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  1. SA3 chapter 30: That was a bizarre chapter, but it seems like the problematic spren ran away, so that's good, I guess. I don't like the idea of it coming back at some point, but ah well. Next they find the the column is covered in large gemstones. I wonder what its purpose is... By the way, I finished Yumi.
  2. SA3 chapter 29: We're stopping the chapter there??? Wow, this was weird to read right after reading a certain section of Yumi. There seem to be lots of Cosmere connections, and I understand none of them . Anyway, Shallan goes chasing the spren killer, and when she finds a Dark Pit with a Spiral Staircase (TM), she sends for Adolin and Bridge Four. At one point they reach a locked door and Adolin cuts it down with his Blade, but can't Pattern open locks? Also, Renarin was wearing Plate - does Plane not make Radiants hear screams like Blade, or did Renarin actually get this Plate through being a Radiant? So, is this midnight monster one of the nine shadows? What are they going to do about it? They have to somehow stop it from killing people, but I don't know if it can be killed or contained. I'm trying to come up with theories of what will happen next, but drawing a blank. I'll just have to RAFO.
  3. OMG, that would be so cool! Are you saying there's something I noticed that you haven't noticed when you first read Oathbringer? SA3 chapter 28: Oathbringer the Shardblade has been found! We get that masterpiece quote from Dalinar, "Sometimes a hypocrite is nothing more than a person who is in the process of changing." which I've definitely seen before, but can't remember where. Was it in one of those excerpts from Oathbringer the in-world book at the top of chapters? Anyway, the chapter ends with Dalinar finding out the Stormfather can create shared visions, and he can go meet the reluctant world leaders that way. I definitely look forward to reading about that! Meanwhile, Taravangian continues to be creepy, and of course, even though Dalinar notices Taravangian is different than before, he assumes he just misjudged him before, and doesn't realize Taravangian is actually different on this given day. So when do we get back to Kaladin? Also, I'm getting increasingly nervous for Adolin for when his dad finds out he killed Sadeas...
  4. Good! Yay SA3 chapter 27: Shallan finally finds out that Kaladin killed Helaran, yikes! Then she finds these drawings that she doesn't remember making... is she losing her mind, or did someone or something else draw those, kind of like the spren imitating the killings? Seeing as Pattern doesn't remember her sketching those, I tend to believe she's not actually losing her mind, and that something else is responsible, but who knows...
  5. SA3 chapter 26, Dalinar's past: I think the Thrill is some part of Odium or something created by him, and somehow also connected to the rhythm of war that the listeners hear, but it's weird that a human (Dalinar) can also hear this rhythm. I'm guessing it's all also connected to the listeners' gods, who are maybe servants of Odium kind of like the Heralds seem to be servants of Honor? I hope I get answers soon! But I won't be too surprised if I only get proper answers in the next book, since it's titled Rhythm of War.
  6. SA3 chapter 25: Shallan manages to make her illusions speak for themselves for the first time and it's not really explained how; apparently it just came with practice? It seems like she's also starting to be able to create things she didn't draw. Then she catches a couple glimpses of the spren that's been copying all attacks - if indeed it's a spren like she's assuming, and if indeed it is the thing that's copying the attacks. My guess is yes at least on the second. But what was that part about her seeing multiple versions of herself? Did the spren do that, or did Shallan do that inadvertently for some reason?
  7. No worries. Guess what I wrote wasn't very clear SA3 chapter 23: On the one hand, I want to find out what the parshmen are planning (or rather, what the voidspren are planning for them). On the other, I'm starting to worry that if Kaladin stays for too long, something will start going wrong. My guess is that the one the voidspren answer to is one of the listener gods. Chapter 24: Taravangian arrives at Urithiru. I'm guessing this is one of his stupider days. I think it's cool that he has this condition that absolutely no one can guess at, because it's completely unique. I mean, sure, people in this world know about the Nightwatcher, but that doesn't give them the ability to guess this specific thing she did to Taravangian. You can't find a better cover than your condition/abilities being beyond anyone's ability to imagine. I have some of that irl, so I can relate XD.
  8. This: Which connection? That both Sadeas' camp and the Ghostbloods aren't nice people, or that the Ghostbloods didn't like Amaram who is good buddies with Sadeas' camp? Ah, thank you and welcome! SA3 chapter 22: Still feels like Shallan is out of her depth dealing with Mraize. The only reason I'm not worried for her more is that Brandon rarely writes that kind of dark stuff. I guess maybe sometimes a little. Maybe I should be more worried. Yes, now I'm definitely worried. Though I'm more worried for Adolin, seeing as he's the one who killed Sadeas and now has to run an investigation on it, plus everyone is trying to figure out who did it. Glad the highstorms are coming back. We definitely need those!
  9. SA3, chapter 21: Another chapter of mostly setup, with something interesting happening at the very end. Honestly, we shouldn't be surprised that the Ghostbloods are associated with Sadeas' camp. They're not exactly nice people. It is a little funny, I suppose, that they were at odds with Amaram in book 2 iirc, and Amaram was close with Sadeas, and now Mraize is there with Ialai. But still, it mostly feels like it fits.
  10. SA3, chapter 20: Kaladin starts seeing the other side. I look forward to him reporting back to Dalinar. If Dalinar is having difficulty now, trying to unite the humans against a common enemy, what will he do finding out that this enemy is in the right?
  11. Check out my Yumi unboxing vid!
    I still have a lot to learn making videos where I talk at the camera, but figured I'd start practicing :lol:

  12. Thank you everyone for explaining about the drinks. It makes sense. Sorry, I still don't think the hand thing is realistic. Just like she wasn't properly ready for how much the drink would burn, she wouldn't have been ready for how much that knife would hurt. Yeah, right now I do. If there will, it sure isn't now. Nice Look what showed up: I made an unboxing video too, but it's accidentally reversed. Once I either manage or fail to fix it, I'll link it in my profile. SA3, chapter 19: Dalinar continues to be a brainless, heartless badass. I don't have anything else to say about this chapter. When I'm finally dying to hear more about Shallan, we're going back to Kaladin. You did this on purpose, Brandon, didn't you??
  13. Thank you, and you're welcome! SA3 chapter 18: What the what?? Okay, I don't think the murderers are hypnotized to murder another person in the same manner without remembering they did it, because if this were the case, the corpses wouldn't end up so precisely the same. So either each set of two corpses are actually the same person transformed via Lightweaving or some other method to look like someone else, or the second person in each case is somehow magically killed in the same manner, like a duplication of the murder? Gosh, it's so bizarre. Now I really want to hear more about this; why do we have to go back to Dalinar's past? But let's backtrack. Shallan is starting to lose it, trying to bury her trauma under illusions. Meanwhile, I didn't really understand the thing with the hard drinks. She tells Pattern that her goal wasn't to get drunk, and that 'it's complicated', but it seemed at the beginning that her goal was to experience being under the influence so she could fake it at a later time. If this was indeed her goal, why would she tell Pattern 'it's complicated'? Finally, do surgebinders feel less pain? I know they can heal themselves, but stabbing yourself through the hand is hard to do, and then not scream or even react is also hard to do. Both are near impossible, and Shallan does them casually. I mean, it would make sense if they don't feel as much pain, since they don't need to, with their ability to heal.
  14. Dragonsteel said they would send me a replacement pin, yay! SA3, chapter 17: Yay, back to Kaladin. Kaladin is starting to make friends with the parshmen after realizing they're not evil voidbringers. And next we're going back to Shallan, why? I want to keep hearing about Kaladin!
  15. I didn't think in that direction, but now you made me want to read it even more. Welcome back. Look what finally showed up: A little frustrating to only have it show up after I already finished reading it. Hopefully SP3 will show up sooner. Also, guess what DIDN'T show up in the same box? The cosmere pin! (I submitted a ticket.) Thank you everyone for 1000 rep! I only have 244 posts, so that's an average of 4 rep per post! If anyone has a better ratio than that, speak up. Otherwise, I will wear the crown of #1 in the forum. But 'nough chatter. SA3, chapter 16: Dalinar wonders what to do with Szeth's honorblade, then goes sparring, where all the ardents treat him like that one kid in school that everyone hates because he has opinions differing from the norm. VERY relatable for me personally, as someone who always has opinions differing from the norm. I was a little confused by his debate of whether to tap out. In martial arts, you tap when your opponent is about to snap a part of your body. There's no debate any more than there can be a debate of whether to pull your hand back when you accidentally stick it in a flame. But maybe it's different for wrestling. Anyway, Navani shows up and Dalinar fails to win over yet another ruler, this time the Iriali queen. And finally... Dalinar can suddenly hear his wife's name?? What the what? What brought this about all of a sudden?