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  1. Edit: Oh no I didn’t check for another page Who doesn’t? Even Barry B. Benson loves jazz! Also yes I LOVE BEES. They give us fruits and vegetables. THANK YOU BEES. TPBM agrees that books require constant love and attention.
  2. *Gasp!* How did you know!? TPBM is not an Ookla
  3. Mostly my own fault, but yes. TPBM will take every drop of extra credit they can get.
  4. Don't have minecraft |:( Do you prefer emoticons over emojis?
  5. My taste in books is…ahh…severely limited to the sci/fi fantasy genre. I don’t think I have much right to proclaim a least favorite, however a genre I doubt I will have interest in is the “romance, drama, and cliches” genre. Do you like the smell of new books?
  6. The main character has a definitely realistic depression thing and occasionally breaks the fourth wall. Do you think breaking the fourth wall is an effective story telling technique?
  7. I would teleport to the place you can see the sun directly overhead so almost nothing casts a shadow. Do you have a made-up character in your head with a running plot?
  8. The ugly color. I've destroyed too many earphones to know you should never use the cheap ones. Weird colors are always a vibe anyways. What're the top 3 games you like?
  9. Granted. So many good things happen that you start to drown in the wealth of gold raining upon you. I wish for a funny Thaylen name.
  10. Never read romance. I do like a good romance sub-plot though. What genre of music do you like?
  11. Uhh...I mean...I suppose? I'm not a hair care expert. I once used conditioner instead of shampoo for like a week before some friends found out and told me that wasn't a good idea. What's the most useless question anyone has ever asked you?
  12. I don't really like heavily scented soap. They hurt my nose and give me allergies. Who is a person that isn't famous and you admire?
  13. Definitely. Very stylish. Do you think double space font is yucky and gross?
  14. It is a twisted path to take, one that will only lead to pain, diabetes, and possibly world domination. - @Ookla the Ta'veren DON'T TURN INTO A KALADIN! ONLY KALADIN CAN BE A KALADIN! - @Ookla the Pencil Taxi