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  1. The ugly color. I've destroyed too many earphones to know you should never use the cheap ones. Weird colors are always a vibe anyways. What're the top 3 games you like?
  2. Granted. So many good things happen that you start to drown in the wealth of gold raining upon you. I wish for a funny Thaylen name.
  3. Hopefully, there will be faithful movie adaptations of Brandon Sanderson's works in the future. I think that they would be live-action, but I would also love it if they were animated! I'm interested to hear your opinions on the matter, and what form of film (or tv show) you would like to see.
  4. Never read romance. I do like a good romance sub-plot though. What genre of music do you like?
  5. Uhh...I mean...I suppose? I'm not a hair care expert. I once used conditioner instead of shampoo for like a week before some friends found out and told me that wasn't a good idea. What's the most useless question anyone has ever asked you?
  6. I don't really like heavily scented soap. They hurt my nose and give me allergies. Who is a person that isn't famous and you admire?
  7. Definitely. Very stylish. Do you think double space font is yucky and gross?
  8. It is a twisted path to take, one that will only lead to pain, diabetes, and possibly world domination. - @Ookla the Ta'veren DON'T TURN INTO A KALADIN! ONLY KALADIN CAN BE A KALADIN! - @Ookla the Pencil Taxi
  9. I've been playing the piano for a good...6-7 years at least?? wow I'm impressed that I've held on for so long. Do you ever try to type a word in front of another word and then mess it up somehow?
  10. I just post TPBMs and AAAs! Are you not in a roleplay because you're just too scared to join one?
  11. I...have not, and hope that you have not either. Please tell me you haven't. I am concerned for your health. Do you prefer the sound of rain or the smell of rain?
  12. If I don't have to survive it, then yes. How good is your cooking? Edit: ninja'd
  13. This is Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda. I think.
  14. Gets a piece of soft (and hot) candy. *Inserts a seventeen-legged-crab thing*
  15. Absolutely. Maybe a month ago it was like 100 degrees, and then it just dropped. Now it's below freezing every morning. Have you ever built a chair?
  16. Gets an angry Rysn. *Inserts an atium bead*
  17. It is indeed the wrong thread. Have you ever accidentally done a TPBM in the wrong thread?
  18. Definitely. Do you run a youtube channel?
  19. Gets Windrunner shardplate. *Inserts Shallan with a complete and happy family*
  20. Hmmm...If it has a large piece of metal through it, I think I would pass. TPBM knows what the spike cookie joke is. (I don't, please tell me)
  21. If only. Can't wait for snow. I know I'll immediately regret that once it actually starts blizzarding or whatever, but that's future me problems. TPBM would own a larkin over an aviar.
  22. Plot. The sentences can be ugly and the characters bland, but if I can't understand what's going on, I won't like the book. Are you more of an armchair philosopher or armchair scientist?
  23. N E V E R ! TPBM uses headphones/earbuds.
  24. "Kale is always 26." - IRL @Shallan Stormblessed "I would still throw dynamite at the poor chap." - @The Wandering Wizard