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  1. "...imaginary things were often the only items of real substance in people's lives." Lightsong's thought from Warbreaker
  2. I agree that 7 of these seem almost absolutely confirmed Ghostbloods Ire -->Provides Sel-phones (lighthouse keeper is not necessarily still a member) Seventeenth Shard The Sleepless Skybreakers Sons of Honor --> Shallan interacts RoW (I assume Envisagers are offshoot organization) The Diagram I think that the Envisagers would count, but this relies on them currently being an active secret society (Teft thinks they are gone) and also relies on them being separate from the Sons of Honor. I agree about the 5 scholars not counting. Arsteel and Vasher and Vivenna and Nightblood all seem to be at odds and only two of them were original scholars. Contenders: I do think that Hoid and his Worldbringers on Scadrial and Worldsingers on Roshar could be a contender as an organization. (In a hiding in plain sight way) So, Hoid's mini organization could count. The University of the Silverlight could count. The single kandra sent by Harmony could count. The Feruchemist could be part of the Set or it could be a part of a different organization. Do the Larkins count as an organization? Could their be secret groups amongst the Iri that count? (I have added some contenders and some new data (hopefully)) I ordered them from most likely to out there theories of mine. I also agree that the Verisitalians don't seem to be that secret. I excluded the replaced the path with Harmony because it seems more likely that Harmony himself would be orchestrating an entire group including Feruchemists and kandra, but I think it is unlikely based on his interaction with Hoid via letter.
  3. Kandra with the Aviar Parasite and change into different bird anatomies to get different Aviar powers. (I felt the need to do a Kandra one) I also like Gold Ferring with Illumination because Disguises are useful and with gold, you could in essence convert Stormlight healing into gold minds, I think. My favourite might be Allomantic Zinc and Feruchemical Zinc because it would give you the ability to outsmart everyone and the ability to manipulate enemies and give friends quick signals/ essentially improved reaction times. As an explanation, you can think through every problem fully and do so all of the time, plus you can manipulate the emotions of others while thinking at warp speed. Also, I feel like you should be able to use hard pushes to communicate to someone else. Like you intuit mentally that the enemy is going to attack so you signal that your friends should attack by pulling so hard on anger that they know it is you and pulling so hard on panic that they know it is you if they need to retreat. (maybe make it a combo of weird emotions like panic and happiness or anger and happiness so that it can be more like a code)
  4. That is a good point and it makes more sense. If Design can still be in spren form after travelling, Aux should be able to as well, unless there is another cause... You are right, his death seems to be the simplest explanation so far.
  5. I think the Torment must be tied to the Dawnshard that Hoid held somehow.
  6. I think it is noteworthy. Perhaps it has something to do with finding a way to travel offworld with a spren.
  7. 1. I agree. It seems that Sigzil/ Nomad can overcome the Torment as a result of doing things that pertain to his old oaths. He seems to even say this with his comment about his oaths protecting him from the Torment. 2. My interpretation is that the Torment is the Dawnshard that stopped Hoid from killing people not "the Curse of Kind" (but I still really want to know what that is). It seems clear that it only prevents him from harming other people, but also lets him convert between different kinds of investiture, which would have been something that was very useful to Hoid. 3. This is more of a wild guess, but I thought that Aux referring to himself as a Knight could mean that Sigzil might have stored some of his memories as a Knight Radiant in Aux, like how Hoid can store memories in Breath. No evidence
  8. So... Are you implying that taking is the opposite of giving and therefore Hoid needs to not take things (lives... He seemed to be ok with taken Lerasium beads, but maybe that still works because Leras is mostly kind of dead?) Also, I agree with Cometaryorbit about how it is really hard to know how to interpret the shards without having books about them. And about Propagandist's suppositions, I think we all agree that a table is an imperfect model. However, I continue to argue that trying to put the shards in a table will yield knowledge. There are lots of imperfect models that yield accurate results. This is the basis of chemistry and in fact all science. Ignore some imperfections to design some model that can increase knowledge. Finally, I agree that a really irritating thing is that a shard name can change based on the holder's interpretation. This makes all of the tables really difficult to use.
  9. I do not have any confirmation on this. I chose that interpretation because it best represented the conclusion that I had drawn from the data.
  10. I am sorry I really do not know what you are referring to with the "black on white" thing. If there is actually an Evi quote on that, that would be super useful! I think that is exactly what Zahel says. (Also, that is a unique idea. I have thought about the Catzi people from Sazed's religions, but didn't think about printing presses. I ultimately ruled out the Catzi as being a sign of the Iriali. There is too little talk of metal in the west and too little talk about a people with gold colored hair on Scadrial or in Sazed's religions. ) Here is everything I have on this point (not cherry picked, just anything weird that Evi said). I will agree that I picked out points that support my idea The Blackness from old stories that “live only by taking life from others” -Evi referring to Nightblood (probably)(372 in Oathbreaker hardcover) “A mystery sent by ShiShi” -Evi Flamespren with Shardblade (373) -Ambiguous “It isn’t healthy to have a stone curdling in your stomach still wet with moss” Evi meaning “you must not think such strange thoughts, who put them in your head” -Rosharan? “Joy of your own sensation”-seems Nalthis related or at least potentially breath related, as Nalthians can feel each others presence Evi uses tiny glyphwards and incense “Life will be as white as the sun at night”--nearly confirms Taldain as a world of the Iri The sun is referred to as white because of how bright it is. If we really want to get into the Nalthis connection we can talk about Drehy (a second blond haired individual from the west) referring to "Brightcaller". Of course, as specified, this is a lot of circumstantial evidence. There are, as you can see, a lot of little things that point to a connection between the west and Nalthis. This would not make sense if the perpendicularity is in the Horneater peaks, unless former Nalthians settled in the west. The Taldain piece is only confirmed by one quote, but the quote is so clear that it makes me confident. I don't think so, a culture does not easily forget a writing style, that takes lots of time. Therefore it is relevant. The problem here is that she would be using the idiom wrong. She is not using it to mean non-sense. She is using it to mean it is true. We also know that Brandon is a fan of knowing the origin of meanings. In one of his works, he explains the origin of "the skin of your teeth". It fits too perfectly. Not just the sun at night, the white sun at night. We call our sun yellow. Scadrians The point is that he makes specific reference in one book and almost none in another. Perhaps it is writing style, perhaps it is Wit tricking us, or perhaps it is a less experienced Wit with less time spent around the cosmere. This is a great point. I suppose you could look at it this way. You could also look at is as the fact that these people settled here because they have past experience (Lumar). I appreciate you holding me to an explanation and definitely would appreciate any more nit picking. What do you agree with with the extra info. What is still not fitting and should be retheorized? Thank you so much for taking the time to read my ideas.
  11. I know that. I was more so asking why an intent to give prevents him from killing. Thanks! I appreciate the insight into your word choice.
  12. So... Why does give prevent him from eating meat and killing people? Hmm... I will think more on this. My first thought is that you could say that Preservation preserved an empire that was full of ruin. People were dying and being oppressed, but overall it persisted so it was ok. White Sand Prose Speculation Autonomy, to me, means self dependence and reliance on nobody. In that way, I think, Autonomy is a dampener to Unity, or a lack of Unity. I am going to ponder this a little longer though and maybe read a few WoBs, but, for now, I still stand by the point I made on Autonomy being a lack of Unity. Ok, I was basing mine off of the magic system of Devotion. Where people who get the Shaod seem to have all devoted themselves to something in life. Raoden to his people and politics, Taan was devoted to his craft (sculptures and art), Galladon truly loved and devoted himself to farming. (This is a little speculative, admittedly) My interpretation has always been that the "unity" component was a mistaken piece that was taken over from the Shu Dereth religion and, perhaps, a necessity of religion itself. Shu Keseg also exists which makes things more muddied. The true intent of Devotion, in my opinion is about giving oneself to what you love. I still envision Devotion in Mercy's place on the chart. Ok, this is fairly definitive evidence. I revoke my suggestion. I am convinced.
  13. They do whorship the "One" which has some Adonalsium roots, according to some WoBs. Supposedly the One split apart and when the Iriali reach the 7th land on the "Long Trail" the One will become One again (also, all humans are part of the One (Adonalsium, perhaps, also lives on in the hearts of men)).
  14. Emperors Soul- Locked in one of the cells waiting for execution (mix it up a little bit) Shadows of Silence- Put him in the book of criminals with an X through it Elantris- Have him be a Hoed with his son Dalin (who loves dressing up as zombies). Then Brandon can get burned alive or stabbed by the Fjordens, but Dalin can get away. Alloy of Law- He is one of the people in Bloody Tan's wax museum. Shadows of Self- I like the F-Steel one, but make him looking at a really bad painting of a parrot holding a pen. Bands of Mourning- Maybe put his name one of the tomb stones in the graveyard that Wayne and Marasi go to. Between Way of Kings and Words of Radiance, I agree that he needs to fall into a chasm Oathbringer- What if he was one of the second people who got murdered in the tower. Not the Sadeas look-a-like, but another look-a-like. Rhythm of War- One of the Honorspren on Ishar's table... Actually, maybe killed by Lezian's soldiers is better. Warbreaker- I think getting Nightblooded by a guard, as Tib suggested, would be uniquely spectacular. White Sand- One of the sandmasters who dries up. Sixth of Dusk- When Sak goes crazy, put almost all Dusk bodies, but fit in one Brandon. They should make it so you see him torn apart by Koloss a second time in Secret History (after HoA). Or, they make him one of the IRE that run away from Kelsier.
  15. I like the diagram! I think a lot of it works well when analyzed. Three things 1 Which is the Dawnshard that Hoid held, which now prevents him from eating meat? 2 a. If you put Preservation in as a lack of change, I think you need to put Autonomy as a lack of unity. Autonomy is not necessarily a choice, but it is a lack of unity, I think. b. Devotion seems like more of a gift or a choice to me. I am inclined to think that it should be a gift. The idea of devoting one's life to something or someone comes to mind. 3 I think "Free" might be a better heading for the Ruin, Odium, Mercy, Valor row (I am thinking of Freeing), but I don't know. I think I understand what that column means.