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  1. I think nobody knows most of the his past except orijinal Bridge 4 members because Kal said Syl that he told so many things to them about himself while they are bridgers. Shallan knows most of the events from Amaram's betrayal to the chasms. And Adolin knows that he nearly killed Syl. I doubt he knows the details but it means Kal tells him somethings about his past. And when Moash told Navani Kal's Brother died because of Elhokar, Dalinar and Rashone, she looked surprised. So I assume that isn't a common knowledge.
  2. I already said maybe he will fly to Natanatan rather then Shinovar.
  3. Maybe It's not Highstorm, it's Everstorm. He races with Everstorm, that's why his Stormlight goes out. It is more likely that he has to go from Shinovar to Natanatan.
  4. If that's the fifth ideal, I'll be really disappointed.
  5. And in Oathbringer, Dalinar says to SF "can he keep one eye on Honorblade?" and SF says "he can only see the places where the storm passes, he can't see interiors" but Gavilar's SF watches out the door for him.
  6. in the end of the epilogue, Wit said they were following him. If not for espionage then why should they follow him?
  7. In the epilogue, Wit saw enlightened windsprens and he was sure they were spying for Sja-anat.
  8. We saw Sja-Anat uses her windsprens as spies at the end of RoW. Clearly Kaladin can command to armor's windsprens. So I wonder that is Kaladin can use his armor's windsprens as spies. Also I wonder about Jasnah's armor's spren. Is she can command to them or it's a windrunner thing?
  9. Kaladin's not a man he only met a few months ago. He is a man who saved him and his son and his 2600 soldiers just for good and his grudge against Amaram could be very understandble if he says true about Amaram. In addiction to, despite Amaram's good reputation Adolin and Jasnah doesn't trust and like him so Kaladin isn't only one in Dalinar's circle who doesn't like Amaram. And in the Sedeas thing, Adolin was right. So Dalinar could have shown more confidence in Kaladin's words about Amaram. Bu he didn't because he is only a darkeyed. I'm sure if Kaladin was a lighteyed it wouldn't be like this.
  10. I was making fun of people's lives being played with numbers. It's not math.
  11. Sanırım matematikte iyi değilsin. %25 şansın yok.
  12. I agree with your every word.
  13. I think by the end of the fifth book Odium will get rid of the Rosharan system.
  14. Hello. English isn't my native language. Actually i'm just learning so I hope I can explain my theory properly. According to my theory, somehow Odium will be released in the fifth book. And our characters will have to make a new oathpact for to save time. And it will be 5 new Heralds on the new oathpact. As for the starting point of my theory is the Kaladin's chapter gliph. There is 10 scratchs being erased and 5 spears on the Kaladin's chapter gliph. I think 10 scratchs being erased represent the old Herald and 5 spears represent the new Heralds. If my theory is true who do you think will be the new 5 Herald? I think they will be Kaladin (because it's his gliph), Jasnah, Lift (they will be main characters in Era 2) (I don't think Renarin will be), Adolin (Need someone non-Radiant), Shallan (I'm not sure. I added to fill in the blank)
  15. he is could be Ishar. A bondsmith can show the visions. In RoW Dalinar showed a vision to Kaladin.