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  1. The Igneate caught the package out of the air, and it vanished in a flash. "Thank you," he said simply, and he led them down the path. As the circle vanished behind them, the features of the land around them seemed to merge together. It was impossible to tell distance due to the sameness of the orange skies and the colorful flames. After what felt like forever, they were suddenly walking down a tunnel hewn from the same orange crystal that the hut had been made of. There had been no transition, it was as if they had collectively blinked. The tunnel expanded into a large multicolored cavern, which had five other tunnels spaced evenly around its edge. In the center of the cavern stood a round table divided into six sections, one facing each of the tunnels. @Ookla the [Redacted] @Ookla the Implosion @Ookla the Debonair The Gemmler had guided Lysan through what felt like miles of tunnels, till they reached one that seemed to be hewn from jade. As they walked along this one, the Gemmler spoke. "We approach the center, Lysan. Be prepared." With a strange abruptness, the tunnel ended in a large cavern. The floor, walls, and celling were full of multicolored crystals that encompassed every color of the rainbow as well as a black that was similar to obsidian. In the center of the room was a round table divided into six sections of solid color. A deep jade green, like the tunnel Lysan had just walked through, faced the opening she stood in. As she looked around the room, she saw that there were five other openings, each of them seemingly corresponding with a section of the table. In the one that was two over from her to the left, the one corresponding with the orange, red, and gold crystal section on the table, there stood a group of three people and what appeared to be a person made of golden flames. @Ookla the Nerdy
  2. I'm thinking Balance might eventually turn into something akin to a spren, when his savantism is complete.
  3. I have almost no self confidence in most areas. it's safer that way.
  4. "He did not say you were getting paid, this is a payment from you to him...and us. He contacted us and told us the story. However, Cherry, you may end up getting paid, depending on if you agree to an...adventure. However, this is not the place to discuss such things, and there is another you should meet before anything goes further. I suggest you come with me, the absence of flame is not the natural state here, and the ground will soon be consumed again."
  5. Malsam picked up her pack, quickly rifling through it and automatically checking to see if it had secrets. Nothing, and it was made of decent material as well. If they got to keep the packs as a bonus after, that would be helpful. "I'm ready," she said, loud enough for the everyone to hear as she moved her sheath to her waist.
  6. where 1 is the lowest, 2.
  7. I am confused. However, this is normal for me.
  8. Where did you put my shadow? We must possess more people!
  9. The Shadows claim the sandwich as it starts to move toward the platypus
  10. I meant when they are outside of the body, so if they are dead.
  11. My pet roc can't walk What would you pay for a cow?
  12. The crackly voice chuckled. "I am an Igneate, and this is my home. As long as you do not stay in them for more than a few minutes, the flames will not hurt you." The fire swirled, and formed into the shape of a man made of golden flames. "Thank you for bringing the package, you have proven that you are trustworthy. The bartender would not have given you the package if he did not think that you were trustworthy." The figure of flames swept his hand out, and the fire faded in a long lane. "Please follow me, the other skeins wish to meet you." @Ookla the [Redacted] @Ookla the Implosion @Ookla the Debonair
  13. "My father had it made for me." Vivi said. Malsam looked at the thin blade, perfectly proportioned for Vivi, even if she got a bit bigger. "Very well made, and of good quality metals." "If you want to, we can try to position you to the side or the back of the enemy, not directly at the center. That way you can move and evade and don't need to rely on blocking some blows." Vivi continued. Malsam considered for a second. "We shall see when the time comes. It really depends on what we have to fight. I am no amateur. We shall see if we survive this house. And I agree, we should go. Time waits for no one, or at least no one here." she wheeled her chair over closer to the stairs, then stopped. She closed her eyes for a moment, storing as much strength as she safely could, then stopped storing completely. Her muscles became corded and defined by years of exercise, and she stood up. With a few swift presses and twists, she collapsed her chair into what looked like a bulky briefcase, and set it next to herself. "I'm ready when everyone else is," she called out. @Sorana?/all
  14. Random Fellow staggered. He was running out of energy, and the batteries and generator had been depleted ages ago. the consuming fire was about to be unleashed. An evil smile spread across his face. Finally, all would be able to feel the sweet embrace of the flames that held him so tight.