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  1. Yep. TPBM prefers normal pencils to mechanical pencils.
  2. The Lopen, obviously. Are you in class right now?
  3. Agkkkkgkkkkkkk not again!!!! Definitely not. TPBM pronounces it Allomancer "Yak".
  4. I think Oppenheimer would be a good Radiant. Maybe he would be a Dustbringer, since he had some internal conflict about using nuclear weapons responsibly. Do you do the wordle?
  5. Nope. How do you pronounce Allomancer Jak? Like Yak or Jak?
  6. Always. Also, every shiny metal spheroid triggers my atium detector. Do you ever regret not being a Mistborn?
  7. Nope, I like silence. Although, a little rain sound is pretty nice. Do you say "Mistborn vibes" any time there is thick fog?
  8. Yep, like cosmere stuff. TPBM is a fast reader.
  9. Cold War. Some really wacky (and really stupid) ideas came from that time period, such as the M-29 Davy Crockett, essentially a nuclear warhead strapped onto a mortar. The maximum range of the device was smaller than the blast radius of the warhead. Yeah. I learned this today from a friend Do you have any super intelligent friends that can run intellectual circles around you?
  10. No, me use dumb word. TPBM just finished a reread!
  11. That's certainly a....unique way to spell it. Octopuses, octopi, or octopodes?
  12. I've never really watched much animation so I can't really have an opinion. However, I will say that I appreciate all forms of animation, if purely because of the amount of effort put into any animation. Favorite true spren?
  13. Mmmm...until they get stuck in my teeth. TPBM thinks tomato is a fruit.
  14. Animation. 2D or 3D animation?
  15. I first learned about Brandon Sanderson when watching youtube videos, and I heard he was "pretty good". I read Mistborn, and finished Era 1 immediately upon discovering there were sequels to TFE. Later, a friend told me pretty much every day, "read Way of Kings", so I read Way of Kings. At that point, I was a fully fledged Sanderfan and read every single book by him that I could get, starting with Words of Radiance. I'm not sure how I found the 17th Shard, but it was probably through the Coppermind. Now I'm waiting for The Lost Metal and listening to the Shardcast. How did you guys become a Sanderfan?
  16. Several dozen at least. I have read roughly 3 of them. Favorite type of fry?
  17. Shhh TPBM is a Ghostblood.
  18. Not yet TPBM had to do math today.
  19. I am a night owl, and sometimes I do wish I could wake up earlier, if only because society favors early risers. Mac or PC?
  20. Nope. I've animated to a song, but never choreographed. Do you prefer stylized or realistic artwork?
  21. Uhmmm...caviar maybe? Is that popular enough? Are you squeamish about raw meat, like sushi and really rare steaks and such?
  22. Kind of. TPBM is cringing after seeing really young pictures of themselves.
  23. All of Mistborn Era 2, probably TLM. (Not much to do with TLM, but I'll mark that just in case. ) SA, WoK I think.
  24. I have no food allergies but I'm allergic to pretty much everything in the air. Now allergy doesn't sound like a word anymore. Do you often experience semantic satiation?
  25. Listen to chill music and avoid all humans. Are you a dog or cat person?