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  1. The Quarkbeast ate all the swords first, though.
  2. yes. Delicious pizza! this game: https://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/78423-the-game-and-its-losers/ TPBM is rereading Stormlight Archives.
  3. yea, I was thinking along the lines of "lol boars", probably just put them in the alleycity thread and then forget they are there.
  4. I quite enjoy the series, especially when I realized that it had crossovers form Beyonders.
  6. How can I get rid of the Shadow creature in my mirror?
  7. the last one, can't remember the name right now. Love Cole finally coming into his powers. How can I get rid of the shadow creature in my mirror?
  8. nope. TPBM has just lost the Game.
  9. good Idea, book 9 comes out in November!
  10. yes, in creative writing. of course, it is part of an attempt to write a larger story. TPBM is watching the old studio c
  11. yes, as long as the site is working.
  12. I wish to have badger riding boars. hehehehe
  13. fixed it, thanks. weird things are going on with computer and the site
  14. If you want along the lines of Changing 3, you could have her be able to help others heal faster. Shadow manipulation would work as well, probably shown with incredibly real shadow-puppets.