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  1. She probably researched the theory behind all of it first and just made the soulstamp rather than spending ages practising said theory. She would already have the knowledge but not the physical aftereffects and muscle memory of the training. This wouldn't apply in this "forged memory" situation. However you could make an essence mark that contains the books for future use, to be used when you forget the contents of the book, sorta using soulstamps a bit like a budget coppermind
  2. I definitely think that compounding causes savantism, however: miles' immunity to pain is somewhat seen in wayne as well, so that could just as easily be a psychological thing due to how much bloodmakers get hurt and how badly they get hurt. as grim as it sounds, they probably get somewhat used to pain after a while.
  3. to make a soulstamp you need to know enough about what you're forging unless you knew the complete contents of all of the books you couldn't make the soulstamp
  4. you could potentially make a stamp to do the same effect to SOMEONE ELSE though
  5. one problem: you wouldn't have the memory of the contents of the book to replace when a memory is in a coppermind you don't have it in your mind, meaning you can't switch the contents of it with another book also i'm fairly sure that you'd need to know the contents of each book to do that, which would defeat the point of the forgery
  6. I devoured four burgers for Thursday.
  7. Granted. You can fly. You cannot come back down. I wish for a shardblade
  8. in the newspapers in era 2 we actually see this happening: theres a story about someone with a magic gun that gets leeched edit: nevermind i just noticed Quantus had that newspaper as a citation anyway
  9. I would say that yes, they could be used as metalminds, since lerasium and atium can also be used as metalminds However, shardblades aren't just shard metals. They also have the spren attached, as well whatever function of nahel bonds makes the blades unbreakable and able to cut through everything. Therefore, I would guess that they are most likely too invested to be used as a metalmind, and even if they aren't, the spren are sentient and therefore probably have identity, which would most likely interfere with feruchemy anyway.
  10. granted, but you lose the ability to be good at it after an hour and can never get good at that specific thing again. I wish for a chocolate brownie
  11. iirc there was actually a theory that they couldn't be controlled with hemalurgy in that state because they're acting in line with the intent of Ruin
  12. not saying you should add it if you dont want to, but just so that you know some of the cosmere systems already have similar effects and can be hacked to mimic each other, so the potential of autospiry doing something doesn't have to be automatically dismissed just because there's something else in the cosmere that already does so also ideas for other effects: Aluminium and/or Chromium - negates investiture in a certain radius possibly for Duralumin (because duralumin interacts with investiture), Raysium (because raysium conducts investiture) or Lerasium (gives powers) - The person making the autospiric device can pass their abilities (such as allomancy or feruchemy) onto the user of the autospiric device (possible exceptions include surgebinding, and could possibly interact with forgery and hemalurgy interestingly)
  13. could you use flame fabrials to make flamethrowers? also could duralumin flame fabrials possibly make a targeted beam of fire?
  14. Just a quick side note: kandra blessings have 2 spikes, not 4
  15. oh right i think i misread the wob, sorry