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  1. What a great series, I'm glad you've come across it. I have opinions about certain things, but I'll save those for later. Enjoy your reading!
  2. Those.^ Enough said. (Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3 is also on my list, though I'm nervous about that one.)
  3. Hm, how sad. Interesting how some of the symbols changed across eras, that's why I didn't recognize the SoS leather-bound. Awesome stuff though.
  4. So something has been driving me crazy lately, and I don't see a topic for this. What is the allomantic metal on the Shadows of Self leather-bound. I can't find it on the chart, yet I KNOW I've seen it before and it will bother me forever if someone doesn't tell me. I know that the Final Empire leather-bound has Iron (assumedly because it's the metal Vin uses to pull the bands of mourning out of the Lord Ruler's arm) The Well of Ascension leather-bound has Steel, (Probably the most used metal, don't need a reason for this.) And the hero of Ages leather-bound has Tin on the cover. (Cause spook obviously.) But then the Alloy of Law has Pewter, which doesn't make a ton of sense given that there's only like one pewterarm in that book and I don't even remember his name, and I don't recognize the symbol on Shadows of Self leather-bound. So please, help me out here. Also let me be the first to say, the Mistborn leather-bounds, especially the new ones, are gorgeous. Possibly the most beautiful creations known to man. I am so happy I was able to get a signed and numbered one, and I am so exited to get that.
  5. I completely agree here, though I could see Andor as the setup to finding hope, which I think would work for me. I just feel like we need Cassian to actually start caring about something, and right now it feels like he doesn't if that makes sense.
  6. That's heartbreaking. At least we get Loki Season 2 next year though.
  7. The Dark Knight and The Prestige are my favorite CN movies, and both are very interesting—though they feel kind of like opposites in theme. And yes, the man is a genius of sorts.
  8. Yep that was great. Really looking forward to season 2.
  9. The gargantuan baby killer bunny built a castle out of mini m&ms and tasty chickens, but they exploded violently when eaten by Aragorn the Flatulent who was very hungry for someone chubby to eat, thus, Galdor dragons endeavored earnestly to eavesdrop on elastic food that's trying to prey on all evil bunnies but instead are turning illiterate because my unknown schemes.
  10. I morph into a unicorn which also doesn't exist, so abstractly me and Telrao are in the same place. I proceed to confiscate the sandwich. And cast a spell which protects me from monocles. Just in case.
  11. You are all arresting people without following the proper parliamentary procedure. Everyone who was arrested is now free due to my insane lawyer skills. I then obtain an arrest warrant, using probable cause and witness testimony, then I read Wandering Wizard his rights, and send an officer of the law to handcuff him. I take the sandwich and submit it to evidence. Little do the officers know, it was actually one of the decoy sandwiches from Primeval Chaos' transmogrifier, and I take the real sandwich for my own personal connection.
  12. I use selective and borderline magical magnets to pull you down from the sky using the metal in your body. I take the sandwich and escape via the night.
  13. Luckily this is one in 14,000,604 outcomes where you do not get the sandwich. You forget to do all the stupid and borderline impossible things you have to do to actually succeed, and I get the sandwich by default. I hide in a homeless shelter because all my money went in to a ProSandwich+ subscription which turned out to be a scam. I am now hungry and my only food is the sandwich, so taking it from me might cause me to die. I use the power of guilt-trips as my protection.
  14. Yay, equal rights! I love dustbringers!