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  1. Writing my thoughts here in case anyone finds it interesting. Please don't tell me any spoilers. Okay, so in the prelude, Kalak survives the battle for the first time, and starts plotting not to return to the horrible place, when he finds out all the others decided to break their pact or something. It was super interesting, although I was trying to understand if the pact they broke meant they all decided not to return to that bad place, same thing he was considering, or if this was something else entirely. I wonder if we find this out in this book. Anyway, my theory is that the one they left behind will become the main villain, because, I mean, all his partners abandoned him to be tortured over and over, right? I'd become the main villain if it were me. Next up is the prologue, where we see Kalak and his friends are now known as gods, and had their names slightly altered (loved this touch!). I mean, they repeatedly came back from the dead, so it makes a lot of sense that people would regard them as gods. Meanwhile Szeth goes and kills a king, and I really want to find out what the king's dying message to his brother means! I also want to find out why it was important that Szeth be noticed while killing the king, this was one of the most interesting parts about the prologue. I think it would have been cool if we heard what happened to his white clothes in the end - did they get smeared with blood (from when he crashed onto the balcony), get full of dust and dirt? I also want to know why he hates his life. My theory is that the king's shardblade will become very important, maybe cause some political mayhem/war. Okay, onto chapter 1.
  2. I'm thinking I'll start book 2 immediately after finishing book 1
  3. Thank you!! You all are the best! Chapter 43: Watching Kaladin almost give up was terrifying. In the end he did come up with something, but he's now showing the bridgemen that he's just human. Before, he made ridiculous promises like that no one in Bridge Four will die again (he was wrong, a few did die), or that he'd survive the highstorm (he was right, he survived). In this chapter he stopped playing that game of wowing them (a 'game' that totally worked btw). Instead he just told them the whole truth. I'm not sure if this is a better or worse approach, but I wonder if this is what he'll do from now on, or if he'll maybe keep alternating between the two approaches, depending on how confident he feels in the situation. I kind of liked it when he made high promises and then miraculously managed to keep them, haha, but realistically it is very hard to feel that confidence all the time. Anyway, Bridge Four is planning its escape! Can't wait!
  4. Chapter 42, Shallan: What is that voice Shallan heard saying "what are you"??? Is it the creatures she drew earlier? And how did she forget about it so fast? I hope I find out soon! Gosh, Shallan casually sneaking into Jasnah's room to snoop around makes me so nervous. Her relationship with Kabsal is heating up, I wonder where that'll go. Will Kabsal really quit being an ardent for her? Meanwhile, Shallan is scheduled to get back on the ship that will take her home in a week's time, so her plan is going smoothly except for the fact that she still can't make the Soulcaster work. Let's think about this: Option 1) Only certain people - Soulcasters - can use the Soulcasters. Shallan simply doesn't have the ability, so it doesn't matter how hard she tries or what methods she tries, she'll never be able to do it. Option 2) Shallan actually doesn't have a working Soulcaster. Either her suspicions are correct and Jasnah purposefully placed a fake in a spot where Shallan could steal it, or her earlier suspicions are correct and Jasnah switched back the Soulcasters since Shallan swapped them, stealing the working one out of Shallan's trunk. Option 3) There actually is some kind of secret to making it work. This is the theory Shallan currently seems to believe in, but I'm not sure, I'm leaning toward the other two. Many questions. Don't actually answer them, haha. I will RAFO
  5. In the last chapter about little Kaladin I was disappointed to find out that Lirin stole the spheres, but in this chapter I kinda respected Lirin. He chooses to protect life, even if it's the life of a terrible man, not because he believes this man deserves to live, but because a man who protects life is the kind of man Lirin wants to be. He's staying true to himself even when there isn't much worth protecting. I identify with him.
  6. Chapter 41: Kaladin's past Somewhere among all the other thoughts Kaladin and his dad were having, I bet they felt a bit of satisfaction to see their big bullies bring doom upon themselves.
  7. Chapter 39: Shallan can't figure out how to use the Soulcaster. Next chapter is about KALADIN so naturally I read it too... Chapter 40: No, Kaladin, don't give up! Rock cracks me up: "And what is this thing you believe you are doing?" when Kaladin tries to join the bridge run. Naturally Teft didn't get a chance to talk to Kaladin and explain the Stomrlight magic, because that's what we *really* want to see. I do understand why Kaladin is despairing, but I think he should try and think about the fact that he already pulled the impossible once, so maybe he can do it again somehow. I really hope Teft and Kaladin talk during the next Kaladin chapter. Maybe it'll give Kaladin hope.
  8. Chapter 38: I should be going to sleep, but instead I read the next Kaladin chapter, because Kaladin is awesome and I need more Kaladin. Also, I kinda feel like crap, and perhaps some of my frustration with my life came through when I wrote my reaction for that last chapter and maybe I felt guilty because, hey, it's not the poor chapter's fault! This chapter totally cheered me up, even though now I have so many questions. What are Envisagers? How is Kaladin doing magic in his sleep?? Okay guys, Kaladin might yet give Szeth a run for his money for the spot of "Amira's favorite Stormlight character." Cool, now I'm really going to sleep, but only because Shallan is next. If there was another Kaladin chapter, I'd stay up even later and read it. Thank you all for following along
  9. Oh cool! Chapter 37, Kal: I wasn't sure why Kal jumped to the conclusion that his father was going to give some of the spheres to Roshone. I was also disappointed to find out his father really did steal the spheres. IDK, the chapters of Kaladin's past always seem so depressing. Maybe I'm just not a huge fan of flashbacks and prequels. Kal keeps going back and forth between becoming a soldier and becoming a surgeon, but we already know he became a soldier, so there's less tension than reading about present day Kaladin. I will say, however, that him wanting to grow up and do the right thing and be mature, not knowing how everything's about to fall apart in just a few years, all his expectations, assumptions about the world, etc. is very relatable. I went through a similar process becoming an adult. Anyway, see you all at the livestream in a few minutes!
  10. You mean in general? I enjoy reading about Kaladin a lot more. Shallan's situation/plot makes me very nervous, and all the philosophy isn't my thing. Chapter 36: Yikes, Shallan actually did it, she stole Jasnah's Soulcaster! Now she'd better get out of there asap, before Jasnah tries to use the Soulcaster again and finds out it doesn't work. That being said, I wonder if Jasnah knows how to fix broken Soulcasters.
  11. Okay, I won't. Chapter 35: Kaladin gets a glimpse of the Stormfather - I assume that's what that face was, although I'm surprised Kaladin himself didn't arrive at that conclusion. It sounds like Teft put two and two together about the Stormlight. I hope he tells Kaladin and Kaladin finally starts learning about his powers. I know, I wish for this on pretty much every Kaladin chapter...
  12. Chapter 34: Of course surviving a Highstorm will be added to Kaladin's growing list of impossible feats. I should have known With his only tool that one sphere, maybe he'll finally realize he's using Stormlight magic? Maybe he'll finally learn to control his powers? I want it to happen already! But wait, with Lamaril dead, how will we find out why Gaz owed him money?
  13. Oh, somehow I thought it said it was a bribe. Do we know why he owes him money? Yes, Kaladin is great! Haha, I suppose things did fall apart in Bean's case, thought not because the new system he'd created was working so well that everything else collapsed (like in Kaladin's case). Ah, yes, thank you for explaining. I knew the 'what' but not the 'why'. Don't tell my grandma, but all this talk about the differences between Judaism and Christianity made me realize that Christianity is more up my alley than Judaism, haha. Chapter 33, Shallan: Hm. If Kabsal's goal was to talk to Jasnah, why did he leave the moment she showed up? Very suspicious... Yes, Shallan should definitely switch her religious path to one that better fits her! Especially now that her father isn't around to tell her off. There was one point where Jasnah mentioned stealing her Soulcaster and Shallan's hand flew to her secret pocket. My guess is that Jasnah noticed that and will now be a little more suspicious of Shallan.
  14. Whoa, my topic has turned into a discussion of religion and social issues! I'm both honored and a little nervous Now that I think about it, Israel of all places is probably the most likely to be like that, because Judaism doesn't involve the individual person "talking to God" like some other religions (e.g. Christianity), so spiritual experiences are probably less of a thing to begin with. But maybe it was realistic for Jasnah to use that as an argument. I personally think discounting others' experiences doesn't lead to great logic. Also I respect that this is an atheist written by a religious author, and he's probably doing a better job than if I tried to write a religious character. Also Jasnah lives in a much more religious society than ours; she has to defend her beliefs all alone! Chapter 32, Side Carry (Kaladin): Okay, that didn't end as spectacularly as I was imagining, Kaladin destroyed the entire plateau assault and got beaten up, even if he did save all of Bridge Four. I probably should have seen it coming though that something would go wrong. The chapter is near the beginning of the part, not near a climax, and this book has a tendency to end chapters on grim notes. I still can't wait to see what happens next and wish I didn't have to read about Shallan and could just focus on Kaladin Very interesting the idea that if a piece of a system is organized way better than the rest of the system, then it will cause the rest of the system to fall apart... I love when books deal with this type of stuff. Reminds me of Ender's Shadow where Bean reorganized the kids on the street at the beginning (it was a little different and things didn't fall apart there, but it dealt with the same theme of one person reorganizing a bad situation). I wish I found more books that did that. One thing I forgot to say about the previous Kaladin chapter is what is Gaz bribing Lamaril to not talk about?? At first I thought it was Kaladin, but everyone knows about Kaladin so it must be something else...
  15. Chapter 30, Kaladin: The plot thickens... Kaladin thinks carrying the bridge sideways will protect them on a bridge run. Gaz thinks it will expose them. My money's on Kaladin. Chapter 31, Kal: I can't think of anything to say about this chapter, but the next one is called Side Carry. So excited!
  16. Cool, so my question is, is it common for atheists to explain spiritual experiences as something that happens only in the person's head, without any outside influence (as I understand Jasnah sees it)? More precisely, how do atheists usually explain spiritual experiences? (FYI I'm atheist myself but tend to have unusual opinions so just wondering what is typical.)
  17. Thank you! Chapter 29, Shallan: What are those creatures Shallan drew??? Kaladin also has mysterious powers, but we've already seen Szeth use the same or at least similar powers. With Shallan, she's the only person we've seen do her kind of magic, so I have no point of reference. Meanwhile, we see a conversation at the beginning of the chapter between Shallan and her brother. Their house's situation just went from bad to worse, and seems so desperate that it would take a miracle to recover from their problems. Later, the characters had a discussion about religion, and after all the talk of how Jasnah was good at debating, she made imo a really poor argument when Shallan basically said "But what about how I feel?" Jasnah said two things. One, she said (I'm paraphrasing) "Your mind is creating that feeling" which I think is an okay response as far as debates go (as in, it directly addresses Shallan's question), and two, she said "That's your feeling; I don't feel that way." Which is an okay thing to say, but it doesn't address Shallan's argument, and she said it as if it did. Maybe I misunderstood, but that specific point kinda bugged me. I have another question more specifically about their topic of discussion, but I figured I'd check first: am I allowed to talk about religion here?
  18. Interlude 6, Szeth: I feel like Szeth is the centerpiece of The Way of Kings, possibly The Stormlight Archive, at least the first five. I am not surprised by the direction things are developing, I felt like it was only a matter of time before someone sent Szeth to make another big splash. To me, a very interesting part of the interlude was when Szeth started questioning some of his core beliefs. I'd assumed there was magic involved with his being Truthless and having to obey whoever is in possession of his Oathstone, but maybe it's not magic but brainwashing / cultural influence / tradition, whatever you want to call it? Maybe he believes that this is what he has to do, and if something causes him to change his beliefs, he'll stop obeying people, start "rebelling" I suppose? I hope we find out more about this direction soon! Also, I hope his first target from that list will be the king of Ja Keved who happens to already be dead, lol.
  19. Thanks for clarifying that! Interlude 5: Not sure what the purpose of this interlude was except for world building, introducing us to two new peoples on Roshar. Aimians sound very interesting and cool and I'd like to hear more about them! And now I get to use a spoiler box, look at that! SP1 sample:
  20. Huh, pretty cool. Interlude 4: Turns out Roshar does have Earth-like areas, and that's where the horses and chickens come from. We also learned a bit about Szeth's history. So wait, are Shin and Parshendi the same? I thought the point of sending Szeth to kill Gavilar was to make it clear that the Parshendi killed him, but Szeth is Shin... I feel like I missed something.
  21. I feel like Dalinar is stupid. Whether or not his visions are real, he is able to see clearly on some matters that others can't. It feels like he's throwing away his ideals because others are disagreeing with him. It seems like he's buckling under pressure and failing to recognize that.
  22. This quote really does sum up so much of Kal's arc. Fighting is Kaladin's Smedry Talent! It even sounds like one! (FYI that was an Alcatraz reference.) Thank you everyone for answering my questions! Chapter 28: Gosh, Dalinar is so stupid. He could use getting some leadership advice from Kaladin. I hope something happens last minute to change his mind about stepping down. Maybe Adolin will convince him not to do it. On another note, interludes are next and we get Szeth again!! Can't wait!
  23. I was wondering, how does one earn the title "Stormblessed"? Is this something I'll find out later?
  24. Chapter 27 That was a beautiful chapter. Now that the bridgemen listen to Kaladin, I wonder how he's going to use their help to improve life for everyone / rebel / escape. It would be awesome if somehow Bridge Four gets handed off to Dalinar, since he told his man he could train one bridge crew, but I don't see how that could happen; I assume men aren't usually handed off from one brightlord to another. I feel like I'm Kaladin in my life, trying to lead people who've fallen through the cracks out of a bad situation while none of us have many resources.
  25. Turns out there's a live stream tonight and I found out about it an hour into it! How can I find out about the next one in time? Thanks!