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  1. Of all things said in this post, this is the most insupportable. I'm not sure that there is anything that he has written by accident, he shows what he wants to show and obfuscates what he wants to, he is probably the best author I have ever read to do this. He is not putting a single line into his magnum opus without thought and revision.
  2. I wonder if they can "fixed" after their interaction with Sja-anat? I think the Sibling is bigger than just the city, my guess is of the Stone or something like that based on all the strata references (even in Kholinar).
  3. Quick question. Did Shalan create a hemalurgic spike when she
  4. Personally, I think this warmth and light is related to Adonalsium. I think we see this at the end of OB as well
  5. You are right about the third declension, I just messed up in my declining the ablative. It should be morte. I think War is beautiful should be Bellum est bellus since est is followed by the nominative case. But thanks for indulging my inner Latin nerd!
  6. Matt, I'm not a software developer, but I did get a degree in Computer Science and I have five kids. I'm also approximately the same age as you. I think there are some faulty assumptions in your assertions that Navani is an extrovert. Sure she is out and about, but I think she gets her energy from being with her close group, Dalinar and close family. I think she is a strong woman, I think she is forceful, but this does not imply extroversion. These two qualities are often commingled, but I don't believe introverts and being strong and forceful are mutually exclusive. I am an introvert, I have a strong drive to be in leadership positions. (I didn't know I was an introvert until a recent personality test...then I asked my wife and she confirmed it). I love leading people, but I still need to recharge around my core group. I don't believe that leadership and introversion are mutually exclusive either. I do think that Navani is much more complex than the snippets that we have gotten to see. We have not delved into that character, and we saw some of that in OB. [minor OB spoiler: part 1] I think this complexity is exciting to read about and I think it is what sets Sanderson so far above his peers. He really delves into the character development without sacrificing the plot. His characters are real and robust, they are full of life and you could reach out and touch them through the page. I felt that Dalinar was the least realistic until OB and it just solidifies the "man of extremes" that he claims to be. Navani is not plastic and she is not a psychological stereotype, but that does not make her less believable (I wrote "real" here first and then realized the irony of that statement). I think BS does not like to place people in a box, and he does that very well, I think Navani is an excellent example with this. On the flip side, Navani also claims to only be the patroness of the scholars. She is not the artifabrian, but rather she likes all the gadgets that they produce and she parades them around. So, maybe she fits your stereotype after all. CJ
  7. I like your latin, I'm in the first year so I don't know much, but here is what I came up with: Vita ante mortem / Vita prae mortae (The ante implies place or time whereas the prae implies preference, both of which are supported by the text, but ante is followed by the accusative, and prae is followed by the ablative case) my favorite for the "strength before weakness" is: Virtus prae debilitate, which google translates pretty poorly it could also be because debilita has the implication of feebleness and weakness where defectu is a failure I like both of your journey before destinations, I think they both convey the same message, and your poetic version is very nice with its symmetry but it might lose some of the punch of the ideals. Thanks, that was fun! CJ
  8. No, it is the only way to listen, 1.5 feels like a normal rate and 2.0 feels only slightly fast. It is a bit hard when there are unfamiliar words but after a few minutes you won't even notice that the audio is playing fast.
  9. You will need to read Secret History to understand the Lerasium reference.
  10. I think we are about to see a dramatic shift in Elhokar's personality based on his near death experience. But he was whining at The Lopen's mom's house so we'll see.
  11. One of my favorite quotes from the book. I cannot picture Iyatil having spindly arms, I I think she is tough.
  12. Inadara was on the Shattered Pains with Shallan looking for the Oathgate and Iyatil was in the war camps trying to kill Amaram. Unless she can transport herself she is not the same person.
  13. I think you are onto something big here. I think it has something to do with why there are no spren in Shinovar as well. Possibly it is linked to the Bondsmith stuff we get to read soon. If they are held in their forms, they become static. Rushu mentions it in WoR when they are testing conjoined fabrials after Szeth tries to kill Dalinar the first time.
  14. I don't think they will clash too much because Jasnah takes people as they are with no illusions. Look at her interaction with Liss, she has a pragmatic approach to human interaction.
  15. I think Lopen will level up for sure. Hope he has a spren as cheeky as he is.