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  1. Apologies if that was unclear. I was saying that I really like the idea of Nohadon being Hoid-in-disguise. I therefor think the second apprentice that Brandon was unsure whether we have seen on screen is the "old friend" Nohadon (if he is Hoid-in-disguise) is talking to when he says to Dalinar in the vision that: If this were true, it makes it tricky for Brandon to say whether we have or have not seen the second apprentice on screen. Technically we have not seen the second apprentice on screen as Dalinar was taking their place. Simultaneously we would have seen the beginnings of a conversation with the second apprentice on screen.
  2. I am really loving the theory of Nohadon as Hoid in disguise. Thinking back to the SP4 Spoiler Stream, Brandon was weirdly unsure as to whether we had seen the second apprentice on screen. If the second apprentice was the person Nohadon/Hoid-in-disguise was speaking to that Dalinar is replacing in the vision, then Brandon's lack of clarity about whether we had or had not seen the second apprentice on screen makes total sense.
  3. Great point. Thinking that through, I think that it is much more likely there will be no Shard associated with Lumar. I think it more likely that as you say, the origin of aethers (and any associated Shard) will be revealed in the later Aether of Night trilogy.
  4. Yes I saw that. I would love to know whether the "Kite" story is planned to be written from Sigzil's PoV or from the PoV of one of the other two Apprentices.
  5. Brandon explained that the aethars on Lumar are separate strain from the original aethars that will be in the future (re-written) Aethar of Night books. Having not finished the original Aether of Night yet, I still understand that the original unpublished novel contained proto-Preservation and proto-Ruin. My initial thought when we had the 4 new Shards dropped in Rhythm of War was that Valour and Mercy would be an ideal opposite pairing for the main Aether of Night books and world. Since then though, I have seen a WoB that says that the majority of the Shards did not break the original understanding and Invested individually rather than Investing on shared worlds. As Sel, Scadrial and Roshar were settled by two shards, I am reading this to mean that there is no other Cosmere world where 2 shards Invented. My first thought about Lumar was that as this is a world of a new strain of aethars, it is most likely that either the original aethar world or Lumar will not have an Shard. That's basically because I think that the best explanation for a second aether world is that either the aethars left an Invested world to set up a new strain away from Shard influence, or that a Shard decided to bring aethers to an Invested world to create their own strain. As to the most likely Shard that we might see in either aether world, I have to say none of the new shards stand out, so I am 50/50 in the possibility that neither aether world in Invested with a Shard. The main argument for me in favour of a Shard on one of the two worlds is that the number 12 is so significant when it comes to Lumar and aethers generally that it may mean one of the Shards is represented.
  6. This really did give me pause for thaought, which why I did not answer straight away On the SP4 livestream yesterday though, Brandon confirms that there are 3 different apprentices. More so he confirms that Sigzil is the 3rd apprentice (which kills my Jasnah as 3rd apprentice crack theory dead lol). He also said that we may have breifly seen one but not both of the other two apprentices. He also stated that he is ultimately planning to write something from the perspective of all three apprentices and RAFO'd whether the 3 apprentices would meet and interact as this could be an impartoant part of the future Cosmere. When also thinking about Brandon's confirmation yesterday that writing the Secret Projects are a turning point where he develops the Cosmere to be more Hoid-centric, I think the question I initally asked about how the introduction of the 3 apprentices will imapct the amount of books Brandon is planning to write in the Cosmere as whole (beyond those in the 2019 list) is still one to think about.
  7. Thanks for sharing the Jan 2019 WoB. As I've followed WoBs primarily on Shardcast this was a new one to me. I appreciate that plans change, but in terms of whether The Sunlit Man supersedes the idea of having a YA book on a planet with a Kite Magic system, I'm hedging that the Kite Magic book is still something Brandon will want to do. Brandon has mentioned that after completing Skyward (and depending on whether he can fix the magic system and ending of the Apocalypse Guard can be made to work) he wants his next YA works to be in the Cosmere. My initial thoughts were that the Kite Magic system and the RoW reveal of Whimsey as a Shard seemed to be obviously connected and would be the first YA novel in the Cosmere. Since then Brandon has also mentioned that he wasn't happy with the voice for Kingmaker (the YA novel on First of the Sun but not featuring Sixth of the Dusk which he read at the first BrandonCon). The reveal of 3 apprentices after the reading of SP4 made me think that Brandon might be looking to develop three additional voices to add to Hoid's for telling future Cosmere stories: Sigzil for telling action adventure stories The second apprentice as a YA storyteller A third for other types of stories (my personal crack theory on this is a post Stormlight 10 Jasnah for harder science fiction stories towards the end of the Cosmere) That's why I am thinking there are far more books that Brandon has started to plan than he has shared.
  8. So far we only have one completed Novella (Dawnshard) that would go into Arcanum Unbounded 2. We know one other Roshar novella - Rocks (and possibly a second - Lopens) are in the works. Given that a the Silence Divine is another possible novella set in the Rosharan system, and that there is a time jump between SA5 and SA6, I'm not sure a bridging novella before SA6 is necessary. I'm hoping that Branden will use the time to focus on non Rosharan novellas instead. We know he has started a 6th of the Dusk sequel, he also mentioned he has a great idea for an Emperor's Soul sequel and that he has ideas of a Silverlight Novella. After Lost Metal comes out it might also be perfect timing to get the Second Secret History and possibly the 1940s Mistborn interlude he has hinted at as a novella before he starts on Era 3. All these ideas together would be plenty for a second Volume of Arcanum Unbounded. I was reckoning that as the first volume came out in 2016, that enough of these ideas would come to furition that we could have the second volume as early as 2021. Later I thought like yourself that it would fit more naturally the year after Stormlight 5 comes out but before Mistborn Era 3 (so 2024 or 2025). I was wondering why we didn't get any updates on these ideas in the 2020 and 2021 States of Sanderson as he normally uses Novella as writing exercises to keep himself fresh while writing other project. I guess that after the Secret Projects announcement we now know he has been focusing on the 4 full novels as breaks from his scheduled projects. It's therefor a lot less surprising that we haven't had any progress or updates on the novellas. It's therefor feeling more likely that a second Arcanum Unbounded won't happen until Brandon has already done Mistborn Era 3 and started working on the back half of Stromlight.
  9. The three Cosmere Books released as Secret Projects have one thing in common - that thing is Hoid. So in the 2019 State of Sanderson there were 35 Books that he intended to be in the "mainline" Cosmere (already released Books in bold): Elantris 1 Elantris 2 Elantris 3 Mistborn Era 1: Book One Mistborn Era 1: Book Two Mistborn Era 1: Book Three Stormlight One Stormlight Two Stormlight Three Stormlight Four Stormlight Five Mistborn Era 2: Book One Mistborn Era 2: Book Two Mistborn Era 2: Book Three Mistborn Era 2: Book Four Warbreaker 1 Warbreaker 2 Mistborn Era 3: Book One Mistborn Era 3: Book Two Mistborn Era 3: Book Three Stormlight Six Stormlight Seven Stormlight Eight Stormlight Nine Stormlight Ten Dragonsteel Book One Dragonsteel Book Two Dragonsteel Book Three Untitled Threnody Novel Untitled Aether Book One Untitled Aether Book Two Untitled Aether Book Three Mistborn Era 4: Book One Mistborn Era 4: Book Two Mistborn Era 4: Book Three We know enough from previous States of Sanderson and WoBs that the PoV Charachters for all but the Theronody Novel, updated Aether of Night Trilogy and Mistoborn Era 4 are known and in-world (ok, possibly/maybe Elantris 3 might not be if it isn't a direct follow up from Elantris 2). From what we know about all the novels above, the Dragonsteel novels are the only ones with Hoid scheduled to be the main PoV characther. We do howver know that one driver for the Secret Projects is that Hoid will be the PoV charachter in Dragonsteel and that Brandon wanted to get some practice in before he gets to the Dragonsteel novel. So, so far so obvious. In 2019 it appears that Brandon intended Hoid to provide connective tissue between all the books through cameo appearances and take centre stage in the Dragonsteel and possibly (I am speculating here) Mistborn Era 4. What I think the Secret Projects seem to hint at, is that since 2019 Brandon has developed different ambitions for the Cosmere. What was really powerful to listen to at the end of the SP4 stream was Branden talking about this story being a re-invention of an idea he had and abandoned about Hoid waking up on different planets and recruiting people for a potential Cosmere-saving war. When revisting this though, he decided that the story wan't right for Hoid any more, but would work for oan Apprentice and chose Sigzil for SP4 as he is the Apprentice we are most familiar with. Then as part of the SP4 story we told that Sigzil has already seen MORE OF THE COSMERE THAN HOID as a result of being on the run from the Night Brigade. Given that we already know the Kite Magic YA book was also going to be from the PoV of a Hoid apporentce, my basic question is: how many more Secret Projects are in Brandon's mind now he has decided Hoid does not have just one Apporentice, but THREE!!!???
  10. Brandon was clear in the bit at the end of the reading that this is meant to be read before Stormlight 5. For me this sentence gives me no more fears for Kaldin surviveing Stormlight 5 than I had after reading RoW. As with much of RoW, this can be read as either foreshadowing of Kaladin's doom or that he is destined to live his post Stormlight 5 life focused on endevours that will not impact the fates of Shards and the Cosmere and probably will not feature in the back half of Stormlight.
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  12. The long terms Cosmere implications of these 10 Chapters and Branden's references to Hoids 3 apprentices at the end totally blew my mind. Branden seems to suggest that we will know how and why Sigzil leaves Roshar and goes on the run from the night brigade in Book 5. The way I am interpreted this on first listen is that Sigzil is carrying a Dawnshard and the act of picking it up killed his spren but allowed Sigzil to take the spren's investiture off world. It suggests to me we are going to get more Dawnshard stuff in Book 5, something I thought we would not see again untill the back half after reading Dawnshard. I have no idea how book 5 is going to turn out for our main charachters after this, but I can't wait to read it!