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  1. They had little to no understanding of it. The first one they come across was after the train hijacking, when they stole it from that one Leecher. I believe they found out by accident, when Marasi accidentally made a speed bubble around them with it. I don't think you really need any intent here; all you need to do is burn your metal and then toss it away.
  2. A Lurcher could potentially charge the grenade and toss it in-between two opponents carrying metal. The cube would be drawn to one of the people, because of the comparative masses, but the subsequent chaos of all the metal nearby being pulled to a single point seems hilarious. The way it's been used so far, I believe, has been just chucking it into a crowd to throw things around. But if you were to throw the grenade and, at the same time, a group of ball bearings, you could use it offensively. I believe that it is Allomantic, instead of Feruchemical, so Wayne wouldn't be able to give it his healing ability... that said, it's interesting that the grenades contain an element of Feruchemy (the charging of the grenade, similar to the filling of a metalmind) but for Allomantic purpouses. There very well could be a Feruchemical form of this somewhere- imagine the effect of a sudden burst of healing or speed in a whole group of people.
  3. Rule 506. Try to disassociate as much as possible, as your fatality chance is directly proportional to how many people know you. Rule 507. If, in the process of following rule 53, someone approaches you wishing to be your apprentice, refuse them (see rule 21). Rule 508. Try to have as boring a job as possible- be a cobbler or a cooper. Rule 509. If you find yourself unable to follow rule 55, have a traveling job such as a bard or storyteller. Rule 510. Give as many potential protagonists quests as possible to ensure that that protagonist will never see you again.
  4. Generally speaking, when you Steelpush or Ironpull, you're push/pulling on the center of mass of the object. My question is if the inverse is true as well- when an Allomancer Steelpushes, does the push come from their center of mass? I've looked it up on the coppermind, and it says that the push originates from the user's "Center of Self", which seems to imply that that's the case, but it also says that that has ties to the user's Cognitive and Spiritual aspects, which basically means it could be anywhere. The reason this has been on my mind is the instances of Allomancers pulling coins into their hand from the ground or grabbing a tool from across the room, which would imply some control over where the objects are pulled to. If a coin is below your hand but above your chest when you pull on it, does it go to your hand? Your chest? Do you decide?