True, but Brandon does word it in a certain way. Implies something is different to Rysn. Complete assumption on my part. Happy to be proven wrong on that one.
  12. As Brandon says, he phrases it very intentionally. Sigzil didn’t become the Dawnshard like Rysn and presumably Hoid did. He held it, at one point. (emphasis mine) Some shenanigans regarding exact wording seem to be at play here. Did he become another Dawnshard and temporarily held Hoids old one? Can’t be two Dawnshards at once presumably.
  13. It is an interesting theory, but I think keeping Adolin as a normal man and/or allowing him to resurrect Maya is much more likely. He could meet the Bondsmith ideals, but killing Sadeas could be seen as divisive and therefore away from bondsmith ideals. But Dalinar was more divisive in his youth as well. Also having three Kholins as bondsmiths seems unlikely. It may actually cause issues with the other nations, they already are unhappy about the number of radiants Alethkar have.
  14. True, but we don’t know how many Koloss / Koloss blooded characters are coming in Eras 3 & 4. He could just be saving them for then.
  15. I think with Era 2, we always need to keep in mind that this is effectively an infill story. The original outline didn’t account for the Era 2 timeline, and Era 3 & 4 could have a number of Koloss / Koloss blooded people as main characters. If the SWAT team plan is still in place for Era 3 then one or more of the members may be Koloss / Koloss blooded. We were left hanging a little after Era 2 on a lot of plot points, but it makes sense when you put it in the context of an addition to the original outline.