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  1. Indeed. I'm not smart enough to use words like albeit, but still, welcome.
  2. Hey, thanks for the summery, 'preciate it. @Warmacky
  3. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this (I know, people say that a lot, I'm sorry) but I was wondering some more about how this works. Like, is there a specific format or whatever for submissions? Are we reading stuff, or writing it? Are we posting entire books, or just chapters? Where would things be posted/submitted? Etc. Sorry, I probably could have found this info somewhere but I'm not a super patient person so I'm asking you guys.
  4. Yeah, I'm hoping for an ebook.
  5. So, question. If I were to put the metalmind outside the slowness bubble, while remaining inside it... would that work? Is the Slowness bubble boarder clear enough for that to be possible?
  6. You might be right, but I was under the impression that the bible made it so that in reality time was moving much faster than it seemed to be for you. Like stress said she could use it to make waiting for stuff easier, because an entire day could feel like a few hours. So wouldn't that make it so that when I was filling my metalmind, a lot of time was passing, but it didn't feel like a lot of time was passing? Again, I could be wrong about this.
  7. I'm still hoping it's something more surprising, and creepy, that spooked them. But this theory does sound plausible.
  8. So, my question was prompted by something Brandon Sanderson said a long time ago. Questioner: Have we seen Hemalurgy on any planet besides Scadrial? Brandon Sanderson: I believe that you have, yes. I don't think you guys will find it, it's not something that's meant to be obvious. Well I, (being me) took that as a challenge, and after searching long and hard, I finally believe I've found it. In the novella "Sixth of the Dusk" The birds on "First of the Sun" are thought to have magical abilities, but later in the novella it turns out the abilities are granted by parasites that infest the birds' food. By definition parasites have to piece the skin, so I feel like this could be a subtle form of hemalurgy. What do you think, Do you guys have any better ideas? Other theories?
  9. Okay, I may be late to the party here, but I wanted to say that my personal favorite combo, is a Steelrunner-Pulser, or a Rioter-Slider. Now it's time to back up my decisions. Firstly, you'll notice I choose Pulser as an Alloymantic ability, which is an unconventional choice. You forget that this metal only seems week, because people think of it only in the context of alloymancy, but I am both a misting AND a ferring. (In this scenario.) Steelrunners are awesome, and fun, and the only drawback is the days you have to store your speed. Wouldn't it be nice if I could speed up personal time so that it felt like I was storing speed for a few minutes, but really it was much longer? Oh wait... I can! (Because of the pulser ability.) It's kinda the most awesome combo of all time. Now for my other combo. This one is less combo-ish, and more just awesome. My alloymantic choice was rioter, which again, is kind of unpopular next to the other abilities. (If you know me you know I can't take the popular route.) But beyond that, the ability carried by rioters, is honestly underestimated. Rioters can enflame emotions. Now, let's not get the wrong idea here. That ability is AWESOME. Have you ever watched a great movie, or read a great book and just felt that feeling of pure hope/joy? I can tell you, it's a great feeling. And if you're a great speaker, (Like myself.) (I'm also kidding.) (Mostly.) Then you are trying to give people those feelings with your words anyway, and you have a shortcut. You can recruit other listings to your cause using the power of your persuasion. As for the feruchimal ability, if I can't be a pulser, then I want a metalmind that is equally powerful when it is being filled, or tapped. As far as I can tell, this is the only metalmind with that benefit. (Besides Bendalloy metalminds maybe.) Also people might make the argument that steel is the most powerful misting ability, but why would you jump around on coins, when you can literally just jump, if you reduce your weight enough. Which you can reduce infinitely because metalminds! So, did I just blow you guy's minds? Or is someone going to one-up me, with even better arguments. (Sorry for any typos in the message above. We'll say they were intentional though, meant to add character to my message.)
  10. That does indeed sound pretty terrible. I can see why nobody wants that.
  11. Definitely... Could someone please explain the "Child Champion" theory to me? Haha.
  12. Eh, it was clever enough. I like your username!
  13. Hey, I just wanted to throw this poll up here, so we can see things like: Which Stormlight Archive book is the most popular, and which Knight Radiant orders people think they'd be in and such. Have fun! (It's on google forms, but you don't even have to be logged in to gmail to vote. I decided to do that instead of a 17th shard poll so that non-forum members could vote.) Vote on the poll here! (Keep all responses family friendly of course! Your responces will be public, but nothing else will be recoreded, including who said what.)
  14. I have arrived! That makes me cool! :)
  15. This was a super well put together argument. I completely agree.