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  1. From the album Cytonic art

    I hope you didnt need the title to see what this is I literally just now finished this sculpture. This is sort of my start, trying to get back into sculpting. I'm really happy with it, I think it looks cute, my only annoyance is that I cant fix the small creases and dents because they're so small that my fingers can't reach them without squishing everything else. (and the toothpick I used will only create more creases) Part of the reason I made doomslug is because I borrowed my skyward books to my girlfriend and we've been talking about them together. So you could say doomslug was on my mind when I needed something new to make. I might give this to her once I finish painting it.
  2. I'm probably going to paint him normal purple and yellow, but I'm always open for other suggestions
  3. From the album Cytonic art

    It was a huge pain to create all the tiny tubes, I did it by making little cylinders and then poking holes in the top with a toothpick It could've been easier if I made it bigger. But I like my sculptures small, means you can easily put them next to u on your desk or store them anywhere. Now I just have to wait for it to dry
  4. Thank you! Yeah, in this drawing I paid a lot more attention to the way to colours change (so the feel of the lighting) rather than the shadow placement etc. Glad it had an effect
  5. From the album Cytonic art

    I received a lot of positive reactions to my previous drawings. So naturally I wanted to draw more fanart! I'm in the middle of Cytonic right now and yesterday I read this scene^, it stuck with me and I thought it'd look pretty epic in a drawing I do think I should've maybe made the impact a bit more explosive But I am happy with how the blur on the sides ads a bit extra depth I hope you like it!
  6. Thank you so much!!! <33333 That's literally one of the sweetest things someone has ever said about my art and yes I'll try to make lots more <3
  7. thank you <3, you can't credit me too much for the uniform colour though since I made this drawing digitally
  8. From the album Misborn drawings by Joost

    Sorry, already posted this but I just found out albums so I added it to this one But in any case I was interested in the concept of a Kandra with wooden bones so tried to draw one It's not perfect, but it's my first drawing in a long time so I'm just glad I got something ok.
  9. Yes! would absolutely love to see this come to life
  10. From the album Misborn drawings by Joost

    This is how I imagined the inquisitors in my head while reading the books. Much larger than normal humans and looking down at you with those iron eyes... I hope I got the feeling right in this drawing and would love to hear what you think!
  11. Hi!

    Hi I'm new here! I've been reading Brandon Sanderson's work for about a year and absolutely love it. I've read mistborn 1-3, all the stormlight archive except dawnshard and I'm pretty far in both the reckoners and skyward. So.... Nice to meet u all! PS: I've been thinking of making some fanart but am still not sure what I'll do and where to post it
  12. Thank you! <333
  13. Thank you!!!
  14. I was interested by the idea of a Kandra wearing wooden bones and looking a bit less human. While drawing this I however realised I had no clue how to make the blue translucent skin without making the wood lose it's wood colour. Also Although they are supposed to have normal eyes, this made the drawing seem very uncanny so now she had big black glassy voids. Hope you like the drawing!
  15. Hi!

    thnx! I tried to reply but I lost all the text and it said I couldnt do links but I was just using the quote funciton? anyhoo, what I tried to say was that picking a favourite character across all the books is really difficult because honestly they're all so great. So I'm not 100%, but I think my pick would be Hoid. I love the mystery, I love his personality, I love all the stories. All of his scenes are just a delight to read! Second pick is pattern though. He is definitely the character that has made me laugh the most And although I probably wouldnt be a very good lightweaver, I would love to have a pattern buzzing on my wall