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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. This may be a little complicated, but it's the only way I know how to do it. Look up a free sheet music making website. I've used Noteflight before, and I think it worked well, but there are lots out there. It makes you sign up, but it's free. Put the rhythm into it and then have it play it back to you. It will take some time, but it should work.
  3. Wow, that looks really good! Much better than the one that I made for Halloween last year... Ribbon is a fantastic idea, as fraying was a really big problem with mine. It looks excellent!
  4. I'm the oldest of 3, and tried to get my sister into it. She didn't like WoK, and thought Mistborn was just ok. I think something is wrong with her, but who am I to judge? My brother is to young, but he is interested in reading it eventually YKYASFWY watching Barbie Princess and the Popstar and she has a magical brush that changes her hair and you think Royal Locks?
  5. This was my favorite one I'm dying XD
  6. I killed Archer. I didn't actually know I was killing them, I didn't understand my role at the time. I had no clue what I was doing for most of that game, but it was still fun!
  7. No problem, sorry, I should have known that!
  8. Let's see if I can say this so that it actually makes sense. Todium stole some of Hoid's Breaths that store his memories in the RoW epilogue. Hoid is terrified before it happens, but after he says that his meeting with Odium had gone exactly as planned. Did Todium only steal some of his breaths, or is it possible that he also took away something else, such as Hoid's bond with Design? Hoid thought that he just sent Design away, but is it possible that Todium completely took away the bond? If the answer to this first question is no, then this second point doesn't really matter. I found this WoB: Questioner Now that Hoid has bonded a spren, is he locked on Roshar? Brandon Sanderson Yes, that is a problem. Something will happen that is relevant. RAFO. So Hoid is locked on Roshar while he is bonded to Design. Perhaps the reason that he thought that the meeting went exactly according to plan was so that he could have his bond removed, so that he could leave Roshar? Is this WoB possibly referring to this event?
  9. @Duxredux really cool conecction My friends and I are doing a book club this summer, and this is going to be the book for my pick. Hopefully I can get some people interested in the Cosmere.
  10. Welcome! I play piano, clarinet, and I'm hoping to learn trombone this summer.
  11. I'll trust your judgement Devotary
  12. A lot of the most emotional moments for me have already been mentioned, but one I don't thiknk was mentioned yet was a Dalinar flashback. The one when Renarin brings him a small bottle of alcohol after he drank everything else... that one is so sweet and sad and makes me want to cry every time.
  13. I love the Piano Guys and all things piano! I've played the piano for almost 6 years. I finished learning Clair de Lune recently, and I'm now learning Moonlight Sonata. I haven't played any of the Piano Guy's stuff, but I have several of their books. I want to learn their songs eventually.
  14. Thanks for following me!

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      Yeah thanks for following me!

  15. I have no clue who to vote for at this point, so I'll guess and go with what others are saying Emulation