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  1. Of all the magic systems in the Cosmere, AonDor comes closest to D&D arcane spellcasting in its power and wide range of effects.
  2. I wasn't expecting this to be the cosmere book where we actually met a dragon.
  3. Kelsier held the shard of Preservation, so any metal created or generated during that brief time should still be Lerasium. Harmonium is different because the Shard in question is different.
  4. The excerpts have been released after 10am Mountain Time USA. We should find out in about an hour and a half.
  5. said that preview chapters would be released until the book is released. Since the book's release date is the 15th of this month, I would imagine there will be 2 more posts. That's how it was done on the previous Wax and Wayne book.
  6. The book will be released on the 15th of this month. They said these posts would continue until the release. Therefore, I would imagine there will be two more posts (on the 7th and the 14th).
  7. Brandon has said that the god-metals do not correspond to any metals found in our universe. For example, harmonium/ettmetal is not cesium or any other alkali metal, even though it shares the property of extreme reactivity.
  8. "Today, he’d have given almost anything to be someone else. MeLaan, wearing that fetching body—they were all fetching, honestly—led him through the entry hall to a small private sitting room on the other side." Uh, one of MeLaan's body is a dog, Wayne. Are you trying to tell us something?......
  9. Maybe Harmony wants Wax to spike himself with Harmonium and Trellium so that he can have a conference with Wax and Trell.
  10. Looking at the sword's hilt, its design is very much like the Windrunners' glyph. It's not exactly the same, but quite similar.
  11. Apparently the blade being pure white is done so that the sword's design is easier for the sculptors to see. It's not necessarily the sword's actual color.
  12. “The ash comes again,” the man said through bloody lips, his voice strangely grating. “The world will fall to it. You will get what you deserve, and all will wither beneath a cloud of blackness and a blanket of burned bodies made ash.”..... “Your end,” the voice whispered. “Your end comes. Either in ash, or at the hands of the men of gold and red. Gold and—” This is definitely another Death Rattle.
  13. Did anyone else notice that the trellium spike repelled itself from the other three spikes (as if it had a magnetic charge of some kind)? I think this might be a hint that Trell is an avatar of Autonomy (wanting to stand apart from others).
  14. I loved the story in the broadsheet about Handerwym suing Allomancer Jak. I'm curious about what "Evanoplays" are. Could they be a primitive form of movie?
  15. It looks exactly like a pterodactyl.