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  1. For me, I've read enough fantasy and other books, that when someone "dies" too quick, without a lot of buildup, I think that it's a trick. The same kind of thing happened in Mistborn.
  2. I just wanted to toot my own horn and say that during the scene when Shallan and Jasnah were on the boat, and Shallan sees Jasnah get stabbed, I had a feeling that Jasnah was not actually dead. My husband read the books before me, and tried to tell me that she really was dead, but I just didn't believe it. Wanted more people to know that I was right! When she came back in later on, I cheered for being right.
  3. It's a fun book to theorize about!
  4. My husband first got into the books by reading the novella in between stormlight 3 or 4 (or is it 2 and 3?) Anyway he was soo confused, but thought since it was short, it wouldn't be such a big commitment. He has since read them about 3 times each and got me reading them as well. I haven't gotten them all, but I loved all the ones I have read!
  5. I've never been part of an online forum community, but I've been wanting to create a Tutorial for a mistcloak. I figured this would be the best place to put something like that since I also don't have a blog or anything!
  6. I'm making a mistcloak and my husband asked if I could get the allomantic symbols embroidered onto it. I'm looking for an already digitized set for an embroidery machine. Does anyone know where could find something like that?