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  1. Gets a which? *inserts TPBM*
  2. Pretty ok. Got a snow day which is meh. What's your favorite beverage?
  3. Welcome to the Shard! Enjoy the organized chaos and niche jokes!
  4. Absolutely (not)! Hug your cat, your books, your table. Start a cosmere theory, anything but productiveness! What's your favorite tree type?
  5. I am equally clueless my friend. TPBM is doing a reread!
  6. Hopefully, there will be faithful movie adaptations of Brandon Sanderson's works in the future. I think that they would be live-action, but I would also love it if they were animated! I'm interested to hear your opinions on the matter, and what form of film (or tv show) you would like to see.
  7. Gets and unused flea comb. *inserts chubby birb*
  8. I would consider those pretty socks. Uhh...Not sure how long my Elantris read was but it probably wasn't 2 days. TPBM read Mistborn first.
  9. Ooh yes, the birds that squoosh into little blobs of feather are adorable. TPBM has pretty socks.
  10. Never! I leave them to their natural habitat! How's your day been going? (genuinely)
  11. It's really good. You Rosharans don't know what a fruit is. C'mon, try some! Wait, what do you mean by "poisonous"???
  12. Sausage. Apple or orange?
  13. Aren't they the same thing? Also world football > american football Chocolate or vanilla?
  14. 7-8 hours if I decide to sleep "early". Coats or hoodies?
  15. I will purge all of Roshar of the humans. The squishy aliens stand no chance against the new storm! Mwahahahahahah- oh hey look it's a cute mink! awwww hey guys check out this cute little guy. TPBM calls all birds chickens.
  16. Fortunately, no. I recently mustered up the willpower to cut them. TPBM is awake at hours they shouldn't be awake at
  17. Nope. TPBM feels like they talk too much.
  18. I have not watched Mr. Levy's cooking show. Who's Dan Levy?
  19. Granted. Now you will never find the thing you are looking for, and it only appears once you no longer need it. I wish for a coconut hat.
  20. Edit: Oh no I didn’t check for another page Who doesn’t? Even Barry B. Benson loves jazz! Also yes I LOVE BEES. They give us fruits and vegetables. THANK YOU BEES. TPBM agrees that books require constant love and attention.
  21. *Gasp!* How did you know!? TPBM is not an Ookla
  22. Mostly my own fault, but yes. TPBM will take every drop of extra credit they can get.
  23. So I had the idea to work together and write a story, one sentence at a time. The only 2 objectives are to write a story, and try to keep it cohesive and as reasonable as possible. The genre is a utopian-ish fantasy, but it'll be very soft (meaning there are very few rules, think Studio Ghibli vibes). You can add magic if you want but keep it vague and Gandalf-y and avoid deus-ex-machina-y things. Try to keep to 1 or 2 sentences per post, but feel free to write more if they're reasonably short (or you are introducing something new). Also, try to use other characters/plotlines before starting your own. Here we go I guess! ~~~ Lylac lay facing the sky in a soft patch of grass, her bright purple eyes following a cloudship piercing the sky. Her focus shifted as a flock of starlings swooped overhead, rolling in the sky.
  24. Don't have minecraft |:( Do you prefer emoticons over emojis?