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  1. Interesting. How far did you get on that first try? I haven't felt disoriented yet. I just don't understand the thing with this forum chasing Hoid (lol), though I liked the part where he says they wouldn't know what to do with him if they caught him. I hope they catch him now! Chapter 25: Gosh, Roshar seems so harsh. Also, I'm seeing a parallel between Adolin's relationship with his father and Kaladin's relationship with his father. In both cases, the son is worried about what people are saying about his father, while the father doesn't seem concerned.
  2. Thanks! Another theory I had and forgot to mention: Kalak's one colleague who got left behind is the stormfather
  3. I went through all the chapters in part 2 and read that letter split among them. I guess this is why people say not to start the cosmere with The Stormlight Archive. I assume I would have understood more of what that's about if I'd read other books? For example, Sel is mentioned there, and I know that's a world that other books take place on. It's just that Stormight seemed so central, you know what I mean? Starting with it was just too tempting! Also, I went to the library and for the first time realized just how ginormous these books are!! No wonder it's taking me a while to get through them. By the way, do we know who the two characters on the cover are? Anyway, chapter 24. I feel like the best strategy for Dalinar would be to go on a few plateau assaults, remind everyone how good he is at it, and *then* try to recruit someone for a joint assault. I ship Adolin and Shallan. She could use marrying into a high house, and he has no luck with girls, so might as well try this one, haha.
  4. Aww, thank you so much! I'm definitely going to continue. Chapter 23. Wait. Those guys from the prequel, Kelek/Kalak and his friends, they're the Heralds that we keep hearing about! And that Shardbearer that showed up at the end of chapter 1, he's the man Kaladin killed! Then he was denied the Shardblade, offered some dumb gift instead, refused it, and became a slave. That's why he's so sure it's all a lie. Am I close? I liked the part where Kaladin realized just giving the bridgemen their lives wasn't enough; they also needed something to live *for*.
  5. Oh, wow, thanks for all the info! I won't look at the link. So I guess Szeth is a "major" character but not a pov character? I'm not as excited about flashbacks as I am about "current" content, but I will look forward to more Szeth. Right now he interests me the most, followed by Wit, followed by Kaladin.
  6. Okay, I looked at this because I was dying to know. Thank you for answering. "You will see Szeth outside of Interludes" hm, but does he ever become a POV character? Wait, how do we know book 5 will have his flashback sequence?
  7. Chapter 22 Another option is that Sadeas is sending the visions, feeding Dalinar a story that he knows will work on him and telling him to trust him so he could take Dalinar down. But this would mean Sadeas has an incredible amount of power, so it doesn't seem likely. Not sure why either Navani or Dalinar didn't tell Elhokar the hidden meaning of what he did. It seems like characters don't communicate as much as they could have in this book, though I guess this is Brandon's writing style, and some people are like that, so it's not unrealistic. Seems hard to be a noble in this world, every random small action has ten hidden meanings. Does Szeth ever become a main character? I want to hear more about him. Or maybe Sadeas is behind the cutting of the girth, that's way more likely than him being behind the visions.
  8. Chapter 21 No idea what plant Kaladin wants to collect, either something he can sell or something he can use as medicine/antiseptic. Nice to see a few of the the others starting to support him. It makes a lot of sense that the guy he switched places with on the bridge run would be grateful. Not sure why Kaladin is so clueless when it comes to his 'luck', it seems pretty obvious that *something* is going on. Also not sure why Kaladin doesn't ask Syl to make herself visible to others so they don't think he's talking to the air. I look forward to seeing how he continues to transform the life of bridge four bridgemen.
  9. Chapter 20. I think Kal's dad doesn't know the right things to tell him to help him feel better, which sadly seems to happen to many parents. Since this chapter was so short, I'll add another comment I forgot to say about the previous chapter. Dalinar had a brief chance to talk to the Radiants, and I wish he'd asked them how they pulled that trick making their helm disappear and 'falling' into the air. It would have been cool if he came back from a vision with knowledge about Stormlight magic It probably would have helped him gain back the respect he loses for having visions in the first place.
  10. I know, I'm reading it slower than Brandon is writing it
  11. Chapter 19 I'll try to guess who the voice in the visions is. Option 1: Hoid. I don't think this is very likely, it's just that he's the most mysterious character we know so far, and probably the most powerful one, though I'm probably not supposed to know that yet. I get the impression that he doesn't meddle *this* much, but I might be wrong. Option 2: Same person who's behind sending Szeth to kill Gavilar. This too seems like a stretch, because starting a war and wanting to 'unite' people are kind of opposite, but maybe the war against the Parshendi is supposed to unite the Alethi highprinces? We know this person likes to pull the strings from the shadows, so it's an option. Option 3: A new character we haven't met yet. Option 4: Kelek or one of his fellow 'gods', if they're still around.
  12. I'm back! Hopefully life will let me read this book for once, but we'll see. Chapter 18 So the saddle was cut, but now there's the possibility that it was cut accidentally by a misplaced sharp piece of metal. Hm. My guess is that someone is actually after the king. I have a feeling that Adolin will like his father's idea of becoming highprince of war. The question is, can Dalinar pull it off before the storm episodes do him in? I hope in the next chapter about him we'll get to see the reaction of the people who see him during his 'episode', though it does make me nervous...
  13. Chapter 17 Okay, the dimming of the spheres is a dead giveaway - Kaladin is somehow using the same magic/powers Szeth used, drawing on the stormlight without knowing it. Not sure how he can do this subconsciously, since Szeth had to be so deliberate about it, but I'll wait and see. As expected, Kaladin's surgery training came in handy. I think the bridgemen will finally start respecting him and following his orders more now. My guess is that some of them will help him pay for more medical supplies.
  14. He was oblivious, but meanwhile enjoyed "looking at her"
  15. Chapter 16, back to Kaladin's childhood. I'm not sure if Laral was being a jerk or trying to help Kal discover the career he really wants. Very interesting to find out that if a darkeyes kills a shardbearer and takes his Blade he becomes a lighteyes. My theory is that Kaldin will achieve this at the end of the book.