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  1. thnx!

    I tried to reply but I lost all the text and it said I couldnt do links but I was just using the quote funciton?

    anyhoo, what I tried to say was that picking a favourite character across all the books is really difficult because honestly they're all so great.

    So I'm not 100%, but I think my pick would be Hoid. 

    I love the mystery, I love his personality, I love all the stories. All of his scenes are just a delight to read!

    Second pick is pattern though. He is definitely the character that has made me laugh the most

    And although I probably wouldnt be a very good lightweaver, I would love to have a pattern buzzing on my wall


  2. Hi I'm new here!

    I've been reading Brandon Sanderson's work for about a year and absolutely love it.

    I've read mistborn 1-3, all the stormlight archive except dawnshard and I'm pretty far in both the reckoners and skyward. 


    Nice to meet u all! 

    PS: I've been thinking of making some fanart but am still not sure what I'll do and where to post it