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  1. Listening to him read it, all I could think about is Michael Kramer reading this in Hoid's voice. I knew they want to reach out to different to different narrators but I hope they let this come to pass. I know its a small sample but it just made me that much more excited to dig into it!
  2. to be honest I have had a kinda hard time with them. I need to just go back to the beginning and start watching from there. I get lost on all the words of Brandon being a little newer to the fandom. Not enough time in the day it seems.
  3. So I discovered Sanderson about a year ago and have consumed everything I can get my hands on as far as the cosmere is concerned. I am so use to finding an author and being all caught up within a couple of months but Brandon has made this a challenge. I look forward to becoming more involved with the community as I am 100% bought in! I just happened to stumble across the 17th shard on youtube and don't know how I haven't found this earlier.