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  1. Yeah that is a great theory
  2. Wow, I never knew this.
  3. I was thinking alot score the minecaft1.19 update and I realized this. Minecraft used one of Sandersons mythical creatures the spren. Here is my evidence. Minecraft renamed it the allay. First the bond you cannot kill it. Second and greatest the finding things syl goes along helping bridge 4 get the weed. And the allay if you give it an item it will find many of them. I think it proves that Mojang used Sanderson's idea of spren.
  4. I read it in about a week
  5. This is a great point. Do you think fourth ideal kaladin could have met this challenge. Well minus most of the shards
  6. I found a loophole in Adolin's most impressive duel. Adolin only said one other person could fight against him. He said "you and anyone who will fight me" he could have exploited that word. By saying he meant any one person.
  7. I don't think that space/time applies to delvers
  8. LOL telsin is nobodys favorite
  9. I'll have to say wayne i love his attitude and his humor
  10. Who is your favorite era 2 character.
  11. We use so much Aluminum everyday while the poor era 2 folks would literally kill for an ounce of it. Proof that we use a lot of Aluminum:We throw it away, we make cans out of it and then throw it away. Why dont we try to show the era 2 folks how to easily make it.
  12. Yeah they would buy them for all their kids
  13. Perfect, because you can store the Wikipedia on a less-than a pound ssd but you'd have to also bring a full on computer.
  14. No, 1000 lbs is the maximum weight.
  15. If you could bring one thing to era 2 what would you bring if you had 1000 lbs of stuff you can bring.