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  1. I've been trying to read White Sand, but I'm not used to reading on a device, and the small font is not working for me. I was wondering if anybody had a version without the page numbers and weird half squares?
  2. Are there any posts or things I should check out right now?
  3. Hello! I just made an account! Brandon was my first real exposure to the fantasy genre, as the books I read before that were novels like Percy Jackson. I was recommended Way Of Kings on Amazon, saw the thousands of five star reviews, and read it all on a family road trip. I was hooked, and the moment we got back home, I bought the other three books in the series and searched up other books by the author. I'm still kinda confused by all the different things called "Shards" but I'm sure I'll figure it out!
  4. Uh, sorry for the reply, I thought this was the main introduction thread because it was the first board. D: