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  1. The test on BS's website consistently places me as a Lightweaver, but I only ever buy Windrunner merch. Guess I'm just an artsy fartsy fan boy.
  2. Yes! This exactly! Just the most outlandish, over-the-top, Bollywood style action stuff, and the in-universe justification is a mix of "they are very valorous" and "it worked because they knew it would." Man it would be fun to read.
  3. It only just occurred to me while reading this question that the derivation of the name "Fused" could possibly be that their cognitive shadows have been literally fused to that of a spren, with specific species of spren granting specific surges. Interesting. We know of at least one person who's cognitive shadow was combined with an existing spren, and I'm not sure who came first, the fused or the Stormfather(after melding with Tanavast's CS).
  4. I've noticed a pattern of Brandon's Bad Story Ideas from the Intentionally Blank podcast showing up years later in his books, and one very popular BSI he's had was ancient vikings encountering and battling Cthulu. I'm probably grasping at straws here, but Holy Hell I'd love to read that book. Edit: I'm imagining a magic system where no one really has any specific powers per se, but being valorous causes you to gather investiture and make you better at whatever you're already doing. A valorous shipwright becomes better at ship building, a valorous warrior becomes better at fighitng, etc. This would justify characters doing crazy cinematic fighting stuff in battles like we see in media such as 300.
  5. If A-Bendolloy can do it, there's probably other ways in other magic systems
  6. I think it's allegorical forshadowing of Kaladin dying, and his cognitive shadow replaces or melds with Tanavast's and the Stormfather. Ie, Kaladin becomes the Stormfather.
  7. I think Kaladin will become the Stormfather. He's the only characterthe SF refers to as "Son of Tanavast", and the SF is a result of Tanavast's cognitive shadow combining with the spren of the highstorm. Couldn't begin to tease out the details of how that all happens, but I'd put money on it.
  8. I get the impression that since the Aethers predate the shattering, Aetherbound can make use of any investiture regardless of source
  9. wait what? I finished the book last night and somehow missed this entirely!
  10. Without spoiling anything, I'm happy to report that the question of just who Trell is is answered explicitly in The Lost Metal!
  11. My biggest radiant wish is this from r/stormlightarchives, originally posted by u/prayingforsuperpower: I don’t know if this is a common theory, but I just formed it for myself and wanted to share it. Dalinar is the Bondsmith for the Stormfather, Navani is bound to the Sibling, and the third Bondspren is the Nightwatcher, and in my estimation, the only character that makes sense for her bondsmith is Lirin Stormblessed. In chapter 43 of Rhythm of War, Lirin states his Oath as a surgeon and it shares a line with Dalinar’s Oath at the end of Oathbringer. “I will take Responsibility for what I have done! I will work within whatever confines I must in order to protect people.” But more than that, Lirin is a surgeon, someone who knows when and how to cultivate health in a person. He knows what to cut off in order to get other pieces to thrive. And he is in the correct position to connect with the Nightwatcher. thoughts?
  12. This fact is part of my pet theory that Adolin is already effectively a 4th or 5th ideal Edgedancer, and when/if Maya is sufficiently rehabilitated he will instantly gain those powers. There's just too much about Adolin that paints him as the Platonic Ideal of an Edgedancer already, this can't just be a coincidence.
  13. They've announced a new stretch goal for the table top minis kickstarter, an as-yet-unwritten about character named Zellion. Theories?
  14. I wanna hear it!
  15. The cool thing is, they can be mathematically infinite and still be smaller/less than/a constituent part of the infinity represented by Adonalsium. Imagine a number line that starts at zero and continues on to infinity. It's got infinite numbers. Now imagine a number line that starts at zero and proceeds in multiples of five and goes on to infinity. It has infinite numbers. But it has *less* numbers than the first one. It is a smaller infinity. But it's still infinite!