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  1. I got my endowment today!
  2. The dust settled as wireframes flickered and faded away, and Balance stood over a still form. He winced. Another dead by his hand. He shuddered faintly as he felt the lines continue to spread across and through his body. He did not have much time before they consumed him completely. He bent over and carefully removed the motivator from the body. A swirl of lines, and it was reduced to dust and fragments. The wire frame lines, which now made up over half of his body, began to fade from the bright blue that they had been during the fight. His eyes, one still human, found Markus. "Give my cloak to Demaren Technotic," he said in a clear voice. "He is the one you robbed. Also, give him the message 'Balance is dead, but the motivator is gone as well'." He grimaced as the lines advanced suddenly, creeping up his face. He fumbled at his belt, detaching a purse and tossing it to him. " There's something like 5,000 Crysts worth in there, though you might get a better deal on some of those rare coins." He coughed as blackness began to creep along the edges of his vision. "You can learn control, but you must learn acceptance." He smiled faintly. "You should also probably get some help for your multiple personalities." Blackness consumed his vision, and he was no more. On the street, his cloak and clothing fell, nothing remaining within to support them. Balance opened his eyes, and looked down on Alleyplanet. He was dead. Finally. He looked and saw Alleycity, with the worldspike in the center, and a storm brewing on the horizon. "It will be fine without you," a voice behind him said. He turned and saw a figure made of stars and storms facing him. "Your people wait in the Beyond. You can go in peace," the figure continued. "Who are you?" Balance whispered hoarsely as he began to stretch. "What are you?" "You can call me Strom." The figure replied as Balance faded away, finally free. @Sorana
  3. I'm afraid that I am running out of time. I have written the end scene for Balance, I will post it in the thread so you can react to it.
  4. Thank you very much.
  5. Here's a poem:


    I hope you know how much you mean to me

    And though it is hard to put into words, I'll try

    You have been

    A steady rock

    Against the storms of this world

    A blazing light

    Piercing the darkness of my thoughts

    A reminder

    Of my worth to God

    One who believes in me

    When even I do not

    There when I need

    To not be alone

    In spite of the distance between us


    And I promise

    That I will be

    There when you need

    To not be alone

    Regardless of the distance between us

    One who believes in you

    Even when you do not

    A steady light 

    Against the darkness of this world

    One who supports

    The pursuit of your dreams

    Through the challenges that will come

    And a reminder

    Of your worth to God


    Thank you for being my friend

    And I promise to be yours till the end


    1. The Wandering Wizard

      The Wandering Wizard

      What a beautiful little poem :)

      Thank you for sharing it! Do you mind if I share it with a friend?

    2. EmulatonStromenkiin


      You may share it, as long as you give credit.

    3. The Wandering Wizard

      The Wandering Wizard

      I would give you credit.

      Thank you

  6. Are they possible? And if so how do does one do them.
  7. The marketplace would work for me, the rest is fine. I don't think the thief will need much of a background, as I plan to have Balance become completely wireframe by the end of the fight, and when that happens, he will only have the drive to destroy the motivator and protect.
  8. Not really, but they should be able to activate the motivator and fight Balance with his own powers.
  9. I got my mission call. I am going to Anaheim, California.
  10. Moash the door is unlocked and I have to go to the store and get the money for the rest of the day. Kaladin and the doppelgangers are you doing this is the best way to get rid of the story of the story of the story of the story. Vin is the best way to get rid of the story of the story. I think I broke mine. It wants to get rid of a story.
  11. I concur, how is being a son of Honor an advancement? Also, Chaos is Adonalsium.
  12. A thousand times yes, cousin. A thousand times yes. It is truly miraculous.
  13. Balance grinned at the rush of skyrunning. It had been far too long since he last did this. He glanced over at Markus. He seemed to be enjoying the slide, though he did not have the freedom of movement that Balance did. He was also changed some, though it seemed to be mostly internal. Over the sound of rushing wind, he heard Markus say something that sounded like "marketplace". That was their goal, then. He located the marketplace, and dropped the chute down to fifty feet above the street. He slid down a temporary curve to stay with the chute, and then they were at the marketplace. Standing still, he reduced Markus's speed and set him down safely next to him.
  14. "Wonderful," Valence stated as he sheathed his sword. He gave Atadin a firm handshake. "That Guard should get some medical attention, or he will probably expire shortly. He seems to be at least partially fleshbound, but it does not seem the most stable." @The Known Novel
  15. Malsam watched as Willow jumped out the window, followed by the sound of shattering glass. It appeared that Vivi and Willow were through to the next floor. Words appeared on the wall at a gesture from Willow as she exited through the window. "It says, 'Will call down when it is safe. Whoever holds the mirror comes up last. Perses can watch the creatures, they seemed to react to that the least.'" Malsam looked around. "Seems good to me." Before she could say anything further, there was a cracking sound from of the wall near the door. A few seconds later, a voice called down from the window, "Safe!" "Well, that's just in time," Malsam muttered. "We need to get going now." She said in a louder voice. "No more than two on the rope at a time, and I'll go just before Byron. Cobalt, you should probably go, then you, Perses."