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  1. What year is mistborn era 2 based on I was thinking 1913 The furthest they could be is 1920 in my opinion does anyone know ?
  2. Is wax a stronger allomancer than normal his ancestors our Breeze and allrianne Who are both full nobles so his blood is a little bit less diluted than normal right so maybe he’s a little bit stronger than a regular coin shot not much but just enough to give him a little bit of a edge when he’s fighting what do you guys think ?
  3. Why Are there no Mistborns in era 2 they speak of them like they’re mythological are there really no Mistborns or are they just really secretive The time jump between era one and two is 300 years which sounds like A lot but compare to the first Mistborns it’s really not that Long by the time of the events of era 1 it’s already been 1000 years since the first Mistborns and between that time they did not die out so it doesn’t make sense for there to be no more Mistborns in era 2 especially since Sazed made spook a Mistborn I would’ve assumed he would have made him an undiluted Mistborn like Elend I just feel like 300 years is not long enough for them to die out
  4. before I start I have only read Stormlight and mistborn so does aluminum work on Roshar The same way it works on Scadrial I think there’s reference to it in the books I don’t remember where but would a aluminum knife or weapon completely negate the powers of a radian is aluminum like a universal thing in the cosmere or is it only a mistborn thing I still don't understand investiture that much but does it have to do with that ?
  5. rhythm of war spoilers

    OK before I start spoilers for a rhythm of war so what’s going on with adolin it’s obvious in the book that Maya is getting better so what does that mean for adolin well he become a radian maybe a edgedancer Since Maya is a cultivation spren Or maybe something else it seems like in the book he doesn’t want to become a radiant I don’t know what do you guys think
  6. SPOILERS!!! For Stormlight archive and missborn i’m sure there’s already A lot of posts about this but how is honor Dead are they talking about the host or the power is honor Dead in the way that preservation was dying where the host died but the power was still there so Sazed’s could take it can someone still take up the power of honor is it actually possible to kill the power of a shard
  7. Not really a question I was just wondering what’s everyone’s favorite character in Stormlight and why are they your favorite character i’m interested in seeing the replies that is all
  8. What does the in universe Way of kings Book look like for example is it a Big tome or is it just an average book
  9. No I didn’t thank you i’m still trying to figure out how to navigate the 17thshard
  10. Ok I am confused I just listened to the Dawnshard audiobook which was really good by the way but one problem I still don’t understand what The Dawnshard is maybe I’m just missing something can someone try to explain it to me please if anyone knows
  11. Oh sorry for the mistake I’ll remember that next
  12. can Knights radiance dual wield they can willingly change the shape of their shard blade so maybe they can split it into two different things like a sword and shield or two short swords thoughts ? I think it could be possible
  13. Hi this is my first post so bear with me if I get a few things wrong but I had a thought is the fourth ideal specific two the knights radiant Who says it cuz when kaladin said it it sounded very specific to his character thoughts ?
  14. Can someone please explain dalinar’s powers to me they still really confused