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    Just an ametuer artist that enjoys well written literature.
  1. It's not Juneteenth...I think...Umm.....Ohhh D-day. Thanks Google TPBM can project their voice.
  2. No pets sadly. TPBM has a friend with a Pinterest feed that needs an exorcism.
  3. If 5 burples make 3 bops, and 7 bops make up a bell, and 74 bells make 6 balloo, and 6 balloos make 3 bimps... Aww, that's extremely cute and probably apocalyptic!
  4. Pretty well. I helped my dad set up a silly Arduino contraption to play the dinosaur game automatically. It's having its fun. Electric or hand pencil sharpener?
  5. Tiny TLM and Words of Radiance (i think)
  6. Oh wow. Hmm...Now that I think about it, it kinda makes sense but still. wow TPBM enjoys math.
  7. Umm...Through this thread and various others I have discovered that I am apparently very uncultured . Once again, I must say "No clue!" If you were given a chance to spend an entire day with a random nice person from anywhere in the world, would you take it?
  8. Uhhmm...Gesundheit? TPBM just accidentally learned the meaning of gesundheit.
  9. Nope, and not particularly interested either. What's your favorite entertainment medium, or at least the one you use most often?
  10. I'm gonna step on the gas!!! Exploding Kittens? (The game...Not...Not exploding kittens.)
  11. Depends. Is there something important tomorrow? Yes. Is there a really good book you are currently reading? No Yes, sleep is healthy apparently Opinion on microwaves?
  12. Uhmm... Not yet? Seems like you're having oddly specific fun though . Period before or after the emoji? (or none at all?)
  13. And Z? Are you TPAM?
  14. Thing goes boom. Me likes what me sees. TPBM has testing tomorrow.
  15. Potentially. Depends on the variety of chaos. TPBM is a chair connoisseur.