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  1. Went and saw it with Kchan and a few friends, was definitely not disappointed. I knew it was going to be good, and thankfully it was GREAT.
  2. How the heck did you see? o__o
  3. I give legendary hugs.
  4. For our dear Chaos: Maths
  5. I would like to announce that my new phone is arriving monday. Samsung Galaxy SIII. So tasty..
  6. Someone got called a Gnat one too many times..
  7. Those things could rip a tank apart!!
  8. So when do we conduct our first sting operation against those shellfish redacteds?
  9. Attention world: I am now a Knight Radiant! I intend to use this power for the greater good, upholding justice....and of course, for awesome.

  10. I will try to find something non-damaging enough to feel comfortable chucking at you, Kchan XD. I miss you around here too, like I do everyone who swung by. Reader: I don't have anything for you yet, I apologize. My creative mind is unfortunately not a faucet, I can't just turn a knob and pour out some epic for you just as much as I can't shut my brain off when I want some peace and quiet.
  11. From above or by foot, the camp largely appeared to be nothing particularly exciting. Somewhat strange individuals practiced relatively mundane methods of entertaining people with nothing better to do with their time and money, beasts were goaded into petty stunts, and so on. One area in particular, however, stuck out like the proverbial sore thumb. Primarily because it was heavily guarded, and by that meaning there WERE guards, unlike the great majority of the rest of the camp, but also due to it being somewhat removed from the rest of said camp. One wagon, mostly unadorned, save for heavy iron barring securing thick wooden planks on all sides of it. And occasionally, it would rock, as if whatever was contained within it was thrashing about.
  12. White Knight Chronicles II. So awesome.
  13. I think you're placing an undue amount of emphasis on your gender, personally. Does it really matter what anyone's gender is when it comes to enjoying an author's work? You love Brandon's stuff, that's great, so do we! The fact that Comatose is Canadian, I'm psychic crystal, and Chaos is a hemalurgically spiked pandamonkey that's obsessed with math is just fluff to the fact that we're all here to share in our love of Brandon together. It reminds me of this player on an online game I enjoy, whose entire 'identity' revolves around the fact that he's black. And boy is he ever! You best not forget he's black, even for an instant! Because he's black! It's sort of frustrating talking to him, because he's apparently obsessed with something that's completely inconsequential to the enjoyment of the media. As for 'recruiting'...Just let your friends borrow a book? Let the works speak for themselves, since no amount of praising will sell someone like actually experiencing it will.
  14. I would like to announce that Brandon freakin' Sanderson likes the concept behind my Forum RP/Story, and the races it contains. This makes me feel SO much better about my capability as a writer, you have NO idea XD
  15. You are officially declared awesome for: The Master!! Just finished Biscuit Hammer, so good XD

  16. And I'm gonna go ahead and ask completely oddball questions, because I am me and therefore must. 1: Are there any plans for a world where the magic system operates through devices that transform and empower individuals with spectacular abilities? Like...say...a belt with an ornate buckle...a bracer..things like that? 2: I've heard tell of an upcoming book where the magic is based on forging. This excites me greatly, and I was wondering if you could give us just a smidge more information regarding it? Either the world, the magic itself, or how it impacts said world? Though something like the Shard behind it would be awesome too.. 3: What's your opinion on golems/constructs/robots? The Lifeless are a somewhat similar concept, but I was curious as to whether there's a world in the Cosmere that might have a more classical take on ye ol' fantasy standby guardian, or are Awakened suits of armor as close as we can get? Is the Future Mistborn trilogy going to have Anti-Allomancer Alluminaughts? 4: Unrelated to the Cosmere, simply from one guy who fancies himself a writer now and again to a wildly successful author I respect deeply; I run a forum RP here on the site called Seeking The Eternal Conflux, and it would pretty much make my year to hear your opinion on the concept and Races I've constructed thus far, and whether or not it's a foundation for a compelling story. That's all from this chunk of psychic crystal, thanks again for all the wonderful reads so far, Mr. Sanderson. I'm practically salivating waiting to get my hands on Stormlight 2.
  17. Kinda sorta basically back. Again. Life is finally starting to stabilize some after the Great Migration of 2012, so maybe I can finally get back into the swing of things and do stuff like...oh, I dunno. Post on MBI..run my poor little EC...stuff like that.
  18. Love this comic.
  19. After a bit of searching about, it was not too hard for Arron to find something that would suffice for a banner. There was enough garishly colorful rubbish about to tie together several different combinations that were not already in use. ((OoC: It's perfectly alright, everyone's been pretty busy; myself included. Hopefully we'll be able to rekindle this fire in the near future. ))
  20. Off the top of my head, I would break the association of Wood-Body with Speed and Metal-Body with Regeneration. Plant-matter isn't exactly known for its swiftness, and ore veins don't replenish much at all, though I'm not as certain of that. You would be better off associating Wood-Body with Regeneration (the ability of plants to re-grow under even harsh circumstances), Fire-Body with Speed (heat excites most molecules, after all), and Metal-Body with perhaps....resilience to toxins/poisons/infection? Metal can't be poisoned/diseased, after all. As for Wood-Thought...perhaps clarity of thought? The tranquility of the natural world, allowing one to expand one's awareness and see things in a new light? Just some stuff off the top of my head.
  21. I would like to announce that I have completed my journey to the magical land of storms and lizards, aka Florida. Kchan now has a sparkly new roommate XD
  22. Hello and welcome, friends and fellow seekers of adventure! If you're reading this, that obviously means you're interested in Seeking the Eternal Conflux!....That, or you've been clicking at random and reading whatever pops up. Either way, the purpose of this thread is to provide valuable information for anyone participating (or hoping to participate) in the RP. Here you'll find helpful links, a glossary of nonstandard terms, a map (eventually >.>) of Alteiryn, and whatever other useful tidbits I can think of to throw in! Oh, and rules, of course. Those are kind of important. Rules and Regulations Style: EC is run in the Third Person Limited Viewpoint, Past Tense. First person is acceptable for dialogue and internalized thoughts (Which should be italicized for coherence sake) only. "Del Kahnis glided down the corridor, icy glare observing the researchers with scrutiny. No doubt they had hear she was coming, and were working that much harder for it. I see my reputation precedes me.." Characters: Feel free to make as many as you like, adhering to the Template here! For the time being, characters will be organized into one thread after they are submitted and approved, but my hope is that eventually I can just use a subforum for them. Remember, characters are not gods, and are not the only characters that 'matter'. There's a reason the template has both strengths AND weaknesses. Nobody is (or should be) good at everything. Basically, no godmodding please! I also will not be requiring a separate account for every character, as that would be a bit much. Instead, if multiple characters are going to be in the same post, use the character's name (coded up a bit for distinction) as a header between the individual viewpoints. Alternatively, if you have the skill or know someone who does, you can make a 'post header' image to place there instead. Conduct: It bears repeating, so again, no godmodding. If you're not familiar with common RP lingo, it's defined above. Don't post like your character(s) are invincible and perfect. Don't treat your fellow players like crap, either. We're all here to have a good time, so follow the Golden Rule. No flaming, no insulting/picking apart characters belonging to someone else, and no trying to force someone into playing a character in a way they wouldn't. I might not be an admin, but I AM the boss of this RP. At your first major infraction (Godmodding, flaming), you will be warned and must edit the offending post/give the offended party an apology. Second time I catch you playing God or bullying the other players, you will be suspended for a week from the RP. If for some strange reason I have to bring the hammer down a third time, your character(s) will be fed to the Ohnyrek, and I will not look at any further applications by you until such a time that you've proven you can be a decent human being. If you attempt to circumvent me because I am not, in fact, an admin and post anyway, I will edit your postings with extreme prejudice. If the situation is bad enough, I will not hesitate to contact the Admins, either. Posting: Obviously, with Alteiryn being such a large place, and the world around it larger still, it's a bit unfeasible for everything and everyone to be in one single thread. That'd be a mess to read through. Instead, I'll be posting a Discussion/Planning thread so we can organize threads between certain characters, and arguably a Continuity thread to keep track of what's going/what's gone on. When creating a thread, if you only want certain characters 'present', put their names in brackets either as part of the title or in the topic description so that other players know whether or not they can post there. If it's just going to be your character(s), use [Closed], and if it's a free-for-all thread, use [Open] or merely leave out the character 'tagging'. Also, try not to double-post unless the sheer immensity of text cannot fit inside one post or it is a closed thread. If you need to make a change, use the 'Edit' function, and try to do so before anyone replies to avoid confusion and possibly OTHER edits. If this can't be avoided, at least PM the other players concerned so they know something changed. Obviously this doesn't need to happen for edits to fix typographical errors. Terminology Alteiryn- The primary landmass of the known quarter of the world of Xanthuru. It extends through the northern hemisphere, ranging from temperate plains, hills, forests, mountains, and frozen tundras in its topmost regions. It is populated by a wide array of creatures both sentient and non, the landscape dotted with fantastic kingdoms and ancient ruins half-buried in deep forests or underground. A handful of islands sit below its southern shores, and to the east lies the country of Masrah. Altey- The 'common' language spoken amongst the diverse races of the continent. Channel- The act of drawing forth the power of the Ley Lines to manifest an effect. Eternal Conflux- A fabled location where all the Ley Lines of the world converge into one singularity of power incomprehensible. It is said that to find the Eternal Conflux is to wield the power to make one's wildest dreams reality, and as such it is widely sought after. Its location remains unknown, and while theories abound there is no solid evidence of the legendary location's existence. This does little to dissuade those who would seek its power, though. Focus- An object specifically crafted to aid in the channeling of Ley Energy. Ley Line- A conduit of usually-invisible mystic energy which can be draw upon and shaped by the will of the user to fantastic ends. They are believed to span the entire globe, but precious few have been mapped thus far. Leyht- A commonly used term for the mystic energy of a Ley Line. Masrah- A neighboring country but a few short weeks sailing from Alteiryn, Masrah is primarily composed of sandy dunes and the rare oasis, a harsh environment that has significantly affected the inhabitants there, some of which are believed to be related to races on Alteiryn. Relations between the two lands remain friendly, fueled by trade primarily of spices and silks. Node- The point where two or more Ley Lines cross paths, creating an ambient zone of greater power. Large towns and kingdoms are generally founded upon such locations, and wars have been fought over their control. Tidbits of Useful Information Little bits and pieces of random information that may prove of minor worth to playing an effective EC character. I'll expand on this one especially as more comes to light. Xanethi fashion trends are currently favoring straps, laces and, ties over buttons, hooks, and other such fasteners. In garments where function is less important than form, such straps and lacing are oftentimes superfluous and bear colorful beads at the intersections of strings or enameled 'caps' over crossed straps. Apparently causing ones clothing to emulate a Line Network is 'in' this year. If you are playing an Ohnyrek, remember; Strength and skill are the sole determining factors of ranking in your culture. If you have new-found traveling companions, make sure to establish the pecking order early on. This does NOT mean 'beat up your party-mates'. Challenge them to a footrace, an arm-wrestling match, boulder-toss, or even a drinking contest. If you win, make appropriate note of it with a horn-ornament...(hornament?). If you should somehow lose, offer an ornament as a token of respect. Conversely, if you find yourself traveling WITH an Ohnyrek, expected to be challenged in a fashion similar to those mentioned above. You can safely refuse a challenge twice. If the third challenge is refused, expect to be considered 'No Horn' by that individual Ohnyrek, a term equivalent to them as "Chicken-livered, yellow-bellied, gutless wretch of a pathetic coward". Expect to be looked down upon (in the metaphysical sense) and completely disrespected at every possible turn in such a situation. It is far easier to outwit an Ohnyrek than out-muscle, so in the event of a challenge where you have to put up with that particular Ohnyrek for an extended amount of time, try and steer it towards a contest where being the strongest doesn't naturally assure victory. Do NOT refuse the offered ornament should you win, regardless of how tacky or disgusting it might be. That's considered dishonoring them, which will immediately send them into a fit of rage. If you lose, be prepared to part with some small trinket or another. Even an oddly-shaped rock will appease an Ohnyrek if you make it sound important enough. Never offer a Berylanx, regardless of subtype, cut flowers. Imagine how you would feel if someone offered you a bouquet of your grandparents' limbs. Offering a potted plant is acceptable, but avoid offering seeds of any type...unless you're actually of a mind to make good on what is apparently an expression of intent to mate. If you are, Master Researcher Hasen Lerin would love to hear from you on whether your two species are compatible. If, in your travels, you happen upon an unusual device, weapon, or garment, resist the urge to play with it. Not all artifacts stand up well to the test of time, and you can never tell how it will react until properly analyzed. This also holds true for any creature you might stumble upon that you are not intimately familiar with. Yes, it might LOOK cute and fluffy, but all that fur could be hiding toxic spines for all you know. Remember, a cautious adventurer is a living one! Currency: Because of the fact that the most mine-worthy areas of Alteiryn are inhabited and guarded by hermetic xenophobes, gold and other precious ores are in rather short supply, further inflating their value. This makes it impossible to rely on the 'traditional' currency system of Copper-Silver-Gold, and Xanethi culture has evolved past the point of bartering (again) for most transactions. Instead, they employ a system of clay chips in three denominations. The recipes for these clays are highly coveted and heavily guarded, and an individual kingdom's currency is backed by their gold, jewels, and artifact values. Because of this, there is a discrepancy between currency values, leading to a thriving money-changing and bazaar business. The three denominations are as follows: Pulsemark(Pulser)- The lowest denomination, the ore and mineral mix in this chip's clay causes it to rumble softly when channeled through. Fake Pulsers tend to break apart when checked for authenticity, exceptional forgeries cracking. Sparkmark(Sparkler)- The middle denomination, worth ten Pulsers, gives off colorful heat-less sparks when checked for authenticity through channeling. Forgeries often burn the fingers of the one checking it, and in rare cases catch aflame. Shinemark(Shimmer)- The highest denomination, worth ten Sparkles, or one hundred Pulsers, glows with a scintillating iridescence to show its worth. Fakes usually turn black as pitch.
  23. I hope so! That is what I'm going for, after all
  24. Totally possible. We just need to instigate a timeline, like Emer mentioned, so everything can be kept order for continuity sake. Probably going to adapt MBI's 'Cycle' idea.
  25. Bah, don't be afraid of the postcount! I just get info-dumpy sometimes XD. A lot of posts are just explanations of Mechanics and whatnot, what makes this world, this world. As for what to read, you're already in a good thread for some baseline info as well as the rules. Seeking The Eternal Conflux gives you a general breakdown of the 'point' and overarching theme of the RP. It was also the general Q&A thread until I made the General Chat thread. Still some decent info to be found in Seeking, though. Of Men and Magic is the 'bestiary' if you will. Where you'll find information on the various races of Xanthuru, or even try making one of your own! Character Template..um...pretty self explanatory XD. And finally..The Tolvera Incident is the backstory on the primary 'opening arc' of the RP, while Word Around Town Is..the place to find the supplementary 'side stories/filler arc fodder' or even add your own. Hope this helps, and happy to see you here!