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  1. And Hoid, Frost, and probably a bunch of current Worldhoppers. While maybe not all of them, a good amount seem clever and powerful enough to survive. And Nightblood, seeing as he is indestructible as far as we know.
  2. Well, Taravangian is still bound by the oaths the former Vessel made. Whether this counts as an "oath", that's up to interpretation. However, he did agree to a contest of champions, and Taravangian must follow through. Whatever Rayse wanted, he probably wanted to continue Splintering Shards.
  3. Didn't Kelsier try to beat up Hoid during his time sitting in the Hot Tub* of Ascension but then got completely destroyed? And now they both kinda hate each other? And Hoid did some stuff to mess with Kelsier during Mistborn Era 2? *Well
  4. I don't think Nightblood cares what source of Investiture he draws from. He will destroy what he perceives as evil, but draws upon any kind of Investiture. The user has no bearing on what Nightblood thinks is evil, as his Command was Destroy Evil, and he took that command and did his best to figure out what "evil" is and will destroy anything he thinks is "evil" (his definition of evil is a little strange).
  5. So, I just thought of this idea, but would it be possible for a Vessel to hit an "eject" lever and avoid being completely destroyed by another Shard? We know that it's possible for a Shard to Splinter themselves, Honor did this to create the Honorblades, and possibly the spren. My question is: Would it be possible for a Vessel to Splinter their own Shard, and create a Cognitive Shadow of their own consciousness? Could Tanavast have been able to do this? He knew Rayse wanted to Splinter him, he didn't suffer from any debilitating mental issues like Leras, and had a large portion of his power available to him. While this would be a rather cowardly way to go, it would prevent them from losing their consciousness and going to the Beyond, which presumably happened to Tanavast, Leras, Ati, Aona (Devotion), Skai (Dominion), and Uli Da (Ambition).
  6. Thus the guesstimating. And it's only a rough estimate, and saying 2 million is far more attractive than saying 1,983,329.
  7. Well, there have been ~1 million copies of WoK sold, and a generous guesstimation is that about a million more have read it from ebook/library/library ebook.
  8. Most definitely. I feel bad for this guy. I'll upvote his post for reparations Edit: I don't think you can delete comments, only hide them...
  9. As far as I know of the metallic arts, atium and its potential alloys are probably the only useful Fortune-tapping power. However, atium is not included in the table for mistings, as far as I understand. It is necessary to be a Mistborn to use atium. This could be why Mraize would like to be able to see the future, whatever way he can. (Era 1 and Era 2 spoiler) (Era 1 spoiler)
  10. Yeah Kelsier is definitely a psychopath(that word is so hard to spell), even in Era 2. He did do some good stuff then (some decent spoilers) , but only behind the scenes, and not much else. And, yeah he started an interplanetary investiture-smuggling cartel or something.
  11. Lembas! Elvish Way-bread. One small bite is enough to fill the stomach of a grown man. How many did you eat? Four.
  12. So far, it sounds better, but some small things, you may have forgot to re-include that a dragon loses it's fire when they lose their heart during the conversation with Lia's mother, the dragon's name (I believe it was mentioned in the first draft) and that it's life is tied to the heart's fire. Overall though, Lia's reasons for restoring the heart are clearer than before. One (rather tedious) improvement would be to spend time and lengthen the story, so the character growth and conflict can be explored further (wowie, me using nerd words). I don't have a lot of writing experience, but I'd think that 33 pages is difficult to write a full story with. It's an impressive start, and it would be great if it had more room to work with. Keep on writing!
  13. Very good point. Also random thought about book title abbreviations, the book Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick a.k.a the book that the movie Bladerunner was based on is really hard to talk about because there's no good way to abbreviate it. Is it "Do Androids Dream"? or "Electric Sheep"? or "DADoES"? These are the real questions of life.
  14. "It's not Hoed it's Hoid"- Hoid (I'm pretty sure that's what he said)
  15. I definitely think the current title Heart of a Dragon works very well. Especially since there seems to be a bit of a sub-plot of Lia trying to be more brave, I think it works well.