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  1. Mmmm...But only if I were Nightblood...wait I hope you weren't talking about glass. TPBM has touched a plant today.
  2. Awwwwwwwww that's adorable. Yes, 100% TPBM would totally worship Hoid as a god.
  3. Nope, I just go "Awwwwwww...Thats a cute cat right there" TPBM owns a cute cat.
  4. I feel an empty void that must be filled. I search for days upon days for the next good book, desperately trying to find something, anything, to fill the void left behind. I look and look until I finally find something, and I feel content. But then it's over. The craving returns stronger than ever before. I must find a new book. And I begin my frantic search once again. TPBM uses an adblocker.
  5. I...think so? Although that " *cooked* " has me slightly concerned. Do avoid contracting salmonella. TPBM is hungry right now.
  6. Yeah, the budget for any major cosmere adaptation would have to be enormous, but animated would be considerably cheaper. What style of animation do you think would work best (or look coolest)? A lot of recent-ish animated films/shows have broken a lot of the standards, like Arcane and Into the Spiderverse. There is, of course, the traditional Disney-style 3D animation, or a more traditional 2D animation. Personally, I would like to see more unique types of animation for a cosmere adaptation. I think it would complement the unique magic systems and add more character. Live-action feels more realistic and grounded, but since this is high fantasy, I think a less realistic and more fantastical adaptation would work better.
  7. I use walks in the cold for that. TPBM formerly played an instrument.
  8. I always get Lightweaver, which is odd since I try not to lie too much. It could be my fascination with literature, art, and armchair philosophy, but I still think it's weird. Not sure what other orders I could fit in though. Maybe Edgedancer?
  9. I can cook instant ramen and rice...Yeah, definitely. TPBM will celebrate thanksgiving.
  10. Most definitely. TPBM is a day...pigeon?
  11. I've gotten better since school started, but I still have a tendency to sleep at 11 or later. TPBM thinks the Shard is the best social media platform ever. edit: ninja'd
  12. Sadly, no. They seem so fun. TPBM would help their least favorite person if they were in trouble.
  13. No problem! I'm excited to see what you make!
  14. Arachnophobia. TPBM has a best friend that's going to move away.
  15. Yes, it's so fun. I love rain. except for when you return home soaking wet and freezing to death but that's a future you problem. TPBM has made fanart
  16. They are SO CUTE. And they also provide fruit, which is pretty polite ngl. TPBM loves BUTTERFLIES!
  17. I have not. It seems like a lot of fun but also a lot of work keeping track of the plot. I think I'll stay away for now. TPBM has made a cosmere meme.
  18. Slap someone with it. WWYDIYF the secret to not getting ninja'd IYP?
  19. Wait for it to give me its message. WWYDIYF a silly Cold War invention IYP?
  20. Try and make some becorns! (search them up they are so cute) WWYDIYF a moral dilemma IYP?
  21. Uhhh.......Boeing something something? TPBM speaks 2 languages fluently.
  22. Be sad and give the author a hug. WWYDIYF an old coin IYP?
  23. Yup. TPBM is scrambling to finish homework.
  24. I wouldn't say they are overrated, they just don't live up to the books a lot of the time. TPBM has found a book-to-movie adaptation where the movie is actually better than the book.
  25. No, but there's this really cool website that makes your vision go wwWwOWoowoOWOoW TPBM can name all ~197 countries in the world.