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  1. Nope! I'm 80% sure that's a car. It may be an exotic horse. I don't know! TPBM owns a fancy horse!
  2. Is transported to another Oathgate. *Inserts mist*
  3. If there are enough leaves. Have you taken the knight radiant quiz? (and what did you get?)
  4. I'm listening to heavy rain on my roof!! Is there a song that I couldn't pay you to listen to?
  5. The most hazelnut cream I've had is in candies but I'd say it's pretty good. Heavy rain or blazing sun?
  6. It would be very cool to own a danger noodle (I did not make this name), but I think I'll pass. Maybe. TPBM has done Cosmere rereads and then looked at the epigraphs and went: " Yeah I know what that means."
  7. We babysat a friend's cat for a week. He was well-behaved, but my eyes were red and watery by day 2, so I'd say the answer is never. TPBM has owned/owns/will own a dog.
  8. YKYASW your entire bookmarks bar is just vital 17th shard threads.
  9. It's been a while since I've had one. I don't recall them being good. TPBM prefers cookies to brownies
  10. I will now! TPBM sees not sticks but shardblades
  11. Probably not. TPBM is currently handing out candy for halloween.
  12. I have too many song ideas: One that I haven't started on yet is Take Me Home, Aon Tia (Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver)
  13. I have a tendency to respond to emails very late at night, much to the dismay of the people receiving them. TPBM joined less than a month ago. (edit: ninja'd)
  14. Maybe too long... Chocolate or vanilla?
  15. Scaaam? Do your prefer cyberpunk dystopia or gleaming utopia?
  16. Run before the art police can find me. WWYDIYF an ominously glowing object in your pocket?
  17. Enough to build a dam. (woodchucks build dams right?) Why would the woodchuck chuck wood if the woodchuck could chuck wood?
  18. Seen one once when on vacation like 7 years ago. Too scared to try it. TPBM definately has dificulty spelling certin words somtimes.
  19. My bad sleep schedule. Why does one fall in love instead of feeling love, but not fall in anything else?
  20. Nope! TPBM wishes other social sites had the same features as the 17th Shard
  21. I think you mean cats. Do you think harmonicas aren't actually that bad?
  22. Whaaaaat???? Noooo... TPBM is good at throwing things.
  23. It clears all my allergies temporarily, so yes! Do you wish there was a perfume called "That Smell When You Enter A Book Store"?
  24. Probably. TPBM has a favorite flower.
  25. Look at this chicken. LOOK AT IT... now look at this definitely-not-possessed squirrel. Anything fishy going on here? Ah ha! YOU ate the last cookie didn't you!