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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Guys, you realize it's not hard to play with weird time sigs. The biggest issue is counting rests. Otherwise you just count the notes on the page and it's easy. Tubist out.
  3. Fellow 17th sharders, I need your help. The situation is dire. The very Universe could be at stake. Your mission is...
  4. I'll take a look if I can find a copy and see if that's what I'm thinking of.
  5. What do you do when you sometimes feel like you're only going to hurt the person you're with?
  6. I don't have whichever book it was in, but I thought he specifically said blueprints. Maybe not though.
  7. Considering Ryshadium are sapient, I don't think even for a windrunner their useless. Giant sapient horses would definitely be helpful in combat. Even more so if they can benefit from their radiant's surges at all.
  8. I would like to add that Sazed tried this, and it really didn't work. People lose their drive to learn new things when they have comfort and become complacent. Northern Scadrial had just barely begun to see improvements by the end of W&W and still hadn't done anything with the supposed blueprints of non-magical aircraft he gave them in the Words of Founding.
  9. I read some of his stuff, but I prioritize Cosmere and only read other stuff if it sounds interesting and not too childish, so no Cytoverse or Alcatraz for me.
  10. Is this thread to late to revive? I'd like to join this club.
  11. I finished TLM!

    I'll write up a final thoughts status in all spoilers later.

    1. Lego Mistborn

      Lego Mistborn

      I had over 2,000 email from the shard over my vacancy.

  12. I don't think this actually implies he was talking to Scadrial, especially since another character(a Lumaran not an offworlder) was the one who mentioned death. I did fine the quote you were talking about that implies they are a group. Darn those English speakers who stopped using "Thou" and caused this confusion. I put that bit in spoilers because it references unreleased content, might want to be careful with that and other spoilers. I think First of the Sun is a great guess, now that you've pointed this out, but it's probably a mixed group, because there are too many references to a variety of planets. For Mistborn:
  13. A forward, if this is in the wrong spot, my apologies, I haven't yet finished TLM(I'm reading it book club style) so I didn't want to put it in the TLM and TotES board, to protect myself from spoilers, but if a mod needs to move it there, please do. As Brandon has said at one point, we might be able to make guesses as to who the audience of TotES is. This will have spoilers for Mistborn(Possibly up until Wax and Wayne) and SA(only book one), and if you haven't read TWoK, you shouldn't try to read this, as everything, and I mean everything, is locked behind spoilers. It is my goal to present my best guess, and the reasoning behind it, so without further ado, let's begin. Timeframe We can use clues from the text to determine a range of time the story could be told. Spoilers for Mistborn This definitely implies that an amount of time has passed since the end of Era I Location Again clues help to figure this out, but I've noticed some conflicting pieces of evidence. Minor, mostly worldbuilding, spoilers for SA Personality Finally, now that I've determined where and when I think the story is being told, I will explain who I think it is being told to. This quote is likely directed at someone who is not a Worldbringer, seeing as Hoid doesn't say "us" , but Hoid also wouldn't tell a story without a reason, so maybe he was training someone to be similar... Spoilers for SA Thank you for reading this mess, tell me what you think, feel free to debate me(cough cough, FrustrationI'mNotGoingToTagYouBecauseIDon'tKnowIfYou'veHadAChanceToReatTotESYetButPleaseDoFeelFreeToDebateOrDisproveMe, cough cough) or just tell me I'm awesome.
  14. Zephyr spores turn in to explosive puffs of blue air when they are given water, that's probably what the smoke is.