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    I love music, mainly the band Surfaces! I love Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. I also love cookies:)
  1. Ok, I haven't checked the shard for weeks so I have no idea what's happening!! Also Hello
  2. Hey all! Just got back from school and thought I'd say "Hi!" So Hello! I just got to chapter 11 of Skyward, hopefully I can read more tonight.

  3. Exactly just like the band Surfaces said "Will you take me where the light is?"
  4. Thanks so much:)
  5. That's me:)
  6. Hey! Can I join the colorful ones?
  7. I just had one:)
  8. Hey all! I'm 2EmLee2 cousin and I have started Skyward and I love it! I'm already almost to chapter nine and I'm obsessed with the story line! though I almost cried at the end of the prologue I haven't been able to put the book down! I haven't read any other Sanderson books yet but I definitely plan on reading more!