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  1. A celebratory cake to commemorate this delightful victory! Truly a wonderful occasion! Thank you dearest hosts @xinoehp512 @Elbereth @Ashbringer for putting together this glutenous experience! And thank you all for being such joys to play alongside, even though some of you were moldy bread in the game, you're all delightfully fresh bread outside of it in my book bread box! (Also Naan shoutout to @Amanuensis I'm glad you found my baking to be entertaining!) My read accuracy for finding wolves this game was a bit below what I usually aim for (I blame getting stuck on the assumption that there was 1 elim per doc!), but @Kasimir was obv-town fairly early and I had confidence in him leading town to a victory if I just made sure he stayed alive! @Matrim's Dice and @Devotary of Spontaneity voting for wolves two of the first three days also made them very easy to lock-in as "never-flip" picks as well, very well played to the both of you! @JNV And I'm glad to hear my gambit worked! For what it's worth, you did have me fooled and there was a good number of people I wanted to flip before you! Very well played! @Tani I'd be honored to have a gambit in my name I enjoyed your company in our doc very much!
  2. @StrikerEZ @Kasimir @Illwei @Tani @|TJ| @Matrim's Dice @JNV @shadow1 @Araris Valerian @Bort @Orlok Tsubodai @The Sibling @Devotary of Spontaneity @Amanuensis
  3. @JNV @Experience @Amanuensis @shadow1 @Araris Valerian @Devotary of Spontaneity @Kasimir @Illwei @|TJ| @StrikerEZ @Tani