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  1. Shhh.... TPBM has read the Phantom Tollbooth
  2. I agree. I feel like they would involve the other realms more, sorta like (skyward spoilers kinda) Something like using the so called mechanized elsecalling would make a lot of sense, at least currently. I like the fabrial ideas though, i really want to see the full extent of fabrial science.
  3. Basically whenever you think it's necessary. usually it's if a few people have said something before you, and you want to reply to something further up. You can also use it to highlight a specific phrase as i have done, or however else you think you need to.
  4. No, unfortunately. Favorite digital artist?
  5. Probably not as soon because MAN are those kinds of books scary. The brick of paper that is Wheel of Time still haunt me.
  6. *Walks into a therapy session* "Hey so y'know that cute little rabbit that I saw running around? So yeah turns out it was evil and when I tried to feed it a carrot it tried to eat my hand instead. It also has poisonous fur and venomous teeth. Maybe the glowing red eyes were a dead giveaway but-" "I don't think that's the reason."
  7. Ask him how his day is going and ignore his list of people that he saw killed before his eyes that week while I lead him to a therapist. What would you do if you found all the cosmere leatherbounds in your pocket?
  8. Not within walking distance sadly. TPBM has tried some of those crazy spicy hot sauces
  9. Every time Oversimplified posts a video If a tree fell in a forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?
  10. I wasn't aware that was a writable language, but absolutely! TPBM is dreaming about their Halloween costume already
  11. I almost cried while reading a few Ken Liu short stories, specifically The Literomancer, The Paper Menagerie, and An Advanced Reader’s Picture Book of Comparative Cognition. I also remember The Giver by Lois Lowry was quite emotional at the end? It's been a while.
  12. I understand your pain... At least I managed to force a friend to read Mistborn TFE and Rithmatist, and another to read Skyward. Mostly because they didn't have anything to read and as a dutiful Sanderfan, I recommended some of his lighter books.
  13. It's Morbin time! What would you do if you found a sentient sword that would like to destroy evil in your pocket?
  14. Nope, green. TPBM has unwritten story ideas in their brain
  15. On the Coppermind page for Ire, it says that the symbol on the left is the steel alphabet-style symbol for Ire. As for the other one, I have no clue. It could be Trellium, or Kredik Shaw.
  16. Working on that right now! TPBM has read White Sand
  17. Actually I don't think so?? Wow... TPBM likes plain salad
  18. What's South East?? TPBM has been ninja'd in this thread
  19. If only... Summers could be so much more fun! TPBM has made accounts with very unfortunate names.
  20. I last finished Starsight, and am currently reading Sunreach and waiting for Cytonic. What was your least favorite book, and why?
  21. Bright, floating neon lights and with a pure black t-shirt and shorts, and an epic highlighter mistcloak that is constantly streaming behind me. If you could have any uselessly not useless super power (like never having dry pens), what would it be?
  22. I just had a thought...
  23. When watering some plants. TPBM regularly cleans their desk
  24. Nope. Worst feeling ever, but sometimes kinda funny so maybe yes? TPBM makes fan art
  25. I would change the word "the" to mean "chicken" and watch chaos ensue. Do you think swords are cool?