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  1. An interesting thought. I'll have to go back and read the Maya scene again to see if there are parallels to the oaths.
  2. Is Auxiliary a windspren? If not, what kind of spren/entity are they?
  3. Recall they have some sort of invested power source that seems to give off a lot of heat. Could probably be used to fuel smelting technology of some kind. Lots of people might already live there and have pushed them out? Also, the foodstock plants might not grow there well if they have to compete with all the trees and have less access to invested sunlight.
  4. Quite possible... but then why don't we see Hoid use this same method? He seems to need perpendicularities to worldhop like everyone else. At least he did in Mistborn Era 1. But yeah, like you mentioned the surges work differently for each order, basically depending on what other surge they're paired with. This is why Dalinar can't fly around with adhesion the same way Kaladin can.
  5. Possible. i think the fan consensus is that this refers to Adonalsium, since he had all of the shardic powers he could truly be said to "know everything" (or at least as close as you can get in the Cosmere). Any shard, while powerful, must be at least 1/16th of his power/knowledge.
  6. Who knows? I doubt he'll be able to spring something like this again, but man. The more Cosmere the better, I feel. As long as he finishes it.
  7. He also talked about his reaction to Princess Bride on the podcast, one of his inspirations for SP 1. He's definitely been seeding stuff. I wonder if they released any of them out of order to make sure they got out before the SPs were revealed.
  8. Intriguing. I'll check it out.
  9. Alternatively, he could being sarcastic. That's the tone I got from Auxiliary. More like Syl and less like Pattern.
  10. We've seen some weirdness like this with Shallan, but she bonded two Cryptics, so I imagine it would be quite different with different types of spren. I think it makes a bit more sense timeline/logistics wise if he "bonds" Aux after losing his first spren, but could be completely wrong.
  11. Ah. I interpreted that more as the shades being super dangerous in the CR, but I could be totally off.
  12. What specifically are you referring to? I don't recall that bit.
  13. Ooo! Hadn't thought of that angle! Since Sigzil is now highly Invested himself from the Dawnshard, perhaps he could serve as the source of the bond? Doesn't quite clear everything up... but its intriguing. I still think Aux is not a Windspren even if the bond is sort of reversed like this. Makes the "What Oaths?" question from Aux more interesting.
  14. Good points. Still, Sigzil is a particularly analytically minded Rosharan and even in these chapters uses terms like shade and Awakening to specifically refer to other invested entities/arts. I think Sigzil at least would use the correct term. Also, a Cognitive Shadow able to form as a physical shardblade/tool would be completely out of left field. I could buy something like a Seon doing it perhaps, but a Cognitive Shadow would be a hard sell. But yeah, could definitely be a completely different thing from the Nahel bond we've seen so far.
  15. I hadn't connected that. Good thoughts!