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  1. Went and saw it with Kchan and a few friends, was definitely not disappointed. I knew it was going to be good, and thankfully it was GREAT.
  2. How the heck did you see? o__o
  3. I give legendary hugs.
  4. For our dear Chaos: Maths
  5. I would like to announce that my new phone is arriving monday. Samsung Galaxy SIII. So tasty..
  6. Someone got called a Gnat one too many times..
  7. Those things could rip a tank apart!!
  8. So when do we conduct our first sting operation against those shellfish redacteds?
  9. Attention world: I am now a Knight Radiant! I intend to use this power for the greater good, upholding justice....and of course, for awesome.

  10. I will try to find something non-damaging enough to feel comfortable chucking at you, Kchan XD. I miss you around here too, like I do everyone who swung by. Reader: I don't have anything for you yet, I apologize. My creative mind is unfortunately not a faucet, I can't just turn a knob and pour out some epic for you just as much as I can't shut my brain off when I want some peace and quiet.
  11. From above or by foot, the camp largely appeared to be nothing particularly exciting. Somewhat strange individuals practiced relatively mundane methods of entertaining people with nothing better to do with their time and money, beasts were goaded into petty stunts, and so on. One area in particular, however, stuck out like the proverbial sore thumb. Primarily because it was heavily guarded, and by that meaning there WERE guards, unlike the great majority of the rest of the camp, but also due to it being somewhat removed from the rest of said camp. One wagon, mostly unadorned, save for heavy iron barring securing thick wooden planks on all sides of it. And occasionally, it would rock, as if whatever was contained within it was thrashing about.
  12. White Knight Chronicles II. So awesome.
  13. I think you're placing an undue amount of emphasis on your gender, personally. Does it really matter what anyone's gender is when it comes to enjoying an author's work? You love Brandon's stuff, that's great, so do we! The fact that Comatose is Canadian, I'm psychic crystal, and Chaos is a hemalurgically spiked pandamonkey that's obsessed with math is just fluff to the fact that we're all here to share in our love of Brandon together. It reminds me of this player on an online game I enjoy, whose entire 'identity' revolves around the fact that he's black. And boy is he ever! You best not forget he's black, even for an instant! Because he's black! It's sort of frustrating talking to him, because he's apparently obsessed with something that's completely inconsequential to the enjoyment of the media. As for 'recruiting'...Just let your friends borrow a book? Let the works speak for themselves, since no amount of praising will sell someone like actually experiencing it will.
  14. I would like to announce that Brandon freakin' Sanderson likes the concept behind my Forum RP/Story, and the races it contains. This makes me feel SO much better about my capability as a writer, you have NO idea XD
  15. You are officially declared awesome for: The Master!! Just finished Biscuit Hammer, so good XD