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  1. A question in the recent spoiler stream regarding units of investiture got me thinking about this. We know that Kaladin and Szeth each are intuitively aware of Basic Lashings, that the first lashing removes your Spiritual Gravitational Connection to the planet below you, and it "falsifies" a similar Connection in the intended direction relative to the surgebinder. The question: Are all basic lashings equal? Does every Windrunner, Skybreaker, and any of their squires, use the same amount of stormlight to pull with the same gravitational force? We know that allomancers have different power levels based on how far removed they are from the introduction of lerasium into their lineage (also maybe how much lerasium? unsure), and that unkeyed metalminds can alter a person's ability to access and use investiture, sometimes even granting whole new abilities. Is there some defining characteristic, be it genetic, spiritual, or otherwise, that may alter a surgebinder's ability to use more stormlight, use stormlight more efficiently, or just have stronger (or weaker) effects?
  2. Well, first you'd have to be a feruchemist born in MaiPon on Sel, as only people born there, or with a bloodline connection to the area, can be forgers. Even so, this seems unlikely to me. We know that forging takes relatively little investiture, and is unable to effect other even lightly invested objects. So, let's assume the metalmind is empty. A soulstamp will only hold if the lie is plausible. You have to convince the object that this thing has happened to it. So, we will also assume that you've used this metal mind before, but it is now drained completely. With all this, we finally get to the main issue: where does the extra investiture you want to put into the metalmind come from? I could lie to a person and say that I poured water into their cup. I could even convince them that they were with me at the well earlier, and that's where I got the water. All of that breaks if the person looks into their cup, because it would still be empty. I do love a good attempt at power hacking, though.